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Underground Cable Protection Covers from Singhal Industries deliver high visibility, ease of installation, and the proficiency to withstand both hand tools and automated factories and are the outcome of preference for utility safety applications, especially for high-voltage cables.

While proposing a high grade of durability and effect resistance, the plastic cable covers are light in weight and incredibly easy to deal with and install. They are completely jointed, spread overlap, and held firm with plastic pegs to assure constant safety.

We, Singhal Industries Pvt. Ltd., are one of the leading and well-known manufacturing companies for warning tape tiles, also comprehended as polymeric cable covers, cable protection covers, hardcover tapes, cable protection tiles, and underground cable covers. Warning tape tiles or underground polymer cable covers are vital to saving crucial services like electric, gas, oil pipelines, water pipelines, street lights, drainage pipelines, and telecommunication.

These Covers and Tiles are utilized to protect electrical and transmission cables as well as gas and water pipes.

Underground Polymer Cable Covers and Tiles ensure that cables and pipes are not inadvertently harmed, therefore providing the safety of society and these valuable infrastructure assets.

Singhal Industries has the best manufacturing facilities in Asia, which make it feasible to serve global prerequisites.

The Cable Cover simulated complies with Australian Standard 4702-2000, ENA TS 12-23 Issue 3 2013, notification no. CBLCT – 3.4 (revised April 2005). We see our conquest as arising from our philosophy to deal with customers as Partners.

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