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December 28, 2021

Advantages & Characteristics of FIBC Bags




Fibc Bags


The term FIBC bags refers to Flexible intermediate Bulk Containers and the other names of this bag include Jumbo Bags. To transport as well as store various food items, these FIBC bags are commonly used. They come with a wide range of options in lifting, filling as well as discharge.

The users can opt for the one according to their requirements. Before selecting FIBC bags for packaging purposes, the users should be aware of a few facts about these bags.

How many types of FIBC bags are available in the market?

FIBC bags are also commonly regarded as PP Jumbo bags. The Singhal Industries Pvt Ltd is one of the top industries in the potential market which manufactures such bags at a reasonable cost, premium quality and other specifications.

Some of the types of PP Jumbo bags are as follows:-

  1. Circular 

This is recognised as one of the lowest standards for these bags. The production is undertaken on the loom resembling a tube and upon loading, it loses middle shape. After applying weight, it starts bulging out in the middle. The stretching of the fabric starts because the product is under the pressure.

  1. U-Panel

In terms of standard, this is quite superior in comparison to circular PP Jumbo bags. The production is done by sewing two pieces of fabric together. The fabrics resemble a U shape. At the time of loading, it gives rise to a square shape.

  1. Four Panel

FIBC bag manufacturers keep in mind to produce these bags with four articulate pieces of fabrics which make up all the sides along with the bottom. The process of sewing is done together and it also offers higher resistance against stretching. The shape of the cube remains the same after the completion of the process.

  1. Baffle

This bag is one of the best FIBC bags when it comes to maintaining the shape of the cube properly at the time of the loading process. One of the common reasons behind its additional baffles which are stitched into every corner is to assist with the bags so that they maintain their shape. These bags are most convenient when it comes to stacking.


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What are the advantages of PP Jumbo bags?

The usage of PP Jumbo bags has increased more in recent times because of the numerous advantages which it offers. Amongst them some of the advantages are enumerated below:-


#1. Enhanced safety

Workers are prone to injury at the time of moving materials in bulk in drums as well as bags. While they are using these bulk bags, there’s a requirement of using mechanical means for moving them like forklift as well as a pallet jack. This reduces the manual movement by the workers and as a result, enhances safety levels for them.


#2. Cost-effective

During the usage of bull bags, the cost of labor can be effectively reduced. While comparing the cost of lifting and positioning a single bulk bag to dump, lifting as well as opening and the disposal of these paper bags, the difference can be easily traced by the users.


#3. Economical Packaging

A large number of materials can be easily shipped for the same cost because of the huge capacity offered by the bag. As a result tare weight also tends to decrease. The stacking, as well as positioning of such bags, can be done efficiently in comparison to smaller bags.


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What are some of the characteristics of FIBC bags?

Some of the features of FIBC bags are as follows:-

  • These bags fall under the category of eco-friendly products. Moreover, it’s very easy to recycle them after using them.
  • Bags constitute abundant space for the display of any kind of labels or any other important information.
  • Each of these bags is equipped with a unique safe working load figure. This defines the capacity of load which the bag can take.
  • They come with innumerable filling options such as Open top, filling spout and flap. The clients opt for one particular option as per their specifications.
  • These bags are usually not preferred to hold any form of liquids, although some of the bags have a special coating for protecting from condensation or moisture.
  • These bags are manufactured with specifically designed discharge sprouts such as protection flap, discharge spout as well as petal closure etc. According to the requirement, it can be selected.
  • They are the suitable choice to transport food-related products.
  • For storage of hazardous materials, industrialists can opt for non-certified FIBC bags.


What kind of materials can be stored in such bags?

Below is the list of some materials which can be easily stored:-

  • Seeds
  • Fertilisers
  • Food products
  • Chemicals
  • Construction materials

These are some of the materials which are often stored in FIBC bags.



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