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January 10, 2024

Exploring Specialty Applications: Unconventional Uses of PP Jumbo Bags


Arpit Kushawaha


1 ton bag


If you are looking for an appropriate Heavy-Duty Packaging choice for your use then you should understand that Jumbo Bags are excellent for use. If you want to learn more about it then just look over this article further. 

Jumbo bags are also learned as 1 Ton bags, FIBC bags, Big Jumbo, Bulk bags, and so there are multiple more. The advantages of this type of bag are also contradictory as per the user’s requirements. It is not a straightforward task to determine the respective kind and quality of PP Jumbo bags as every one of them is very beneficial. But one thing that you can select while opting for these bags for your business & its necessities. These PP Jumbo bags are apprehended to be the very best bags to transport heavy-duty packaging Items. There are various jumbo bags Suppliers available in India. 

While picking an excellent PP Woven Jumbo Bags you should always contemplate the length, load-bearing capability, used raw materials, kinds, available models, and their respective usage areas before finalizing the bags. 


Lengths of Jumbo Bags

With every useful PP woven jumbo bag, you get a variety of length options. If we talk about the average-sized bag then they are commonly between 90 to 200 cm in height and 90 to 120 cm in width. Also, if you require these Bags for your precise essentials then it is also possible you can get an altered size bag relying on your specific requirements. As far as the total weight is concerned, these bags are about 3 to 6 pounds, and they can comfortably haul one to multiple tons of different goods. Again, these can be trusted for the purpose through different revisions. There is no normal size of jumbo bags. The most distinguished & useful size of the Jumbo bag is the 1-ton capacity variant which has a length size 90X90X90 cm. You can find out all feasible sizes and capabilities of Jumbo bags with Singhal Industries.

It is very difficult for anyone to visualize the precise size of the jumbo bag pp without glimpsing at it practically. A material-full bag lying on a standard-size pallet is about the abdomen to chest height of a normal-height individual. 

Types of Jumbo bags

Four varieties of PP Jumbo Bags are available in the market which are comprehended as circular, U-panel, four-panel, baffle, and more. 

  • Circular bag; Tubular woven materials are utilized to build this kind of bag. Tubular fabric is created as a tube and does not need any side sewing. This kind of bag cannot configure its form while dispatching or stuffing articles in it. When goods are held in these Bags, relying on the variety of the derivatives, it transforms their presence. You can compare it to a big tomato kind of bag when replenished with commodities.

  • U-panel bag; this is relatively better than circular-shaped bags. Two U-shaped woven panel joints were manufactured to develop this type of PP Jumbo bag. It can snatch its cube shape much enhanced than the circular bags while stored with commodities.

  • Four-Panel bag; the four-panel bag is an excellent option for acquiring a square shape when kept with different commodities. Four parts of woven PP material united jointly to make the sides of the bag. A different square-shaped panel procedure for developing the downward side of the bags.

  • Baffle bag; If cube-shaped packaging is needed, then you must depend on this type of Jumbo bag as this is the most convenient option. Here four extra perplexes are hemmed at the four sides of the bags. So, it can support the cubic shape regardless of the fabric kind stored in it.


The load-bearing ability

The capacity of these bags determines how many products they can keep and haul. The pp woven jumbo bags are tremendous in proposing the highest derivative to package load than any other packaging containers. The capability is often illustrated as cubic feet or cubic meters. You can analyze the volume of a bag by expanding the size, width, and elevation. However, the chunk also requires being competent while summing up the size of the bags. When you keep the Jumbo Bags with goods, due to the weight of the entities, it expands. As a consequence, an upwelling incompetence. That is why corporations endorse a little additional capacity for the bag.


The fabric utilized for Fabricating Jumbo Bags

The raw fabric of that woven textile is a soft thermoplastic fabric which is understood as polypropylene. For enhanced protection and extra strength, PVC is used sometimes. A reinstated bag is a respectable best nowadays to select from convention one. They are beneficial, strong, light in weight, and as well as robust. Rejuvenated jumbo bags are biologically friendly. These bags minimize the plastic trash yard and support our planet to stay cool and fecund. The jumbo bags market is very extensive and there are many jumbo bag manufacturers available who build them.


Where these Bags are utilized

These jumbo bag pp are very useful in various sectors which comprise but are not limited to the following;

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Food processing
  • Tunneling
  • Medicinal


Singhal Industries:- the Leading Jumbo Bag Manufacturer

Singhal Industries which is a jumbo bag manufacturer has extensive experience in developing PP Jumbo Bags. If you want to purchase any kind of these bags then you should just contact Singhal Industries as we constantly manufacture high-quality items.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does a jumbo bag hold?
The jumbo bag’s ability can vary substantially depending on its intended use. They are understood for their high storage possibility, with regular load capacities beginning from 200kg and extending up to 500kg, 1000kg, 2000kg, and even as substantial as 2500kg.

What are jumbo bags used for?
Jumbo bags, also understood as Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs), are largely utilized for the storage and shipping of bulk fabrics. They’re excellent for enterprises like farming, structure, and chemicals, handling everything from kernels to building materials and shale gas.

What is the safe working load of a jumbo bag?
SWL is an abbreviation for safe working load. A bulk bag’s secure working load is the quantity of weight that the bag is ranked and tested to carry safely. Jumbo bags are fabricated to have a Safe Working Load (SWL) of anywhere from 1,000 to 4,000 lbs. 



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