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February 20, 2023

How are PP Woven Bags Different?


Arpit Kushawaha


PP Woven bags


Plastic is quickly becoming an impropriety within the environmental community. Its manufacturing needs the use of nonrenewable resources. Also, various kinds of plastics are hard or impossible to recycle, and lightweight plastics easily end up in our seas destroying our wildlife. But, not all plastic is the same, and some plastic materials can be more environmentally friendly than some non-plastic materials.


Such is the case with PP Woven bags. Although they are still a plastic material, because they can be reused numerous times, they’re a much more promising option than single-use plastic bags, and some researchers have mentioned that these can even be a promising option than cotton reusable bags due to the important environmental footprint involved in the production of cotton.


PP Woven Bags- The Most Common Plastic


One of the most familiar plastics in the world, polypropylene is cheap, lightweight, stable, water resistant, and malleable, making it beneficial for various applications. Polypropylene is used to manufacture plastic containers, luggage, outdoor furniture, reusable water bottles, and many more things.

PP Woven bag


What is a PP Non-Woven Reusable Bags?


A non-woven PP reusable bag is a shopping bag prepared from a non-woven polypropylene textile. This material is created by whirling polypropylene into threads that are then connected using heat.


This creates an enduring textile that’s similar to canvas. It’s cheap, lightweight, and delivers a common alternative option to the single-use plastic bag. Many retailers offer non-woven PP bags to their buyers at little or no cost, like they would a single-use plastic bag.


You can also find laminated non-woven PP reusable bags which are water-resistant and narrowly more stable than the non-laminated options.


Although non-woven PP bags are created from plastic, analyses show that non-woven PP bags are always a more environmentally-friendly option to single-use choices as long as the bags are utilised multiple times.


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PP Woven Bags – The Perfect Bag for All Sorts of Occasions

Types of PP Woven Bags 


What is a PP woven reusable bag?


A woven polypropylene reusable bag is a shopping bag created from an interwoven polypropylene textile. It’s constructed by intertwining strips of polypropylene textile to build an enduring material. Different types of woven PP shopping bags are waterproof and they never leak.


Like non-woven PP reusable bags, woven PP bags are affordable, light, and a more eco-friendly choice than single-use options as long as they are utilised numerous times.


They are more stable than non-woven PP bags, which suggests that they can be utilised longer, and they can hold up to 40 pounds, making them a perfect option for grocery shopping or other identical activities.


What is the Environmental Effect of PP woven and Non-Woven bags?


It’s very tough to find a fabric that won’t have some sort of environmental effect. Even if the textile is 100% biodegradable, the procedure of harvesting the fabrics, shipping the materials, and finally making the textile has an impact of its own. Therefore, businesses and buyers must deem the entire lifespan of the reusable bag, from textile production to garbage management, so that they can be conscious of the environmental impact and the best ways to reduce it.


PP Woven Bags


PP fabrics, both woven and non-woven, are stable, water-resistant, and reusable. This suggests that you can utilise them for quite some time before you see wear and tear. Also, because they can be utilised various times, and they are recyclable, they won’t end up in a trash yard or as ocean-bound plastic as single-use plastic bags will.


PP woven and non-woven bags are adaptable, strong, and recyclable, and they have a surprisingly low environmental effect on plastic material. They’re weightless, they can be functional in multiple colours and designs, and because they’re durable, they’ll look good for a long time.


Why should you choose PP reusable bags?


PP reusable bags propose an ideal option to single-use plastic bags. They boast multiple of the advantages of plastic bags—they’re waterproof, lightweight, and inexpensive—with the added advantages of stability, re-usability, and respectability. This positions them head and shoulders above single-use plastic.


If you or your company are interested in a choice to single-use plastic bags, but you don’t want to invest in more costly textile alternatives, then PP has woven and non-woven bags that offer an outstanding choice.


Applications & Uses Of PP Woven Fabric


PP Woven fabric contains various important properties, which creates them an appropriate choice for different applications. PP woven bags or bags are powerful, able to retain their shape, can be put in washing machines, are reusable, can uphold weather odds, are highly chemical resistant, and possess high wear and tear strength.


Below are some of the most used applications of PP woven fabric. Let us briefly discuss how they are beneficial.


For Food Packaging:


PP woven bags are largely utilised for food product packaging objectives. Their high resistance against chemicals and excellent wear and tear stability make them excellent for food packaging. Bags made of PP woven fabric are utilised to store and haul different food products. Rice PP woven bags, Flour PP woven bags, and maize PP woven bags are some of the familiar kinds of food woven bags.


For Agriculture Product Packaging:


PP woven bags or sacks are also largely utilised to stock and transport farming products and fertilisers for long reaches.


For Tourism & Transport:


PP woven fabric has very much usage of applications in the tourism and transport industry too. It is utilised to make temporary tents and sunshades, among others. It is also utilised to manufacture different types of travel bags. Besides, plastic woven fabric is also utilised as barricades and screens on construction sites to avoid any unfortunate happenings.


For Regular Uses:


PP woven bags created from PP woven fabric are broadly utilised for daily essentials by a big population. It is utilised as shopping bags, as logistic bags, and for parcel and cargo packaging, among others. Apart from above mentioned usages these bags are also used in shops, stores, malls, storage facilities, and many other places.


The explanations for such wide use and acceptability are its affordable rates, usability, and outstanding wear and tear stability.


For Flood Control:


PP Woven Bags


Bags made of PP woven fabrics also play an important part in flood control. The PP woven bags are usually used as a fence or an obstacle to significantly reduce flood forces. A flood can easily move boulders and other large objects, uprooting trees and demolishing buildings and bridges.


The high wear and tear stability of PP woven bags can help stave off such high damage and devastation.


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Why Choose PP Woven Bags for Bulk Packaging?


For Geo-technical Uses:


Similarly to these small-scale uses, PP woven fabric also has some significant industrial usage. It is largely utilised to create roads, airports, railways, ports, buildings, and more. These giant configurations need floor strength to make sure that these buildings hold the mishaps well.


The polymeric, synthetic fabric boosts soil strength, provides deterioration control, and helps in drainage control.


Other Uses:


Apart from these significant usages, PP woven fabric also has some particular applications and usages. For example, these bags can also be transformed into UV-resistant bags by putting in a UV protection coating to them. This layer staves off the bag from toxic UV rays and extends its lifespan.

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