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August 16, 2023

FIBC Bulk Bags: The Ultimate Packaging Solution for Industries


Arpit Kushawaha


fibc Bulk Bags


FIBC Bulk Bags are a kind of plastic packaging which is usually used in the transporting purposes and storage of commodities in enormous quantities such as foodstuffs, chemicals, and lumber. These bulk Bags are built from high-density polyethene. FIBC Bulk Bag are invariably utilized for transporting bulk materials, containing food, chemicals, and lumber. They are operated to haul big amounts of products in a single shipment, saving time, money, and space.


FIBC Bulk Bag can be deployed in several methods depending on the usage case or condition of the buyer. For example: when transmitting foodstuff due to the probable health hazards if imperiled to oxygen during exporting, additions in some chemicals could cause plasticizers to react with other materials while in the storehouse; since FIBC Bulk Bags are not recyclable, they would be expunged alongside with other trash.

These use cases have profited to shape FIBC Bulk Bag into the product we are today. There is no need for other bulk tools like pallets and forklift access in place because they can adapt inside of a standard truck or trailer. The core of what makes our bags so tremendous and imaginative is the FIBC Bulk Bag itself.

Fibc Bulk bags

The 1 Ton FIBC bags are manufactured by Singhal Industries to be effortless to use while always maintaining the elevated feasible standards of quality. We design a derivative that has been through multiple harsh tests and experiments to ensure that it can prevail the life of your bag. Our bags are formulated out of a high-grade polyethene film, assuring the best strength of all supplementary derivatives.

With no more nails or tape required for assembly, our bags are really extraordinary in this region since there is no more time consumed when using other bulk packaging labels. It also has an exceptional obstacle against dirt, dust, and gas and shows extraordinary UV antagonism from several kinds of glare.


What are 1 Ton FIBC Bulk Bags?


While we think about packaging sacks then FIBC bulk bags are our immediate option. Let’s understand what FIBC Bulk packaging Bags are. FIBC Bulk Bags are a kind of packaging product which are made of flexible film. These bags are very pale in weight and can be effortlessly carried. These bags are functional in various lengths and shapes, facilitating customization of the packaging as per the provision.


Know the advantages of FIBC Bulk Bags


As these bags are very adaptable, this distinctiveness makes these bags easy for holding up or transporting products Bulk Bags have a smooth, high-quality finish and a tight authorization to prevent leaks or spills. These bags can be resuscitated with up to 1400 pounds, and they offer rational safety against disclosure to vapor and harsh climate. These bags are normally utilized as transporting packaging and can be utilized for medicines, food, and liquid applications.


Why choose FIBC Bulk Bags?


FIBC Bags emphasizes a high-density grade, eradicating the necessity for enormous crates. Even in favorably corrosive environments, the bags propose excellent protection for sensitive products. While manufacturing 1 Ton FIBC Bags, powerful materials that resist breaks and punctures from impacts or scrapes from dealing with tools are utilized. They can be effortlessly machine-sewn utilizing hot air devices to create sealable coatings around the top opening and bottom drain vent holes.


Kinds of FIBC Bulk Bag


There are different 1 Ton FIBC bulk bags functional in the market today. Every bulk bag has its extraordinary advantages that make packaging your derivatives more suitable and formative.

fibc Bulk bags

First kind of FIBC bulk bag is the open-top bag. These bags are largely operated for those derivatives that require to be exhumed to air, such as food or blooms. Using an open-top bag lets the buyer peek at what’s inside the sack and choose if they want to buy it.

The Second kind of FIBC bulk bag is the sack-style sack. This kind of bag is normally utilized for stocks that don’t need to be endangered to air, such as electronics or medicines. Using a sack-style bag is further movable and can keep up extra derivatives than an open-top bag.

In the last speak about the final category of these bags which are referred to as film-style bags. This kind of bag is generally operated for these products which need protection from vapor and dust, such as medical tools or clothes. Using a film-style bag is that it maintains the belongings inside the bag and doesn’t allow air or moisture into the product.


FIBC Bags Proposes numerous benefits to the customers:


  1. FIBC bulk bags propose tremendous packaging that compares to conventional packaging procedures.
  2. FIBC bags are environmentally familiar and can be reclaimed numerous times.
  3. The big size of FIBC bags enables them to stock an enormous quantity of derivatives than conventional packaging methods.
  4. The high-quality structure of FIBC bags ensures that the commodities will stay safe and secure intact during transportation and storage.


Compact packaging that conserves space and resources:


  • Excellent for quick cargo duration and high-volume shipping
  • Offers safety from environmental factors
  • Delivers an extraordinary derivative presentation to the buyers


Features of FIBC Bulk Bags


1 Ton FIBC Bags are an incredible method to package your derivatives. They are created from high-quality fabrics and are developed to safeguard your derivative. Here are some of the characteristics of FIBC Bulk Bags:


  • They are tangible and stable
  • They are comfortable to unlock and close
  • They are comfortable to load and unpack
  • They are excellent for packaging small entities
  • They are appliance washable
  • They are functional in the freezer
  • They are secure for usage in ovens
  • The ends of the bags are seamed/taped


FIBC Bulk Bags are developed to safeguard your derivatives. They have strong and enduring structure, and they attribute an adaptable design that makes them comfortable to open and close. The bag is created from high-quality polypropylene fabric, and it’s seam-sealed at all four intersections.

The bag won’t yank or rip when you unlock it. And once you’ve unlocked it, there’s no necessity to bother about your derivative getting broken. The bags can be utilized to package small items:


Applications of FIBC Bags


FIBC bulk bags are being utilized in different enterprises to package and protect items. They are frequently utilized in the food enterprise, where they effectively maintain food fresh and save it from bacteria and other contaminants. In the construction enterprise, FIBC bags are often utilized to protect materials during shipping . They are also famous in the medical enterprise, where they are utilized for packaging medications and other medical reserves.


Specifications of FIBC Bags

  • Name: FIBC Bulk Bags
  • Form: Plastic Bag
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Thickness: 0.18mm
  • Width: 85.0mm
  • Length: 180.0mm
  • Number of Pockets: 1
  • Process: Storage and Shipping


The FIBC Bulk Bags have an assortment of specifications that put them apart from other packaging choices. First, they are created from polyethene, thermoplastic fabric resistant to ripping and punching. This creates them a famous option for warehouse and shipping fabrics, as they are stable and trustworthy.


Also, the FIBC Bulk Bags are available in different lengths and forms to fit any requirement. They are also functional in a single-pocket layout, ideal for small cargoes. Finally, the FIBC Bulk Bags are available with various viscosity that can be customized to fulfill your requirements. This flexibility in method and option makes the FIBC Bulk Bags a famous selection.


Singhal Industries


Singhal Industries is a well-known FIBC bag manufacturer in the industry.  They are very good at creating these very useful bags.  They have a team of industry experts who always believe to serve best to our customers.




What is an FIBC?

FIBC is referred to as Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container. They are also more famous by the name Bulk Bags.


What is a Bulk Bag Created From?

The most knowledgeable material utilized in FIBC manufacturing is 100% virgin polypropylene, petroleum based derivative which is powerful in comparison to inert thermoplastic.


What is Woven Polypropylene Created From?

Woven polypropylene is built from extruded polypropylene resin, which is manufactured from petroleum feedstock.


Are there Other Fabrics Utilized in Creating a Bulk Bag?

Yes, numerous kinds of polyethylene bulk bag liners are utilized to string the interior of an FIBC.


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