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November 27, 2021

Common 6 Facts About Warning Tape




Underground Warning Tape


The Singhal Industries Pvt. Ltd. is recognized as one of the leading exporters as well as manufacturers of supreme quality warning tape. Another name for it is safety caution tape. The industry manufactures high-quality underground warning tape. The tapes are properly printed which constitute different texts and languages in a variety of sizes and colors according to the preference of the customer.

What is a Warning Tape?

Another name of warning tape are barricade tapes and woven barricade tapes which are widely used for warning or catching the attention of trespassers or local workers of a particular area that has some kind of danger. This tape saves life in different dangerous situations. It alerts the people from entering that particular place.

The warning tape manufacturer takes care that the tape is made with the help of lower density polyethene material which is properly colored and non-adhesive.

A customized message is printed on tape according to the specification of the customers which alerts the future excavators regarding the presence of several installed underground utilities such as water pipelines, electric cables, gas pipelines, telecommunications and fiber optic.

Why Are Warning Tapes are Important?

The primary aim of underground warning tape is to offer an immediate warning to the excavators. No kind of resistance or protection is given by them, a warning indication is only given by them for alerting the nearby people.

The installation of warning tapes is done underground at a certain distance which is above the service line since it reminds the future excavators about the presence of the underground utility pipeline.

How Many Types of Warning Tapes are there?

For making the process of demarcation convenient, different types of such tapes are manufactured in the industries which gives a proper indication of different contingencies, situations as well as hazards.

These kinds of tape are available in different colors. It is very mandatory that the use, as well as the significance of each kind of tape, is understood by every excavator and safety team.

Below are some of the Different Warning Tapes:-

#1. Red: The red warning tapes are used for giving indications about electrical power distribution or any area having a wide network of transmission lines.

#2. Yellow: Yellow warning tapes is to alert areas with transmission lines, oil or gas distribution. Any kind of area where there is a storage of hazardous products.

#3. Green: It warns about sewer lines and plantations.

#4. Orange: Any kind of technology transmissions such as cable television system, telephone and telegraph are highlighted by orange warning tape.

#5. Blue: The blue warning tapes alert about an area with water lines.

What are the Different Features of Underground Warning Tape?

Some of the features are as follows:-

  • Detectable warning tape of both premium as well as economy grades
  • Available in a different range of thickness
  • Resistant to abrasion, weather and temperature with the help of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape
  • Highly visible for identification of potentially dangerous areas
  • Produced using premium quality HM-HDPE material, LDPE, SPVC and HDPE for better performance
  • High tensile strength
  • Greater durability

What are the Benefits of Warning Tape?

Some of the advantages are as follows:-

  • Environment friendly
  • Reminding people of the probable danger with standard text and colors
  • Highly resistant to unpredictable weather conditions
  • Safe for humans and animals
  • Beneficial tool for excavators and contractors
  • Lead-free pigments
  • Prevention of injuries and accidents by showcasing dangerous stop signs

What are the Tips to find the Best Warning Tape Manufacturer?

There is a wide range of warning tape manufacturers present in the market which offers a variety of warning tapes. However, every one of them doesn’t offer a competitive advantage, high quality as well as a cost-effective product.

Here are some of the tips which might help you:-

  1. The supplier of the best warning tape would offer premium quality at the competitive price
  2. The manufacturer which is for the longest time in this business could provide you with more reliable tapes since they are aware of the whereabouts of the industry.
  3. Safety Caution Tape is considered to be one of the most important safety objects in every kind of organization for ensuring optimum workplace safety which as a result would enhance both the productivity and profitability of any industry.
  4. Consult a manufacturer who sells different types of caution takes which would save your time, money and effort.
  5. Purchasing such tapes with a dealer who offers attractive discounts and takes bulk orders.


The safety of the workplace is very crucial since in the future that would help in determining the productivity of any concern.

The warning tapes are regarded as life saves because of their innumerable features and advantages. The safer the facility of any industry, the more dedicatedly the workers would work. As a result, the goal of the organization would be fulfilled faster.

We are also make warning tapes for UAE Dubai and all gulf countries.



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