Barrera radicular de HDPE

HDPE Root Barrier : While walking on a paved road or driving on the highway then you must have noticed that there is a kind of plastic barrier which is called an Barrera radicular de HDPE. This product is made from High-Density Polyethylene or Hojas de HDPE y Hojas de plástico HDPE . Esta Barrera Raíz es muy adecuada para proteger los Cables, Tuberías de Aguas Residuales y conductos contra presiones mecánicas como Excavadoras. Este producto está específicamente diseñado para restringir el crecimiento de raíces invasivas y no deseadas.

El Barrera radicular de HDPE is considered very ideal for landscaping needs, Foundations of Buildings and also for paved areas. This barrier also acts as a barrier for the preservation against the tree roots and moisture seepage to prevent kerb, driveway and house foundation damage. This Root barrier is a waterproof adaptable covering that is made from high-density polyethene plastic sheets and is stabilized to comply with D1505 and ASTM D5199.


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