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May 4, 2024

BOPP Bags for Agricultural Industry: Optimizing Harvest and Storage


Arpit Kushawaha


What is the raw material for Bopp bags?


In the vibrant world of farming industries, the selection of packaging fabric plays a major role in ensuring the protection and permanence of our farmers. Among the selection of choices, BOPP bags, or Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene bags, have arisen as a trustworthy choice for protecting farming items during storing and shipping. 

Let’s discover the innumerable benefits and adaptable applications of BOPP bag design, flaking light on why they have become an essential in the packaging setting. The packing of agricultural items carries immense importance in preserving the quality and freshness of products, making it an important part of the farming supply chain. Singhal Industries is a leading BOPP bags manufacturers in the country. 


What are BOPP Bags?

BOPP printed bags are a kind of plastic packaging that is created from biaxially oriented polypropylene. They are usually made use of in the food, medical, and also chemical fields due to their outstanding obstacle features as well as high clearness.


Benefits of BOPP bags for agricultural packaging

Sturdiness and Strength
BOPP printed bags boast excellent stability and power, working as a robust protection against exterior danger like dampness, sunlight, and dust. This flexibility assures that your farming items remain unharmed, keeping their reliability throughout the packaging journey. When it comes to packing farming products, stability is not just an aspect; it’s a requirement. BOPP bags propose unmatched power, protecting your product from the rudiments.

Clearness for Brand Reflectivity
The transparency of BOPP bags isn’t just about seeing what’s in the bags; it’s a tactical instrument for increasing brand reflectiveness. Farmers and manufacturers can showcase their items effectively, making them stand out on store tables and creating a link with buyers. In the jam-packed market, clearness speaks volumes. Industrial packaging bags not only shield your products but also put them in the attention, intensifying your brand’s existence.

Conflict to Punctures and Tears
In the farming industry, where goods are handled thoroughly, the confrontation to ruptures and tears is a game-changer. BOPP printed bags work as a robust barrier, reducing the threat of harm during supervision and transport. Think of BOPP bags as the shield for your farming items. Their confrontation to punctures and tears assures that your products reach their endpoint unscathed.

Printability for Branding
The capacity to print lively logos and goods information on BOPP bags is a planned benefit for branding. High-quality printing not only aids functional objectives but also pays to active marketing, making your items more attractive to buyers. Your packaging is more than just a cover; it’s a canvas for your product. BOPP bag design for farming items lets your brand speak loud and clear, parting a lasting imprint. Singhal Industries can be your BOPP bags manufacturers for purchasing BOPP Bags.

Characteristics of BOPP Bags

  • Excellent tensile power & stability that enables large load capabilities
  • Tear and puncture resilient, decreasing expensive losses of items and reworking expenses
  • Larger dimensional stability and water confrontation
  • Greater print quality
  • High quality Flexographic production up to 10 colors
  • Scrape and rub resilient
  • Custom intended to fulfill client provisions
  • Accessible with anti-slip handling
  • Can be gusseted or pillow/tube
  • Also functional in translucent fabric for product discernibility
  • Perfect for Automated bagging procedures
  • Largely utilized for added value or high discernibility items
  • Suitable handle support Choice


Applications of BOPP bags in Agriculture

Grains and cereals:
For grains and cereals, BOPP bags deliver a safety sheath, protecting them from dampness and pests while permitting easy identification of items. The bags assure your grains keep farm-fresh from yield to ingesting. Grains and cereals are worthy of a packaging choice as trustworthy as they are. Seed packaging bags preserve their quality, which makes them essential for every farmer.

Fruits and vegetables:
BOPP bags come to the rescue of fresh yield by proposing a breathable yet shielding packaging choice. The bags keep the cleanness of fruits and vegetables, permitting them to reach buyers in the best possible situations. Freshness is the key to fulfilled buyers. BOPP bags enable your fruits and vegetables to breathe while protecting their nutritious value.

Seeds and Fertilizers:
When it comes to kernels and fertilizers, seed packaging bags propose a safe and stable packaging solution. The bags play an important role in maintaining the excellence of seeds and fertilizers, contributing to improved crop harvests. Seeds are the start, and composts are the nutrition. BOPP bags assure they are both safeguarded, placing the basis for a fruitful yield.


How to Select the Adequate Bags for your Agricultural Product?

Selecting the right farming packaging bag involves considering different factors suited to your particular agricultural product.

  • Thickness and strength: Choose a wheat packaging bag with an adequate density and strength depending on the weight and nature of the agricultural goods. For heavier goods, choose for thicker BOPP bags to assure they resist the weight and maintain their reliability.
  • Print quality: Deliberate the print quality needed for imprinting and item information. High-quality printing advances the overall performance of the item. Capitalizing on top-notch print quality is an investment in your brand. Select BOPP bags that showcase your goods in the best light.
  • Closure type: Assess the closure category, whether it’s a heat-sealed sack or a bag with a zipper closure, relying on the product’s handling needs. The right closure is like a safe handshake for your items. Selecting a bag with a closure that supports your handling requirements.
  • UV protection: If the farming item is subtle to sunlight, choose for farming packaging bags with UV safety to prevent degradation.  Safeguarding your items from the damaging effects of UV waves with BOPP bags intended for the assignments. 



In the realm of farming packaging, where every crop tells a story, the selection of packaging fabric is the storyteller. BOPP bags, with their stability, clearness, and printability, have received a prime spot in this description. From shielding grains and cereals to showcasing fresh fruits and vegetables, BOPP bags are the unrecognized heroes of the farming supply chain. As you board on the journey of packaging your farming goods, let BOPP bags be your important companions, assuring that your story ends with a crop well-preserved and a brand well-represented.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the raw material for Bopp bags?
BOPP bags are manufactured from a kind of plastic called polypropylene. This thermoplastic polymer is resultant from crude oil and natural gas. It is understood for its power, tractability, and conflict with heat and chemicals.

What is the size of a Bopp bag?
The size of BOPP bags is as follows: Front width 215 mm – 620 mm; Gusset width60 mm – 250 mm ; Bag length 420mm – 1150 mm.


Are Bopp bags food safe?
BOPP bags can be utilized without any threat to keep food items like cereals, pulses, rice, seeds, bird/animal feed, charcoal, grass, and other dry requirements



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