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October 27, 2023

Choosing the Right Garbage Bags for Different Waste Types


Arpit Kushawaha


Garbage Bags


Plastic garbage bags are utilized in homes, offices, and industrial regions to dispose of different kinds of Garbage. However, when it comes to the real discarding of garbage, the quality, and kind of a garbage bag play a crucial role. Garbage can be of different types such as dry waste, wet waste, medical waste, sanitary waste, and many more. To dispose of several kinds of waste, various types of garbage bags are used. Since there is a diversity of garbage bags available, the variety of criteria for the same differs depending on the application.

This post talks about several factors you are required to consider while choosing plastic garbage bags for particular applications.

A Brief Overview of Different Categories of Garbage Bags

The dustbin bags are manufactured from polyethylene material and largely divided into two categories – high-density and low-density trash can liners depending on their structure. The following points will assist you to understand it better.

  • Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) trash can liners are manufactured from resins of high quality. These bags are impenetrable and can easily resist break and rip. These bags are restrained in mils, which is 0.001 inch. The sack will be denser if the mil count is enhanced. The bags are available in mil counts varying from 0.9 mil to 6.0 mil. Of these, 0.9 mil LDPE bags are appropriate for keeping kitchen garbage, whereas 6.0 mil are appropriate for construction debris and are utilized as contractor bags.
  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE) can liners are prepared by subjecting high molecular density resins to low pressures. This procedure produces straight and tightly packed molecules, which add to directionally tough bags. The molecular branches are allied in a single direction. Although sturdy, these bags are thinner and not as puncture-resistant as LDPE bags. High-density garbage liners are restrained in microns; 1 micron is .001 mm. These bags utilize less plastic than their low-density counterparts, so are less costly.

Factors to Contemplate While Opting for Plastic Garbage Bags

An appropriate garbage bag can sustain a load of collected trash and help in hauling it without any leakage. Deliberation of the following aspects can assist you in choosing the appropriate plastic garbage bags for your application.

1. Fabric

The trash bags are normally manufactured of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE). LDPE plastic bags are usually utilized for carrying dry trash. The fabric is stretchable to some range therefore it can withstand the weight of dry trash. On the other hand, HDPE garbage bags are appropriate for wet trash, medical waste, sanitary waste, etc. Also, biodegradable plastic is nowadays utilized for manufacturing garbage bags. These bags are perfect for discarding compostable garbage.

2. Load Carrying Capability

Load-carrying capability is crucial to check while purchasing trash bags. Dry waste like paper, plastic wrappers, etc. is light in weight. Though, medical waste, and wet waste like vegetables, decayed food, oil, etc. are much heftier compared to dry waste. That is why the load-carrying capability of trash bags must be deliberated and this consideration may also contain the volume of waste formed in your facility. This can avert the tearing of the bag bottoms and the leakage of garbage.

3. Thickness

Thickness plays a major role in assuring the stability of this dustbin bag. The denser the garbage bag higher the sustainability. Having a dense bag to carry heavy waste can be beneficial on the other hand, for lightweight garbage, thin trash sacks may do well. For example, to haul empty milk cartons, dried vegetables, leftover food, etc., you can opt for a garbage bag with a width of 0.5 mil-0.9 mil. On the other hand for hauling broken grasses, wet garbage, etc., you might have to go for trash bags with a density of 2 mils.

4. Elasticity

Elasticity or tractability of the bag fabric proposes elastic strength to the bags. This helps in averting puncture or tearing of the garbage sacks during transport.

5. Size

The length of the dustbin bag describes the volume to keep garbage without stuffing the garbage forcefully. Several sizes and garbage storage volumes/capacities are functional in these Trash bags. Overstuffing garbage can cause punctures in the bag and spillage of garbage. Choose the garbage bags based on the quantity of garbage to be stored. Make sure that the size and volume are adequate so that overstuffing of the garbage is prevented.

6. Color

The trash bags can be translucent or colored. Usually, black garbage bags are superior as this color can hide garbage. However, one can choose colored trash bags or custom-printed garbage bags for precise applications.

7. Quality

You can tick all the above boxes but if the grade of the bag is negotiated, then you will have blow-outs! You also get the advantage of easily dispensing sacks and rolls when you go with the quality choice. It all boils down to the grade of the materials utilized as well as the manufacturing procedure. Don’t fall into the price trap. You don’t need to search for garbage bag manufacturers near me as Singhal Industries is available to cater to your dustbin bag needs.


In addition to the above aspects, it is crucial to source these bags from a trustworthy supplier. Singhal Industries is one of the leading, experienced, and trusted garbage bag manufacturers. Seeing all these factors while choosing plastic garbage bags can help in dealing with untidy situations in a germ-free manner. Also, deliberation of these factors assures compatibility of the garbage sacks with particular applications in terms of preventing bag punctures, spillage, leakage, etc.

Despite referring to these aspects, the garbage bags may endure harm if the quality is not assured. That is why you should buy plastic garbage bags from trustworthy manufacturers like Singhal Industries which is a leading garbage bag manufacturer. The company proposes LDPE/HDPE garbage bags-tuff bags, contractor bags, etc. For over 25 years, the company has been contributing to the packaging industry in not only India but various parts of the world as well.


Can garbage bags be recycled?

Trash bags are recyclable, but how we utilize/dispose of them might make them tough to recycle.

What size garbage bag is best to use?

Round Containers: Utilize the length of the container, plus one-half of the diameters of the container, plus 3-6 inches, (for overhang or tie). Square or Rectangular Containers: utilize the height of the container, plus the lengthier diagonal of the bottom of the bin, plus 3-6 inches, (for overhang or tie).



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