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April 14, 2023

High-Quality U Panel Bulk Bags Are Incredibly Durable


Arpit Kushawaha


U Panel bulk bags


If you have not experienced the usage of modern U-panel bulk bags yet, here is some quick information about this bag. A U-Panel bulk bag is created from polypropylene, and these days’ polypropylene has now become the industry criteria, accomplishing a standard for other items. A U-Panel bulk bag is positively adaptable, incredibly cost-effective, very simple to modify, and can be utilised for many applications. U-Panel bulk bags are the most widely utilised product, and Singhal Industries is the largest U-Panel Bags manufacturer in the country.


If you are thinking about how the bag got this name, it is due to how its glimpses. This variant of the bulk bag has two flank boards attached to a side underside unit that holds a U-shape. The U-Panel bulk bags are manufactured of three body panels: one panel works for the whole length of the bag and spreads to create the two sides and the underneath. Two other portions of fabric are sewn jointly and make up the other two flanks of the bag. When loaded, the bag obtains a square shape. Because these bags comply with enterprise criteria and offer strong durability and secure working loads, they are very famous.


U Panel Bulk Bags has different benefits. They are lightweight, dust-proof, resistant to vapor, leakage-proof, can withstand acid erosion, deliver strong protection, and many others. They are ideally used for transporting cement, chemicals, seeds, and minerals and find diverse applications in mechanical loading. The best portion of using these bags is that you can reduce the expense of packaging and transportation.


U panel Bulk Bags


If you look closely at these bags, you will be stunned to see that they have crossing holds that produce more strength to the bags. The width usually fibs between 90 to 100 cm; however, the size can be modified at the user’s convenience.


Singhal Industries is the leading U-Panel Bulk Bags producer in the country. Not only in India but also deliver the sacks in the United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Australia, and Canada.

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Types Of U-Panel Bulk bags


What are U Panel Bulk Bags?


Before we swoop deep into the facts of these bags, we require to figure out what FIBC is. FIBC is the short name for Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container, and they are also famously known as Bulk Bags. Owing to their length, they are called intermediate containers. These bags can hold cargo between 500-4000 pounds. The idea first evolved in Europe around the 1970s. It has been widely taken up for industrial use, particularly in enterprises that govern substantial bulk, such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and food.


U Panel Bulk Bags have various real benefits. They are lightweight, dust-proof, resistant to vapor, leakage-proof, can resist acid erosion, deliver powerful protection, and many more. They are perfectly utilised for hauling cement, chemicals, grains, and minerals and discover other applications in automatic loading. The best aspect of utilising these bags is that you can decrease the expense of packaging and conveyance.


As spoken of above, the U Panel FIBC Bag has two hems sewn along opposing flanks. This makes a U-shape to the bag. Since it capitulates with enterprise criteria, the U Panel Bulk Bag is the most famous type of FIBC shape. This unique size imparts an immense lifting ability to the bag. There are intersection grips that furnish additional stability to the bag.


The following are some of the characteristics of U Panel Bulk Bags:


Attachments: In the case of a U-Panel bulk bag, one can connect a mixture of attachments such as top spouts, duffel tops, flat bottom, bottom spouts, and so on. The opportunities will be endless! The best part about U-Panel Bulk Bags is that they can be manufactured on any GSM, and the length can be revised per the buyer’s needs.


Stitching: The type of seam utilised in such bags also chips into the stability of the bags. You can utilise all types of stitches in a U-Panel bag. A dual chain or overclock hem is generally the best kind of stitch utilised in these bags. These stitches make the bag incredibly enduring and tough.

U panel Bulk Bags


Labels: One can also add labels or symbols to a U Panel FIBC Bag for advertising purposes.


If you see, you will see that bulk bags have various edges over other types of storing bags that are utilised for dealing with materials, shipping them, or simply keeping them. They make a great option for paper bags, corrugated boxes, or fiber drums. Due to their distinctive characteristics, these bulk bags help to reduce the expense of shipping, boost the space for the warehouse, eliminate the chances of spillage, and enhance flow control.

Now if we speak about the advantages of these bags then we have mentioned some of their major benefits below.


They are lightweight.


Thus, it is not feasible to encounter any type of additional weight when you utilise it to load and ship anything.


They are resistant to moisture.


Hence, you can stay confident that the valuable items which you have packed inside these Bulk Bags will not be harmed by water.


They are dustproof.


Forget the trouble of having to dust your bag every time you grab it out for usage. The dust can be efficiently removed off the bag. When you begin utilising this bag, you can quit your problem about the item of your bag leaking. These FIBC Bulk Bags are leak-proof.

The number of security bounties that have been integrated in this bag in the shape of hard handles and great stitches is obvious proof that these bags deliver powerful protection.

U panel Bulk bags

The all-around shape of the bag has been maintained such that very tinier pressure falls on the underside of the bag. Therefore, you will not have to worry about your bag tearing off due to extreme burden, as the pressure will be evenly disseminated and not robust over a distinct area.


All these attributes make these bags an incredible buy. You can utilise these bags to load & carry various types of food items & construction materials without worrying about the quality of the items being fiddled with. Due to the stability and toughness of these bags, they are such a famous option for all sorts of heavy-duty assignments.

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