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August 31, 2023

Elevating Storage and Transportation with Ventilated Bulk Bags


Arpit Kushawaha


Ventilated Bulk Bags


Storing and transportation of fresh farm goods is an important feature of the farming field. These fragile items like fruits, vegetables, nuts, raw food goods are at danger of engrossing, keeping, or freeing dampness and indulging during transportation. Same is the case with products that required breathable storing procedures like firewood, logging, chemicals, and powders. Ventilated bags or breathable big sacks are the preeminent solution to retain these items fresh and permit them to retain their distinctive properties. These sturdy and well-ventilated, bulk bags permits air ventilation easily through the bag lining and the goods thus eradicating dampness build-up. Thus, ventilated bags decrease the threat of products contaminated or evolving buds or losing its ideal properties during packaging, transport, and loading.

What are Ventilated Bags?

Ventilated FIBCs (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) are adaptable bags created of exactly woven polypropylene threads to support air flow within the product and capture damp build-up, thus maintaining the goods unharmed. Singhal Industries, being one of the apparent ventilated bags manufacturers in India, engagements the best quality polypropylene material. The textile has 26 holes on each section that is formed on flat looms. This material is resilient to a diversity of ecological aspects like pests and assures adequate aeration.

The viscosity of the meshwork regulates its air-circulation capability and can be modified as per the commodities need. The mesh work manufactures these sacks light in weight without negotiating on their toughness and adaptability. Likewise, water-resistant covering applied to the polypropylene stands make them water-proof or water-resistant as they lack this quality. Extra characteristics of our ventilated bags also contain cross corner curves for rising, a top kilt for replenishing and closing, and release spouts for release of the products.

Advantages of ventilated bags

Singhal Industries is committed to delivering its consumer with affordable, quality good. Our modified Vented bags can be utilized for farming goods and food items like veggies, fruits, legumes, nuts, and fresh gardening products. These ventilated bags maintain the freshness, the color and surface of the products while safeguarding it from infectious and fungous infections. These adaptable bulk bags can be utilized for chemicals and other products which are harmed by disclosure to dampness. Even fine goods like powders, amorphous solids, and grains can be kept and shipped in these chemical-resistant bulk sacks.

We at Singhal Industries, create Vented FIBCs with a capability to rise 500–2000 Kgs. The loop method makes it suitable to carry, haul, and keep without pallets. The vented tonne bags can be perfect as per necessity in a diversity of sizes and filling, releasing, and raising solutions. It is comfortable to design item information on the woven polypropylene fabric. These adaptable yet tough bags are cost effective and manufactured as per UN standards.

  • They defend your temperature-delicate goods during transport. It’s frankly average for fleeting products to tackle climate shock during shipping, creating them one of the most difficult rural items to transfer along the stock network without damage. For example, new soil goods and fleeting items can’t be sent important detachments without preservation.
  • One of the dominant points of decays and detriment in short-lived goods and new item is the buildup of sogginess on them during lengthy travel eras. Humidity can worsen the condition by hastening the maturation method, which can bring about deterioration. Customary bundling can’t battle sweaty and warmth and can quick hazardous calamities. Ventilated Bulk Bags from reputed Ventilated Bags Suppliers can keep fleeting products very much-circulated and new. These bags fend humidity off by permitting a perfect air passage, assuring freshness in farm produce like potatoes, carrots, and new veggies for a more drawn-out span.
  • About new consumables, a ton of their sale capability depends upon their exterior advent. The spirited darks of sporadic collect and unpolluted skin of root vegetable, for example, potatoes and onions, incredibly affect how buyers see the nature of the products. In this way, assuring that rural stock carries its distinctive tone is important. Long travels can often result in textural deviations in new goods, which might cause bulge, surface and inside staining, and even mess with their taste. Using Ventilated huge bags to move irregular and transitory crops can assist with holding the appearance and strain out their time of usability.
  • Parasitic pollutions and microbial illnesses regularly assault agriculture products like potatoes and onions and are possibly the main inspirations for the breakdown of these vegetables post-reap. Risky capability can moreover trounce the damage. Loading away these vegetables in FIBC vented tonne bags diminishes the risk of parasitic illnesses and bacterial growth. The power of these bags to ward humidity off stops shape development, assuring not so much expenditure but more efficiency.


Appropriate for storing of Grains, Potatoes, Onions, Beans, and Nuts & Wood Logs.

Perfect for drying of wood logs while storage and shipping.

These kind of ventilated bulk bags are extremely beneficial in the storing of farming goods like potatoes, onions, leafy vegetables, etc. Next are the characteristics & benefits of ventilated FIBC bulk bags:

  1. Averts Decay Due to Dampness – Distinctive and unintentionally trickled dampness can harm farming goods if unconstrained for a lengthier period. Ventilated bulk bags stops the build-up of dampness and permit the vanishing of any present moisture, making the goods dry and secure for a lengthier time.
  2. Different Dimensions for Diverse Goods – Singhal Industries delivers ventilated bulk bags in different sizes per customer’s needs. Larger bags for bulky good, medium and small length for high-density items – Singhal Industries has solutions to all of your necessities. 
  3. Assistances in Draining of Materials – Our ventilated FIBC bags are extremely operative in advancing drying goods like wood pellets and logs. The particularly planned vents permit continuous airflow and enable drying the dampness out to the extreme.
  4. Resilient to UV  – Like all our FIBC polypropylene-based proposes, our Vented bulk bags, too, are extremely resilient to UV gleams. This suggests that even when the bags are kept visible to sunshine for protracted periods, they will hold their forte more competently than a bag that is not UV resilient.
  5. Reasonable, Reusable, Recyclable – FIBC goods manufactured by Singhal are inexpensive, giving the impeccable balance between quality and charge. Similarly, our products, containing the ventilated bulk bags, are prepared of single polymers that make them effortlessly recyclable and eco-friendly. The bags also suggestion high chemical confrontation qualities, shielding the materials kept inside.  


In conclusion, whether you are from the farming sector needing to transport your consumable farming and garden goods or from manufacturing sector wanting to package products that needs safety from dampness, ventilated bulk bag is the perfect choice and for superior quality Vented bags, Singhal Industries is your reliable packaging partner.



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