Our team

Our team are essentially our partners-in-progress. We offer the best environment conducive to their personal and professional growth and welfare. Our team are our assets and we urge them to flourish in an environment of mutual trust and respect. All our team share the values and ethics of our organisation and believe they are equally responsible for the performance and reputation of Singhal Industries. Each employee is committed to honesty and integrity, values that are the lifeline of our organisation.

Our workforce is highly dedicated to accomplishing company goals and we, in turn, help them in accomplishing their personal goals. We believe in maintaining a balance between corporate and social responsibility along with an emphasis on maintaining harmonious interpersonal relationships among employees at all levels of the organisation. Our team are suitably qualified for the positions they hold. We, additionally, provide on-the-job as well as off-the-job training as per the requirements of the job.

Keeping in mind the nature of our manufacturing activity, we lay great emphasis on the safety, health and hygiene of our team. No employee is allowed near the machines without proper, adequate technical training and safety requisites. We provide all necessary facilities to avoid any diminishing trends in their efficiency and productivity.

We do not use any force, coercion or compulsion with our team. In compliance to the government rules and regulations, we do not employ underage workers/labourers.