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January 5, 2023

Top 10 Geocell Manufacturers in India


Ravi Shankar


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Geocell is a three-dimensional cellular structure that resembles a honeycomb formed of synthetic strips joined by extrusion, adhesion, or other methods in a regular open network.

Geocells are cellular confinement systems that were developed as long-lasting, low-cost materials for stabilizing and protecting the environment. Using cellular confinement techniques, the soil compaction is successfully conserved, resulting in a stronger structure for the infill and the pavement. The Geocell’s three-dimensional honeycomb construction ensures its durability and strength. A more effective framework for load distribution is produced by this format.

The cell is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is used to stabilize weak or unstable soil. This is due to their capacity to minimize soil particle lateral movement while vertically loading on the confined infill.

Geocells boost the materials’ flexibility and produce a mattress-like effect in addition to offering stability. The cells’ strong tensile strength and elastic stiffness help the product’s load distribution.

India’s Top 10 Geocell Manufacturers

1. Singhal Industries Private Limited

The leading manufacturer and producer of geosynthetic materials in India is Singhal Industries Private Limited. The geosynthetic materials produced in India include geotextile, geogrid, geocells, geomembranes, geocomposite, and geonet.

High-density polyethylene (HDPE), polyester, or another polymer is used to create their geocell panels, which are three-dimensional expanding panels. Specific filler materials are inserted and compacted during installation into the walls of a flexible, three-dimensional cellular structure that is formed by the connecting strips. By limiting the infill materials with tensile reinforcement, a free-draining system is created that keeps the infill materials in place and inhibits bulk movement. The structural and functional performance of soils and aggregate infill materials is enhanced by cellular confinement methods.

The transportation and civil engineering sectors depend heavily on the Geocell technology created by Singhal Industries. They manufacture Geocells in India to meet the shifting needs of various sectors while cutting costs. They are in high demand because of the world’s clear increase in infrastructure and highways.

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2. Environmental Geosystems

Three-dimensional polymeric strips are used to make the tiny cage-like Enviroweb Geocells, which can then be filled with granular materials like recycled asphalt, sand, and local soils. Since the main goal of these structured cells is to limit the mobility of the filling material, geocells are an efficient soil stabilization solution for all types of soil stabilization and ground reinforcement.

This kind of soil stabilization technology works by confining infill material and dispersing the load over a wide area to increase the strength and stiffness of the pavement layer.

3. Suntech

Since its founding in 2013, Suntech has been a reputable producer and distributor of Geosynthetic materials with a sizable market presence. Weight transfer platforms called Suntech Geocells are constructed of connected compartment containers that act as a solid foundation.

When filled with compacted soils, sand aggregate concrete, and other fill materials, Suntech Geocells are three-dimensional honeycomb cellular formations that offer a confinement mechanism. High-density polypropylene strips are used to create stiff (textured and perforated) walls for flexible 3-D cellular beds. These strips are then expanded after being ultrasonically welded together.

4. PRS Geo-Technologies

A future where everyone on the planet can be reached is being built with the help of the international geotechnical engineering company PRS Geo-Technologies. For more than 20 years, they have combined cutting-edge technology with well-established technical expertise for load support, slope protection, earth retention, and landfill applications.

Neoloy Geocells are three-dimensional honeycomb geosynthetics made of Neoloy, an NPA with unmatched stiffness, creep resistance, and service life. Neoloy-based geocells are less advantageous in terms of engineering, the environment, and the economy than geocells made of HDPE, geogrids, chemical additives, or any other reinforcing geosynthetics.

5. Gayatri Polymers and Geo Synthetics

One of the most well-known names on the market, Gayatri Polymers & Geo Synthetics produces, exports, and sells a variety of Geocells. These cells are used to enhance the ground more effectively. Their range of products, which includes Geo Textiles, Geo Membranes, and Geo Synthetic Products, are carefully examined on a number of quality criteria by quality inspectors.

6. Viendera Textiles

High-end Geocells are Virendera Textiles’ area of expertise. Its main objective is to offer a high-quality assortment of items to meet the needs of its customers.

The VT Geocell is a compact but reliable cellular confinement system in the form of a three-dimensional honeycomb. It can be utilized as an erosion control barrier for slope surfaces as well as a foundation reinforcement mat to boost the load-bearing capacity of subpar soils. effectively increases the capacity of deficient soils to support loads.

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7. Terre Armee

Terre Armee’s Geocells are perfect for engineers and contractors wishing to design or install a long-lasting system for permanent or temporary erosion control, subgrade soil stabilization, or regulated load distribution.

They offer a superior-performing prefabricated 3-dimensional textured geosynthetic protection system made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) cell webs. The cells are welded together at the joints to form a cellular soil containment system. Engineers and developers want to use the geocells in a number of landscape applications for transportation, industrial, and residential infrastructure projects since they are simple to install.

8. Gorantla Geosynthetics Private Limited

Incorporated in 2006 in Corporate, Gorantla Geosynthetics Pvt Ltd offers comprehensive waste management solutions like Scientific Landfill, Legacy Waste Landfill Capping, and Biomining Waste Processing.

They believe that the most significant actions that can be taken to improve people’s health are the safe and scientific disposal of municipal solid waste for rural and urban local governments, the provision of safe drinking water as a basic need, sanitation, and safe wastewater disposal, and pollution control of air, water, and soil.

9. Climax Synthetics Private Limited

They are a well-known business in this industry that produces and sells high-quality HDPE Geocell. The geocell offers significant flexibility in section size and can be extended to fit the needs of the clients. This geocell is extensively used on construction sites and is highly sought after by customers worldwide. For its production, which was planned in a cutting-edge facility using premium quality raw materials and cutting-edge techniques, it used the best human resources. Their clients may purchase this HDPE Geocell for a bargain.

10. PRC Polymers Plastic manufactures

It is a variety of goods, including Geocells, Gabion Boxes, Geomembrane Sheets, and Geocomposite Sheets. In order to meet the needs of their clients, their products are produced in accordance with industry standards.

Are you in Need of It?

If you are looking for custom-made geocell manufacturers, look no other than Singhal. We have been in the business of manufacturing geocells for over 20 years and have a wealth of experience in customizing them to meet our client’s specific needs. No matter what your requirements are, we are confident that we can provide you with a geocell that will meet your expectations.



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