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December 30, 2022

Avoid Buried Cable Risks Such as Warning Mesh for Underground Cable






Warning mesh for underground cables and other ways for decreasing risks from buried cables. In metropolitan areas, it is common practice to bury power cables underground. Not only can this benefit minimize cable deterioration during laying, but also it lessens the risk of cables being disturbed in the future.

Unfortunately, concealing cables can cause issues in their own right. There’s an opportunity that the cables will inadvertently be attacked during later works which could cause a break in the electrical supply to the primary area and, at worse, lead to serious damage and even death.

A Complete Guidance About Using Mesh Tape

Singhal Industries has cautioned the construction industry of the requirement to be more aware of the dangers of working in the vicinity of live underground services occurring several incidents recently. The Government Department advises on laying underground cables. This includes:

  • Scheduling the work
  • Locating and identifying buried services
  • Safe excavation

Simple preventative steps of marking where cables are concealed can help to protect underground power cables from being accidentally disturbed.

Warning Mesh for Underground Cable

Singhal Industries offers a variety of quality markers and tape with mesh for underground cables. These contain tiles with the words “DANGER” printed on the apex and notification tape for underground cords such as the 60-micron thick PVC Trace-Tape 1.  Its two stainless steel cords mean that the tape can potentially be found by a cable avoidance tool (CAT). Our underground warning mesh are convenient for marking concealed HV, MV, and LV electrical power and telecommunication cords.

Taking safeguards for marking underground cables can not only decrease disruption but could deter serious injury or casualty.

Following is the Features of the Underground Warning Mesh

  • We manufacture weather-resistant, temperature-resistant, and Sun UV rays-resistant tape according to the gulf country climate.
  • We create entirely detectable warning tape for economies or premium qualities.
  • You can identify this notification tape in any dangerous regions
  • We use the material to create warning tape are LDPE, HDPE, SPVC, and HM-HDPE
  • We make high-tensile stability warning tape
  • The warning tapes are available in different thicknesses and lengths
  • We manufacture non-detectable, and scratch-proof warning tapes
  • You can customize the colour and variety according to the choose

How Do You Use Warning Tape?

Warning Tape with mesh is a tough tape that can be utilized to try to prevent people from coming into a dangerous or even dangerous area. You can utilize it to post warnings, or in the case of a construction project, you could also utilize it to delineate areas so that your workers understand which regions they are authorized to enter and which areas they are not authorized to enter.

Following is the Characteristics of Warning Mesh

  • Utilize Hazard Tape on Fire doors
  • Use Barricades Tapes on handrails in case of emergency
  • Utilize this tape on the Electrical wire area
  • Utilize this tape on the Warehouse floor
  • This tape is competent for Underground electric cables
  • This tape is utilized for Gas pipelines, Water pipelines, and Sewer pipelines

We, Singhal Industries Pvt. Ltd. are one of the prominent manufacturers and exporters of premium quality Underground Warning mesh worldwide. It is also comprehended as Safety Caution Tape. The company fabricates underground warning tapes which are well printed, including any text/language in different sizes and colours customized as per the customer’s specifications. The Pipeline Warning mesh has an effective, eye-catching background and big text font such as “Warning”, “Caution”, “Danger”, etc.

The Warning mesh for cable protection are fabricated utilizing material SPVC, LLDPE, LDPE, and HDPE lead-free tints with virgin grade. We have various consistencies of SPVC and Polyethylene available to us.

Underground cable protection mesh is developed for workers that need to convey important safety messages, such as the area of an emergency or dangerous substance. These signs are usually rectangular and come in white with a red stripe down the center. They are created from high-quality materials that are solid and stable when put to use.

Singhal Industries is an authorized vendor of ADANI, IOCL, RJIL, BPCL, HPCL, GAIL INDIA, GAIL GAS, TORRENT, MGL, MNGL, AG&P, Green Gas Limited, BENGAL GAS COMPANY LIMITED, etc. Singhal Industries is a very famous brand due to its product quality, delivery & service. Whenever you want to purchase any type of underground coble protection mesh then never forget to buy it from Singhal Industries.

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