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January 20, 2023

How Conical  FIBC bags is Different?


Arpit Kushawaha


Conical FIBC bags


Introduction Conical FIBC Bags


Some items are powdery; hence, they need particular types of storage bags so that they do not leak. Therefore, you need conical-shaped bags if you need to store products like soil, sand, chemicals, and similar products. It ensures that there is a free-flowing discharge of the products while releasing them from the bags. Hence, the use of conical FIBC bags is of prime importance. These conical bags are perfect for any storage of powdery substances, and it is easy to store them and ideal for transportation over long distances.


Advantages of using Conical FIBC Bags


Conical FIBC bags


  • One of the most significant advantages of using conical FIBC bags is the bag’s unique design. It is because the bottom part of the conical bag allows full discharge of the powdery products, and it thus allows an easy flow in the direction of the outlet passage.


  • The conical bags provide a reasonable packaging solution compared to the costly bags. Moreover, it helps in the easy and smooth discharging of the materials.


  • Conical bags are best for packing slurry substances like brown sugar, seeds, clay, flour, and other substances. You can rely on the conical bags without any worries.


  • Since the conical bulk bags is cone-shaped at the top and bottom, it guarantees easy storage and, simultaneously, easy discharge of the materials.


  • One of the benefits of using conical bags is that you can customhouse them according to your requirements. Thus, you can use the conical according to the client’s requirements, thus maintaining industry standards.


  • The FIBC conical bag provides the best and most effective solution for storing granular products while ensuring easy and smooth transportation without any wastage.


  • The specification of the conical bags is apt for storing granular and powdery materials.


  • The features of the conical bags are such that it protects the products inside the back from the harmful UV rays of the Sun and other environmental hazards. It also acts as an obstacle for insects and bacteria to infest the products inside the bag.


  • Since the conical bags are made from thermoplastic material, it protects the goods inside the bag from extremes of temperature. It has one of the most attractive packaging solutions that keep the bag’s products safe and secure from moisture and pests.


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Benefits of using the conical FIBC bags


The FIBC conical bags are handy for storing a wide range of powdery and granular materials, and it helps in easy storage and smooth discharge of the products. Following are the benefits of using a Conical FIBC bag.


Conical FIBC bags


Industry-Standard Qualities


The conical bags are best known for their excellent features, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Using conical bags in industries dealing with powdery and granular materials is advantageous. The FIBC bags’ linings are excellent for making the products safe and secure. Hence, you can safely use the products like sand, cement, and other powdery food materials safely and securely.

Moreover, you can use the conical bags for bulk storage as they can carry and store around two thousand and five hundred kg. Since the bulk bags are conical, you can fill in the products quickly and discharge them smoothly. There is significantly less chance of leakages; hence, it is the best solution for industries.





One of the benefits of using the FIBC bag is that they are eco-friendly and reusable. Though you can use the conical bags exclusively to carry and transport the materials, it retains their sturdiness. It is because the bags are durable and safe for carrying powdery materials. The bags are incredibly safe as they are eco-friendly. Hence, it does not cause damage to the products and keeps them fresh. Moreover, you can reuse the bags without worrying about leakages as they do not wear off quickly.




The reason for using the FIBC bags for bulk storage of powdery materials is that it ensures the safety of the materials. Since the bags are highly durable, you can safely store and transport the materials from one location to another. It is because the conical bags are made of high-grade materials that do not deteriorate with time. You can safely store the products without worrying about the condition of the goods. It is because it becomes indestructible once you fill in the products in the conical bags. Moreover, since the conical bags have safety strips and locks, it helps to keep the products tight and secure inside the bag. Moreover, you can use conical bags to carry the materials securely without causing any damage to the products.


Pest Resistance


Since the conical bulk bags are made of durable thermoplastic materials, it keeps the products inside the bags away from pests such as rodents and ants. The FIBC bags are highly resistant to pests and other environmental hazards and thus help keep the products from rotting. Therefore, bulk bags are great for maintaining the products’ quality, keeping the products safe, and avoiding spoilage. Therefore, it is advantageous to the industries as it evades excessive loss due to storage and transportation.


Moisture Resistance


Since the conical bags are made of thermoplastic materials, they keep moisture from the products. Thus, it helps keep the products safe from damage and enhances the business’s profits. If the bags are non-resistant to environmental hazards, it destroys the goods inside them. Once moisture enters the bag, it can damage powdery substances like cement, flour, and similar products. Therefore, it also helps in preventing mold growth and spoilage. It keeps the products safe and secure and thus maintains their freshness.


Food-Grade Quality


One of the most incredible benefits of using conical bags is that since they are polypropylene containers, you can safely use them for storing food products. The FIBC bulk bags are created according to the set standards and are reliable, so you must have a different opinion about storing the products inside the bags. It does not allow the food products to contaminate and hence maintains extreme safety and security.




One of the prime reasons to use conical bags is that you can carry any granular and powdery substances. You can make the bags according to the nature of the products. The conical bags are highly durable and robust to carry bulky materials. The conical shape of the bags makes them flexible in filling and discharging any granular product.




The conical bulk bags are not only durable but also highly cost-effective. Because of their durability, conical bags are widely used in industries, making them the first choice of many compared to single-use bags. Moreover, since the bags are durable bulk bags, it becomes an asset to the company. In addition, you can reuse the bags again and again without any difficulties.




Though bulk bags can carry heavy weight, you can easily carry them. It is because of the size and shape of the bags that it becomes easy to carry the products from one place to another without any hassles. You can also carry and place the bags in the right place when empty because the FIBC bags are lightweight. It thus becomes one of the prime choices for the industries.


Simple Packaging


You can also use bulk bags for carrying products in fewer quantities, and it is because you can get conical bags in various shapes and sizes according to your needs and requirements. Because of their durability and flexibility, conical bags have become a first choice for many small businesses.



Application of the conical FIBC bags


Conical FIBC bags


Conical FIBC bags are considered the best choice for businesses as they save extra costs. It saves cost and energy as the conical bags are durable. Moreover, you can use the conical bags time and again without disturbing the sturdiness of the bags. It protects the products against environmental pollution and other hazards. For these reasons, conical bags are effectively used for various food products and construction materials. Following are the various materials you can store safely and securely in conical bags.


  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food grains and agricultural products
  • Animal feed
  • Minerals and powdered metals
  • Tobacco
  • Waste and reprocessing
  • Construction materials like cement, sand
  • Chemicals
  • petroleum products
  • Paper and wood
Specifications of the conical bags


The specifications of the conical bags make them extremely useful for various granular substances.

  • The loading capacity of the bags is between 250 to 2000 kg
  • There are various lifting prospects
  • You can get the conical bags with or without padding
  • The conical bags are either tube-shaped or flat interlinked fabric
  • There are different release possibilities
  • The conical bags are either coated or non-coated




The conical bulk bags are one of the finest creations for safe and secure protection of granular and powdery materials. Because of their durability and cost-effectiveness, conical bags have become one of the best choices for industries. You can get the bags in various shapes and sizes according to the nature of your products. Since bulk bags have a lot of storage facilities, you can store your products in bulk. Therefore, the conical bags enhance the profitability of the industries as it evades losses and wastage.

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