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July 12, 2023

Barricade Tape on a Budget- Our Best Money Saving Tips


Arpit Kushawaha


Barricade Tape


If you work in a construction industry or those industries where there are various types of dangers, so you may have listen the phrases as “caution tape” which are utilized to refer to a large variety of barricade messages, even ones which don’t contain the word “caution”. People have also come to utilize the phrase “Caution Tape” which suggests to barricade tapes of any type.

What is Barricade Tape?

The fact is, what people are frequently denoting to be additional precisely called “barricade tape“.  While “caution tape” refers precisely to the yellow polyethylene tape which comprises caution messaging, barricade tape indicates to any polyethylene tape, with or without messaging of any type, put into place to build a blockade around a limit and surge carefulness.

The contradiction is quite comprehensible; as “caution tape” is perhaps the furthermost common kind of barricade tape, but it’s not the only kind. Naturally barricade tape comprises two chief types:

  • Caution Tape: Caution tape be likely to to utilize black letters on a yellow polyethylene strip to build a high contrast “Caution” messaging which is comfortable to see and increases caution. This could contain messages like “Caution – Do Not Enter” and “Caution – No Parking”. Some Warning tape takes benefit of the high difference of black and yellow with slanting strips that catch the awareness, but else has no text at all.
  • Danger Tape: Danger tape utilizes black text on top of a red polyethylene ribbon instead. The messaging in these circumstances typically contains the text “Danger” and is intended to intensify the grade of cautioning which might happen with the yellow caution tape substitute. While caution tape is possibly utilized where some danger is existing, danger tape is utilized when there’s a more severe risk of danger. Red tape for instance might say the phrases like “Danger – Do Not Enter” in place of “Caution – Do Not Enter”.

These are the most collective examples of polyethylene barrier caution tapes. But there are sufficiently of exclusions. Here are some of the other common warning tapes one might see:

  • Yellow Crime Scene and Police Tape: Sometimes crime scene boundaries are secured off with yellow tape, but the text written on these tapes are explicit. For example the police may protect the particular area with designated tape which has a message like “Crime Scene – Do Not Cross” or “Police Line – Do Not Cross”. This makes it evident that the police may be in and out of the area, but hikers and onlookers should stay away from that.
  • Underground Tape: Sometimes gas lines or other subversive threats must be highlighted with tape in case of digging, but do not required to be reflecting from the outside. These tapes are known as “non-detectable underground Warning tape”. An example of the text on this kind of tape would be “Gas Line Below”.

What is Polyethylene?

Maybe you’ve seen that most of these tapes have been labeled as “polyethylene”, but what is polyethylene? So we need to understand the same.

Polyethylene is a particular type of plastic which has high ductility and impression forte. Unlike other harder plastics, it can transform form under influence and can expand or twist without rumbling. Because of this, it’s normally utilized for industrial fabrics, just like barricade tape.

Other Barricade Options 

As beneficial as polyethylene barricade tapes are, there are several of protection and crowd control situations which needs more crucial obstruction.

  • Traffic Cones: Simple traffic cones like these have a parallel result as barricade tape, signaling warning with the usage of dark colors while delivering a visual obstacle where permission is denied or where warning tape should be used.
  • Retractable Belt Barrier Cone Mounts:  Retractable belt barrier cone mounts connected to the top of traffic cones and comprise retractable belts which can be prolonged to build a full obstacle and attach to other cone stands. Like barricade tapes, these can contain protective warning like “Authorized Access Only” and “No Parking”.
  • Delineators: Like warning tape, delineator posts are created from polyethylene as well. Their layout is quite simple and they look like straight, upright forms of traffic cones. Like traffic cones, they incline to be crafted in luminous colors which are increasingly reflecting and imply a requirement for warning. In addition to this, they can frequently be paired with warning and caution tape to build a complete obstruction.



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