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March 31, 2023

How to Choose the Right FIBC Bulk Bags for Your Business?


Arpit Kushawaha


Fibc Bulk Bags


In the FIBC Bag Industry, the textile weight, bulk viscosity, coating, and lining of FIBC Bags are very important. However, some shoppers may miss out on the pivotal quantity of the FIBC Bag – design and packaging. The layout and quality of packaging solutions play an important role.

E.g., if your FIBC bags flunk to safeguard the items which are inside the bag or aren’t strategically shaped due to an inadequate or improper layout, it can lead to contamination, spills, and hefty inventory loss.

In the Food Industry (Agricultural Produce), you must stave off the garbage of products, space, and time. Even the slightest contamination or tumble of food products must be evaded.

In this blog, we will wander you through the kinds of FIBC bulk Bags you must utilize to improve product quality and rack life and advice for deterring contamination and collapse.


1 Ton Bags

Kinds of FIBC Bulk Bags for the Food Industry


A comprehensive span of FIBC bags is available in the market, fit for various applications and industry use. For the food industry, we have documented the following bags, which are perfect for holding and ferrying Food Products safely and efficiently.


4-Panel FIBC Bulk Bags

With an SWL of 500 kg to 2,000 kg and a Protection Factor of 5:1/6:1, 4-Panel FIBC bags are plausible accurate bags that can be modified with cross-corner or side-seam spirals with various top and bottom appreciations for replenishing & discharging. Excellent for warehouse areas and efficiently utilising every intersection of the bag.


Baffle/Q FIBC Bulk Bags

Have the capacity to replenish 30% more material per bag in comparison to a standard FIBC Bag without creating any swell on the flanks or falling over. Baffle bags decrease contamination and spillage at the time of filling & discharging. Offers improved strength.


Tubular/Circular FIBC Bulk Bags

With an extraordinary SWL of 500 kg to 2,000 kg, powerful fluctuation, and eliminating vertical hems on each flank of the bag, Tubular/Circular FIBC Bulk Bags are a pre-eminent option for storing and transporting fine granular food derivatives such as grains, rice, & cereal grains, and powdery substance food products such as sugar, salt, & flour.


U-Panel FIBC Bulk Bags

U-Panel FIBC bags have two side panels connected to a U-Shaped single portion of the material. It is a greatly versatile FIBC Bag and the excellent bag for hefty weights, and it decreases the anxiety on the bag base even after being completely loaded.


Fibc Bulk Bags


Each of the above-mentioned four FIBC Bulk Bags has its working functionality, configuration, and benefits. At Singhal Industries, we efficiently manufacture our FIBC bags for inch-perfect detailing and configuration. Each FIBC Bulk Bag is strategically sewn and has traits for your daily application use.

You can customise it by utilising the packing & discharge alternative of your choice and incorporating liners based on your need and take optimal benefit of every courtyard inch space of the bag.


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A Mini Guide on Conductive FIBC Bags


Tips for selecting FIBC Bulk Bag design


At Singhal Industries, you can modify your FIBC Bulk Bags relying on your industry necessity, the requirements of your specific product, and your business needs. We have documented important tips for you for the selection of FIBC Bulk Bag design:


  • Opt for the sack’s hems to be diverted inside out to prevent harm to the products.
  • Use Formed Liners to entitle easy flow of material inside & outside the bag.
  • Undercoated FIBCs have minuscule pores for goods to inhale and exhale while keeping the bag protected.
  • Opt for Baffle Bags for comfortable stacking and deterrence from damage while packing.


Product spillage during transit or contamination due to poor packaging are important deliberations for those running a food business. Such circumstances can negatively influence your company’s revenue figures and importance. How can you sufficiently safeguard your food product packaging against wasteful tumbles or contamination? Choosing FIBC bags is your answer.


FIBC bulk bags are the extensively selected choice for the bulk handling of food products. Of course, constraints demand that the packaging for food be of food-grade quality to assure that the products stay safe for consumption.

Bulk Bags


Here is a mini-guide for you to review e getting FIBC bags customised for your food business.


The construction

FIBC bulk bags can be of different kinds and are reasonable for various product classifications. Customers can assign from various bag configurations such as U-Panel FIBCs, 4 Panel FIBCs, Q bags, Circular FIBCs, and Single/two-loop FIBCs. Food products of varying consistencies have various handling requirements. Consumers can also select between Lamination or Liner to pack goods requiring the stuffing of fine powders or instructing safety from vapor. The user must evaluate the structural importance of the bags on their product carefully before selecting one to utilize.


The inlet and outlet features

You’re necessary to evaluate the suitable inlet and outlet tools of FIBC bulk bags judiciously for the smooth stuffing and discharging of your product. While some items will require spigots to load, others may require a Faucet with a conical Top. Yet another may instruct an open duffle top for effortless loading. For discharging, consider how reasonable to unpack the contents from the FIBC before completing these features with your bulk bag manufacturer.


Additional features

Food items like fresh farm crops may require bulk bags with extra breath ability. Other products like flour or salt may require the defensive obstacle of laminated FIBCs to prevent wastage due to moisture invasion. Further, keep your food items safe from spillage or contamination with an additional layer of safety as liners. You can also have the hems of the bulk bags twisted inside out to deter harm to delicate products. Contemplate nitrogen flush packaging to maintain your products safe and fresh in a modified environment built within the bag.


The item you want to handle in the FIBC bulk bags will dictate the inclusion of these structural features and additional for an adequately customised packaging solution. These technical design aspects of food-grade majority bags and more are functional at Singhal Industries, a certified manufacturer and supplier of bulk bags to industries worldwide. Contact us today for specialist guidance for the best-fit FIBC bag configuration for your food products!


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Quick fact about 1 Ton FIBC Bags

Advantages & Characteristics of FIBC Bags



After proceeding through the blog, you can make an instructed conclusion to buy FIBC Bags for your Food Products Safety. At Singhal Industries, we comprehend our client’s needs and accordingly suggest a reasonable bag for them.



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