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August 23, 2023

Benefits of FIBC Bulk Bags in Modern Manufacturing


Arpit Kushawaha


Fibc bulk bags


For a business trading commodities, extra care is required when hauling the goods to the buyer. Transportation can put your legal cannabis, hemp, farming, production or pharmaceutical goods at danger. Luckily, flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) from Singhal Industries deliver a secure and cost-effective method to ship bulk materials.

With FIBC bulk bags, you can modernize the logistics and procedure of packing and shipping goods. Though bulk bags have been utilized for decades, modern bulk bags are increasingly modified and faultless for the requirement of today’s farming, pharmaceutical, construction and cannabis enterprises. If your business required transporting items in bulk quantity, FIBC bulk bags are a vital buying.


What Materials Are FIBC Bulk Bags Built Of?


An FIBC bag is created from flexible fabric intended to haul and store dry, flow able goods like compost, soil or granules of plastic. Characteristically, an FIBC bag is created of thick woven elements of polypropylene and can be covered or uncoated.

These bags can keep big units, and they’re manufactured from one or various lifting twists. For example, if you have a one-person process, a single loop bulk bag may be the appropriate choice for you. Discharging is easy, by either cutting it open or utilizing the special opening on the bottommost known as a release tube.

Fibc Bulk Bags

Some FIBC bulk bags have several coatings that are expendable or recyclable, making them eco-friendly. This choice makes FIBC bags a more maintainable optimal than other business containers, such as new steel drums.


What Are the Several Types of FIBC Bulk Bags Designs?


There are four main design styles of FIBCs and all of them are very popular and always remain in trending.

  • Baffle: You can easily discover a baffle bag by searching for a portion of fabric on some four-panel and tubular bags. These sewn-in trimmings make a squareness that enhances the tote’s steadiness and increases its presence. Baffle bags can increase competence in storing areas and transporting.
  • Circular: Also denoted to as a tubular bag, this layout of these bags doesn’t have any vertical seams. Weaving machines manufactures the material on a circular loom, and the substantial is cut and restrained to diverse lengths for flexible bag capabilities.
  • Four-panel: Four-panel bags are always manufactured from four parts of material that are stitched together. These portions of fabric make a bag that’s almost four-sided.
  • U-panel: For this layout, a single panel is utilized for the two opposite sides and the bottom, giving the bag a U-shape that safeguards power and construction.

Best Uses of FIBC Bulk Bags

Fibc Bulk Bags

Bulk bags are used by numerous manufacturing enterprises, containing the cannabis, farming, construction and pharmaceutical enterprises as these are very useful bags.



FIBCs are a abundant choice if your industry wants to stock or carriage fine grains or powders. Powders and grains you may need to stock or transport comprise:

  • Oats
  • Flour
  • Sand
  • Sugar
  • Zinc ash
  • Minerals
  • Cobalt powder

Reliant on your produce, you may want to utilize a liner for the sack. Some FIBCs can be a slight too breathable for a fine powder, and that’s where a liner can be beneficial.

Liners will keep powders in place while they’re kept, so you can evade puffs or leak of your creation.


Farming Products


FIBC bulk bags can also stock various types of food items. Agriculturalists crop products, feast kernels, manure crops, store materials and transportation yields to clients. With all these assignments to handle and so many harvests to move, bulk bags are frequently necessary for those running agricultural industries.

Agricultural products can contain crops, seeds, compost and livestock feed. With the correct bulk bags, farmers can keep more of their crop harvest, rationalize procedures and contribute in preservation determinations.

Bulk bags are utilized in farming for seed storage and transport, crop storing and carriage, compost storage and transportation and green initiatives.


Construction Materials


Used FIBC bulk bags for construction as it can easily tackle even the most challenging tasks. For building goods, it’s must to have a trustworthy storage option and shipping procedure. Bulk bags are stable and flexible, making them a excellent method to stock or transport construction materials. Utilize bulk bags for the following construction projects:


Fibc Bulk Bags

  • Cleanup: Once a construction assignments finishes, there’s often multiple of trash that required to be dumped. At Singhal Industries, our FIBCs have the tractability and strength you required for effective cleanup.
  • Justifiable business practices: For a construction industry dedicated to customer gratification and confidence, it can be important to decrease environmental effect. Utilized bulk bags are an outstanding role to your green inventiveness, as they let you to avert polypropylene plastics from ending up in dumping yards.

Advantages of FIBC Bulk Bags in Modern Manufacturing


Why buy a FIBC bulk bag instead of any another bulk bag? There are various advantages of using FIBC Bulk Bags in Modern Manufacturing, such as:

  • Cost-effective: FIBC bulk bags helps in decreasing the costs of container purchases, and they can help boost your profits by preserving and protective your goods
  • Reusable: Bulk bags are refillable, recyclable and repairable.
  • High quality: If you’re a agriculturalist who crops, packages and supplies foodstuff like vegetables and fruits, you may want to deliberate the quality of your bulk bags. Providers need ought to certifications to authenticate the containers can be securely operated for food-grade products. Fortuitously, FIBCs are high-quality ampules that are safe for food items and can deliver protection from transport injury and other materials.
  • Customizable: Bulk bags can be modified to your enterprises unique requirements.
  • Easy availability: When a farmer requires a container right away, they can turn to a trustworthy FIBC bulk bag supplier like Singhal Industries. We keep a great stock of bulk bags for easy convenience, and you can place orders for modified containers or precise diversities that can be available in just a few months.
  • Avert contagion: A bulk bag can avert contamination and destruction instigated by travel, water, pests and other problems.
  • Various styles and sizes: These bags also available in numerous styles and lengths to fulfill the need for several various applications. For example, a farmer can have multiple kinds of materials and crops to store and transportation, so they required different sacks to match their various requirements. They may want bulk bags with airing for produce but also require bags with liners for other products. Luckily, you can get the FIBC bulk bags in the styles and sizes you desire.

About Singhal Industries


As we get to know that FIBC Bulk Bags are very important in handling the various kinds of products so whenever you needs these bags just contact Singhal Industries as they are very best in manufacturing these kinds of bags. At Singhal Industries they have a team of industry experts who understand the client’s requirement better than anyone else.




What is an FIBC?

FIBC refers for Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container. They are more usually understood as Bulk Bags, or sometimes Huge Bags. The packages are categorized as intermediate containers because of their lengths.


What are the Diverse Component of an FIBC or Bulk Bag?

Top Inlets and Openings Body Netting or Lift Loops Bottommost Vents or Release Spouts Ties, Clips, and Buckles Other Forte Parts


Do FIBCs have a shelf life?

Most joint projects of FIBCs have a precise extended shelf life of more than five years. However, the common structure products utilized in the manufacturing of FIBCs do have the likely to exhibit creep or stress relaxation over time.


What Kinds of FIBCs are available?

There are numerous usual kinds of FIBCs available in the market place. The utmost usually used FIBCs are created in the U Panel or Circular configuration and might integrate a modest PE liner or no liner at all.


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