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February 5, 2024

Choosing the Right Closure Mechanism for Your PP Jumbo Bags


Arpit Kushawaha


jumbo bag Manufacturer in Ahmedabad


Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Bags or FIBC bags are famous in the manufacturing and packaging industries as bulk bags or jumbo bags.  These PP Jumbo bags are known to be a cost-effective and appropriate method to store and transport various types of powdered, granulated, and bulk materials which also include sand, fertilizers, and plastic granules. The most distinctive fabric for FIBCs is thick woven polyethylene or polypropylene, enclosed or exposed. Singhal Industries which is known to be the best Jumbo Bag Manufacturer in Ahmedabad are experts in developing polypropylene textures in a cube bag. 

There are other names for FIBC bags such as Giant bags, Huge Bags, tubs, and flexible intermediate bulk containers. They’re manufactured from a stretchy fabric, usually polypropylene (PP) yarns woven into a cloth. These bags are stretchy and remain for an extended period and the purpose behind this is that they are built with a tough & sturdy PP mesh. They’re ideal for warehousing and carrying huge quantities of goods.

FIBC Bulk bags are available in different sizes, shapes, and fabric quality. There are expanding lists of reasons to consider when going for the right Jumbo bag. The kind of closure utilized to cap the bag is an important aspect because it can affect the reliability of the bag. There are several various kinds of bottom closures that can be modified to match your application. 


Spout Bottom

A bulk bag with a spout bottom is a bag that has a funnel-like opening at the lowest, which enables the sacks to be easily deflated. These spouts are placed into the bottom of the bag and rest closed until you are prepared to issue the product. Bulk bags with spout bottoms are frequently utilized for keeping and delivering powders and other granular bulk material.

The discharge spouts are the most commonly utilized of all the bulk bag bottom closures and can be modified to the appropriate length for your application.

Spout Bottom with Safety Valve

A spout bottommost with a protection valve is an instrument that is utilized to regulate the release of the items from a bulk bag. It is utilized to govern the movement of bulk material released from the bag. The safety valve also enables the bulk bag to be squashed without the release of dust and particles. This can be very crucial when functioning with dangerous fabrics. 

Spout Bottom with Cover

This category of closure utilizes a part of fabric that’s stitched between the spout and the petal closure which is utilized to hold in the spout. Then a square portion of fabric is sewn over the spout bottom to safeguard the spout bottom. The spout bottoms with covers are crafted to keep the items inside the bag contained, diminish contamination risks, and prevent leakage. 

Discharge Spout with Flap

The discharge spout with flap, also known as a salubrious flap, is a flap that safeguards the complete bottom of the bulk bag. These are often utilized for ease of discharge, creating less wear on the bottom of the bulk bag, and keeping the unloading area clean.

B-Lock Closure

A B-lock closure, otherwise understood as a cord lock, is a category of bottom closure that utilizes a string to safeguard the spout on the bottom of the bag. Cord locks are beneficial for evading any loss of goods due to accidental opening of the bag. They are available in a diversity of lengths and sizes and can be utilized to replace hand-tied knots. B-Lock closures can also be utilized on the spout top of the sacks. 

Conical Bottom

A bulk bag that requires a conical spout bottom is often utilized for materials that do not stream as freely as dry powders or grains. The bottom of these bulk bags is cone-formed which permits dense/sticky materials like clay, slurries, etc. to “flow” out of the bag. 

Full Open Discharge

Full open discharge is a kind of discharge that opens up the bottom of the bag in its totality. These kinds of bottoms are utilized for non-flowable products or items that clump over time. When the bottom is opened, the product is discharged all at once. Be sure to take note that if accuracy is important, this kind of bulk bag bottom is not recommended. 

The Advantages of Using PP Jumbo Bags

Some of the Benefits of using FIBC bags are mentioned below.

Can Store the Bulk Quantity
You may keep numerous items at once by using the PP Jumbo bags. Some bags may be able to weigh up to 4,000 pounds or more, which makes it very comfortable to pack your catalog into a few units. You can replenish, shift, and position large portions of storage utilizing a lift truck or similar piece of tools.

Very Durable
Big modern PP Jumbo Bags manufactured of a woven fabric cover prepared from polypropylene fibers. This plastic-based fabric repels mold and decay since it doesn’t mass with any water. It also has enhanced thermal strength, as it can indenture and expand without inducing damage.

Water-Resistant Fabric
You’ll be capable of keeping and transporting those products that have to keep dry without bothering about mild or fungal development if you choose waterproof fabrics. FIBCs can protect your items from water damage even if your warehouse capability becomes humid or wet during a hurricane. They’ll be protected in the same way during transport, assuring that your stock stays in excellent form.

As PP Jumbo bags are so strong, they can be used multiple times once an assignment is completed. You can have the bags last for various rounds of freight or warehousing if you take care of them and wash them properly between those uses. Reusable containers deliver lower strained storage expenses for your company and a regular supply of sea shipment packing.


With so many Advantages, using mass-storing the use of a 1-ton bag is a no-brainer. Your’ industry will be able to keep and transport bulk quantities without having to buy fresh wrapping or remain in crisis about sustained damage.  There are various Jumbo Bags Supplier in Gujarat available but Singhal Industries is one of the best amongst them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the full form of a PP bag?
PP bags are a full form of Polypropylene Bags that are utilized according to their features.

What size is a 15 kg PP bag?
Size of 15 Kg PP Bag holds more items and its dimensions are 850*520 mm.

What is GSM in PP bags?
GSM refers to Gram per Square Meter in PP Bags. 



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