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November 6, 2023

Container Liner Bags Benefits to the Shipping Sector


Arpit Kushawaha



A Container Liner Bag is a protective packaging bag intended for transporting dry bulk cargo in a harmless and controlled atmosphere. Also called Bulk Container Liner, these bags are positioned inside shipping bags to form a defensive lining between the cargo and the container walls. Thus, the packed goods are more secure than in any bag or standard packaging option.
Woven Container liners have become progressively widespread in the shipping industry. It has been proven that the safety qualities of plastic container liners for Containers make them an operational transport solution as equated to Big Bags. More enterprises are selecting to invest in them for transporting any type of dry bulk cargo like chemicals, petrochemicals, minerals, food, seeds, farming products, etc.


Let us explore the advantages of container liner bags in the Shipping Industry


  1. Significant Cost Savings

    Packaging your bulk products inside container liners can considerably decrease your packaging and handling charges when compared to traditional bulk bags or bags. You can save hundreds on packaging since there is no requirement for multiple bags or bulk bags; not even the additional pallets to take the weight of the items.

    Supply chain managers save mainly on packaging every time they choose container liner bags from leading container liner manufacturers like Singhal Industries. When you are filling up bulk goods there are many packaging choices available in the market which also include bulk bags, and sacks, to name a few. But plastic container liners are one of the most widespread options that the shipping industry chooses as they can save up big time on packaging charges.
    There are very less components tangled with the container liners as bulk bags and multiple sacks are required to keep the items. Pretty much a lot of money is saved in assets containing the packaging and that money can be utilized for a better purpose in your business.

  2. Higher Productivity
    Woven Container liners can be effortlessly loaded and discharged with automated tools like a belt thrower, conveyor, or gravity-fed procedure. This considerably decreases the control time of such shipping bags. Bulk bags or sacks on the other hand need conveyor feed, forklift shipment, palletizing, and extra storage space. Moreover, there are damage risks to staff members.
    Thus, while it may take 48 hours to load a definite bulk goods in a Big Bag, the same product if filled in plastic container liners, can be loaded in a mere 15-25 minutes.
  3. Less Wastage
    Bulk shipping containers can be replenished both horizontally and vertically. Thankfully, container liners in India are so manufactured that they keep the cargo strongly enclosed throughout the entire shipment procedure — right from storing, and shipping, to unloading and loading.
    The stronger structure and advanced design of Bulk Container Liner Bag makes them puncture-resistant, thereby decreasing hazards of leakage.
  4. Reduced Product Contamination
    High-quality Woven container liner bags decrease the threat of item contamination during transporting. But in sacks and bulk bags, there is a usual threat of water, dust particles, remains of old goods, or even components of the bag’s material mixing with the current goods and damaging it. Singhal Industries’s container liner bag proposes safe and competent transportation of bulk items, shielding cargo from dust and contamination.
    The Woven container liners are utilized to keep the freight safely throughout the entire procedure. This is because the containers are stored horizontally and vertically. The container liners keep it undamaged throughout stacking, transportation, unpacking, and storage. And now container liner manufacturers in India have arisen up with intelligent layouts, polyethylene materials, and puncture-proof fabric, ensuring that the entire packaging wastage is decreased as your goods stay secured all the time.
  5. Full-proof protection against all odds
    Transporting of the goods can get severe at times. The ocean waves, storms, and heavy rains can disclose the cargo to several unsolicited effects. And the dampness and the salty ocean water can ruin the complete item without you even knowing it. Consequently, to not confront the grade of the item, the container liners are utilized so that the goods can be safely sealed and can be saved from any unparalleled circumstances. The cont plastic container liners are considered in such a way that they can work as a wall of safety for the item and can zip lock it so that nothing gets injured.


With Singhal Industries, which is one of the widespread container liners Manufacturers in India, you will discover container liners for all your goods containing farming products, chemicals, food items, minerals, and many more. The liners are comfortable to put up and the company proposes all the assistance that you need throughout the procedure.
If you’re looking for a packaging solution for bulk shipment, there’s possibly nothing better than container liner bags from Singhal Industries which offers some of the finest container liners at good prices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the size of a container liner?
Container liners are available in various lengths depending on the size of the shipping containers. For example, they are available in sizes – 20 feet, 30 feet, and 40 feet to cater to all kinds of shipping requirements.

What is the thickness of the container sheet?
The container liners’ width created of woven PP ranges from 100 GSM to 220 GSM materials and the PE liners’ density is from 100 microns to 350-micron film. Also, you can choose the thickness of the container sheet according to your requirements.

What is a 3-size container?
Container Bags or Container Liners are a kind of PP Woven Bags that are the length of a sack. They can be of flexible sizes say 20 feet, or 40 feet, and can be modified as per requirement. Container bags are largely utilized for Bulk transportation of products

What material is used for container liners?
Dry bulk container liners are manufactured up of polyethylene (PE) film, woven polypropylene (PP) fabric, and as well as woven HDPE material.

What is full-liner terms container?
Full Liner Terms are the situations for shipping merchandise by sea. The terms stipulate what is comprised and excluded in the cargo rate rendering to the customs authority of each port. The rate of consignment contains filling, unloading, and cargo handling charges (depending on the port).



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