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November 15, 2022

Keep Your Work Safe and Secure with Barricade Tapes






Bright yellow-colored tapes are a common sight on the road. But do you know the reason behind yellow-colored tapes? It means that you must be cautious as you will not be allowed to enter the area since it is restricted to ordinary people. These bright-colored tapes are termed barricade tapes. They are used for various reasons ranging from a construction site, accident, or for some specific reasons. They are made of nylon or polythene so that it does not wear off soon.

Types of Barricade Tapes

The sight of the barricade tapes is to ensure that there is a strict prohibition of not entering the area. It gives you a visual warning with its bright color. There are two types of barricade tapes according to their color.

  • Yellow tapes

The yellow bright color tapes are caution tapes, indicating that you must avoid the restricted area as it is unsafe. The yellow-colored tapes are used in construction sites or when some groundwork is in progress. Sometimes, you can enter the site, but you need to be cautious.

  • Red tapes

The red, bright color tapes indicate total restriction for entry. It is a high potential danger zone as the work concerned inside the danger zone can endanger your life. The red tapes are used where overhead work is being carried out, or groundwork is impossible for anyone to cross.

Uses Of Caution Tapes

Barricade tapes are used for various reasons to ensure the utmost safety and security in the area. It is used to demark an area unsuitable for the entry of everyday passersby. Following are some of the common uses of caution tape.

  • You can use Barricade tapes when there is groundwork in progress, such as repairing the road or installing pipes or cables. The presence of a barricade tape indicates that you must not enter the area as it is dangerous.
  • You will sometimes see caution tape near a building or a construction site, which indicates to ordinary people and drivers to be cautious while passing by the restricted area. The presence of a caution tape can be of great help as it can prevent accidents and deaths.
  • Firefighters also use barricade tapes to separate the area during and after ablaze till it is fit and safe for the common public.
  • Sometimes for better traffic management, police deploy barricade tapes.
  • A caution tape is often used at an accident or a crime scene so that the officials can conduct their research correctly.

General Guidelines for To Use of Barricade Tapes

A barricade tape is a special tape used by government officials and construction workers to ensure the safety of the people. It is a warning sign that specifies entry with caution or to stay away from the place. Following are some guidelines for using caution tape.

  • The person who puts up the tape must be competent and qualified, and he must specify not to cross the barricading area unless there is an emergency. Only those people who are responsible for the work in progress inside the barricading area will be allowed.
  • It would be best if you always used caution tape that is strong and durable. Hence the barricade tapes must be of a material that does not wear off quickly. Hence, using barricade tapes created by Singhal Industries Pvt. Ltd is advisable.
  • The barricade tapes must have the wording written clearly about the danger so people can quickly identify the hazard.
  • The tape should be reusable so that you can use it again as and when there is a difference in the work site.
  • Always use caution tape to demark the area under restriction.
  • You must only remove barricade tapes if you have the authority. If the tape is torn or worn off, you must replace it immediately. There must always be some extra barricade tapes in the store. However, if there is none, you must immediately notify your superior.


Though various options exist to demark an area, barricade tapes are the most common. It is popular among ordinary people as they know the warning whenever a caution tape is in their sight. Barricade tapes are instrumental and essential for industries and businesses involved in outdoor activities as they can avoid accidents and deaths.

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