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September 8, 2021

All You Need To Know About Pipeline Weight Bags






Every industry has its unique and latest technologies to enhance its production. Pipeline weight bags manufacturing companies are no different from others. There are several market names for pipeline weight bags, such as pipeline bags and Geotextile weights bags, whereas, in a few countries, people do call pipeline saddlebags too.

There are plenty of factors to consider while buying pipeline weight bags. However, for several manufacturing companies for these weight bags, choosing a reliable company that fits your requirement becomes essential. Having some basic knowledge about Geotextile pipeline weight will help you understand what’s better for your work. Leaning things about the materials used to make these bags, whether they are resistant to some things or not, how they work, etc., will help. You will find this article helpful if you are looking for some basic knowledge about Geotextile Pipeline Weight.

Beginning of Pipeline, Weight Bags

Back in the 1900s, it was a massive problem when submerged pipelines would float on the river foreshore. The invention of pipeline weights halted the pipelines where the installation of such pipes weighted down. Pipeline weights were to achieve negative buoyancy of channels. Since water flow is always heavy on the lines, it’s essential to ensure the pipe weights are rich enough to achieve balance.

On the other hand, it becomes necessary to create heavy and strong pipeline weight bags to hold those weights. A Geotextile weight bag must have a few characteristics, such as being non-pollutant and resistant to corrosion so long as working. However, these two are not the only characteristics on the list. Ever since the invention, pipeline weight bags have changed in various ways over the years.

About the Geotextile Pipeline Weight

As mentioned in the previous part, the fabric of weight bags must be hard enough to endure the weights inside them. Heavy grade propylene with corrosion resistance and non-pollutant characteristics is the perfect fabric to make pipeline weight bags. To be precise, it’s essential to use non-biodegradable polypropylene fabric for Geotextile pipeline weight.

It’s necessary to ensure that these Weight bags have enough strength to protect against acidic soil. Heaviest grade non-biodegradable polypropylene pipeline weight bags hold pebbles, protecting them from scathing soil attacks. However, it’s not the only interesting fact about Geotextile pipeline weight. Geotextile pipeline weight has a permeability to groundwater. Moreover, it not only controls the buoyancy of the pipelines but also supports cathodic protection. It comes with a corrosion-resistant coating.

Pipeline weight bags control buoyancy, and even though it allows the pipelines to move a little, it ensures no damage to the coating for corrosion. It also provides maintains the negative buoyancy of channels. Geotextile pipeline weight comes from heavy-grade fabrics, making them safe and durable. However, not all companies may be honest enough to provide durable heavy-grade material. It will help if you look for gsm and ASTM verification of pipeline weight bags. If you want long-lasting pipeline weight bags for your work, checking whether they have high gsm and ASTM tests will be helpful.

Installation and release of weight bags

Even though manufacturers use heavy-grade fabric to make pipeline weight bags, these are not hard to install. Many people think it may be hard to install and release with the heavyweights of pebbles and the weight bag itself. However, the truth is that it’s a comfortable task to install and remove weight bags. You may use local gravel to fill the bags, and a single hook is enough to place the sealed bags in the trench.

Moving to release, such lift hooks are comfortable to remove from the top of the ditch. It does not require any human resources to complete these tasks.

Advantages of Geotextile pipeline weight

  • Weight bags come with corrosion-resistant coating and non-biodegradable polypropylene, which makes them last longer.
  • Geotextile pipeline weights are an excellent alternative to regular pipelines. Traditional pipeline weight cements press product and concrete coating.
  • Geotextile pipeline weights are a cost-effective solution for pipeline weighting bags.
  • It does not require additional human resources to install or release the weight bags. A single hook lift is enough to place it on the trench.
  • You can use local gravel to fill in the Geotextile pipeline weight, which means the handling cost for such weight bags is cheaper than others.
  • Such pipeline weighting bags maintain the negative buoyancy of pipelines even though it allows the channels to move slightly.
  • It supports not only cathodic protection but is also permeable to groundwater.


Purchasing from a reliable manufacturing company will help you understand your requirements better and get satisfactory products. It will help if you ensure quality control from the manufacturing company. There are several international standards for quality control, and reliable manufacturers will provide following those standards.



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