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May 2, 2024

Geonets for Green Roofs: A Sustainable Solution for Urban Spaces


Arpit Kushawaha


geonet manufacturer in Gujarat


Nowadays the expansions of technology, Agriculture, construction and engineering, and so on have built a huge increase in the manufacturing and uses of inventive fabric in every field. Geonet has become one of the most utilized products in these enhancements. These fabrics have been manufactured from polymeric ingredients which are favorite for using in the agriculture field. These pioneering fabrics might be utilized as a choice to typical procedures in the structure industry. On the other hand, they can be appropriate with these other techniques certainly. Geosynthetics products India are very useful in the farming industry.


What is Geonet?

Geonet is a geosynthetic fabric like geogrid. geonet are shielded with the Geotextile fabric on the further side of the Geonet and are referred as geocomposites.  geonet are manufactured by using the analog procedure as the Geogrid, but the ribs are interrelated in a homogenous way through the extrusion process. This procedure repeatedly grows a net.  Geonet also functioned in road construction as an exterior course for both refurbishment and new structure. 


Types of Geonet

There are many kinds of these items such as geotextile, geogrid, geomembrane, geocomposite, geosynthetic clay covers. But geotextile, geogrid, and geomembrane are the most favored ones among others. If we require enhancing soil features, geotextile items are appropriate for these regions. For example, we come across the uses of geotextile items in structure assignments as well as road works, railway works, farming for mud control, drainage purification, river, canals, and coastline works. 

On the other hand, geogrid, which has an environment-friendly structure, can be utilized to spread the stability of asphalt roads in the structure process. And the last one is geomembrane. This one is chosen for particularly sealing. The criticality of this item is that it avoids dangerous water leaks due to environmental contamination.

Why do we need to Use Geonet?

The usage regions of these items vary according to the products of the current tasks. These items have many varied usage objectives. If we require explaining them, the first goal is the parting of two soils. The objective of separating two diverse ground layouts is to avoid granular grounds from losing their uses. These two kinds of floor structures can lose their features due to the effect of pollution and fine-grained grounds. These items permit the carrying of the current system due to the effects of resistance and locking.


Geonet drainage permits access water to pass in the plane as well as shield the constructions from the influence of water. In other phrases, with the assistance of the geonet drainage coating, it is barred from many effects due to the impact of water. Also, these items give a chance to the passing of water from the surface by evading the loss of lush vegetal soil. In corrosion control, these items are so beneficial.

What are the Benefits of Geonet Applications?

Due to its multifunctional feature, geonet applications have been largely chosen all around the world. These items are created in many different ways and according to various requirements; there are many choices to choose the most appropriate one. Geonet can be utilized in a broad range of regions such as in road construction, enduring or temporary roads, road broadening, and asphalt work, building structure and foundations, dams, artificial ponds, and water reservoirs, and many more. 

In addition to all these benefits, these innovative items can be fitted at every phase of the construction in order to enhance road design, preserve water, control desertion, minimize the probability of corrosion, enhance the stability of structures, and make them last lengthier.


Since the major function of a geonet is to deliver fluid within the plane of its structure, the in-plane hydraulic flow rate, or transmissivity, is of supreme prominence. However, other aspects, which may effects this value over the service lifetime of the geonet, are also of significance. Thus, a number of physical, mechanical, fortitude, and environmental things will also be stated. 

Physical properties

The trials for physical properties are either concealed in ASTM, ISO or GRI Standards. 

  • thickness or particular gravity
  • quantity per unit area (weight)
  • rib sizes
  • planar slants
  • junction features
  • opening size and shape

Mechanical properties

  • tensile power and elongation
  • solidity strength and distortion
  • shear strength

Hydraulic features

  • planar transmissivity

Strength properties

  • Kind of resin
  • sneak behavior
  • invasion of adjacent fabrics
  • extrusion of clay materials

Environmental properties

A sequence of environmental related concerns can have an impact on the flow-rate routine of geonet. 

  • temperature effects
  • permeating liquid features
  • biological development within geonet layout
  • conflict to light and climate



Geonet is an important part of geosynthetic utilized in different applications, containing road construction in India. As one of the primary Geonet manufacturer in Gujarat, Singhal Industries offers high-quality geonet that play an important role in strengthening and steadying road substructure.

Geonet is crafted with a distinct diamond structure shaped by crossing two sets of polymeric grids at a continuous angle. This structure assures uniform channels and density, facilitating increased water flow even under high loading situations. In road construction, geonet, along with other geosynthetic, deliver excellent reinforcement and drainage competences.

Geogrids, another important geosynthetic item, are normally utilized in road construction to enhance soil steadiness and allocate loads. Singhal Industries also offers geogrids for road structure, guaranteeing improved load-bearing capability and permanence of roads.

By using geonet and geogrids manufactured by Singhal Industries, road construction tasks in India can get help from enhanced soil strengthening, improved drainage competence, and overall improved road performance. Choose Singhal Industries Group as your trusted Geonet material suppliers India and experience the variance in road construction quality and toughness.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the applications of geonets?
Geonet can be utilized in a broad range of regions such as in road construction, road broadening, and asphalt work, building structure and bases, retentive walls, dams, synthetic ponds, and water pools, and many more. Geosynthetic fabrics are converting highway construction work.

What is the difference between geogrids and geonets?
Geogrids are plastics shaped in an extensive open, steady netlike structure, purpose-developed for the solidification of soil. Geonet are manufactured by an incessant extrusion of intersecting ribs that form a network construction, appropriate for liquid drainage.

What is the function of the Geonet?
Geonet works as soil stabilizers, avoiding erosion and assuring the protection of slopes and embankments. Landfill leachate management: As a critical part in landfill liner systems, geonet assist in collecting and removing leachate, thus avoiding groundwater pollution.



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