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December 12, 2022

A geogrid-reinforced wall is a type of retaining wall that uses a geogrid to reinforce the soil.


Arpit Kushawaha



Retaining wall demands for both residential and commercial buildings are starting to rise, according to landscapers. Sometimes retaining walls are required. What is a retaining wall, you may be asking? You’ll be relieved to learn that installing a retaining wall in your yard makes more sense than you might expect.

Exactly what does a retaining wall do?

A retaining wall is a structure that holds and protects the soil. It operates flawlessly. It ensures the integrity and care of your property ground. A retaining wall, however, goes unnoticed by the majority of people.

Additionally, retaining walls are an essential component of any landscape and give amazing dynamics to your outdoor space. Numerous retaining wall materials have helped to create the world in which we live for many years.

Retaining wall components

Numerous materials, such as treated wood, boulders, concrete blocks, pebbles, or poured concrete, can be used to construct retaining walls. They can all keep the soil healthy. Depending on the material you choose, there are benefits like ease of use and drawbacks like a limited lifespan.
Choosing between a gravity wall and a geogrid reinforced wall should be your first consideration. Asking yourself the following questions will help you decide which one you prefer:

  1. Is the soil sand, clay, or a combination of both?
  2. What is on the ceiling? Is that an entrance? a denser object, like a pool?
  3. Is the ground level or sloping both below and above said wall?
  4. What is the wall’s height?


Gravity retaining wall vs. geogrid reinforced wall

You will have the option of selecting either a gravity retaining wall or a geogrid reinforced wall once the aforementioned questions have been addressed. The weight of a gravity retaining wall determines its stability. It usually has a lesser height. This kind of wall is built from Allan blocks that have been mounded together and secured.

For added strength, a reinforced retaining wall uses additional support. The different wall blocks are then separated by geogrid, which solidifies the soil mass. Contact a qualified tree contractor to test the soil in your yard if you are unsure of which wall will suit your landscape the best. This will help you make a decision.



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