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December 3, 2021

How Do BOPP Bags Help In Packaging Different Materials?




BOPP Bags Manufacturers


BOPP refers to Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene and it is one of the widely used specific materials for packaging purposes. BOPP bags are popular because of it’s higher durability.

A BOPP bag is considered to be a sack that is both laminated as well as woven with the use of different organic materials during the entire manufacturing process. One of the primary reasons for its higher durability is it is made with higher quality packaging materials.

The different layers of BOPP packaging bags facilitate the shipping of a wide range of heavy materials. An issue is not created by multiple layers since they are quite thin and at the same durable. Many companies use such bags for the shipping and packaging of products.

Such bags can be easily designed for the advertisement of different business brands. The Singhal Industries Pvt Ltd is one of the leading exporters as well as manufacturers of superior and bright coloured BOPP bags.

What are the features of BOPP packaging bags?

The BOPP bags manufacturer keeps in mind that the bags are manufactured in such a way that they are highly resistant to scratches, water as well as ripping. Also, the water-resistance properties of such bags provide incredible barriers to water, oils, grease as well as other liquids.

This helps in saving the inside product by giving customers satisfaction. It is also manufactured through lamination of a reverse-printed film and then the processing of the final bag is done.

Some of the features are as follows:-

  • Free of moisture
  • Can be easily recycled
  • Higher resistance from rub as well as print quality
  • Secure and durability
  • Great packaging strength
  • Resistant to water
  • Glossy Appeal
  • Smooth texture
  • Available in a wide range of colours
  • Eliminates the risk of breaking and tearing
  • Cost-effective
  • Lower freight cost

How are BOPP bags and PP woven bags different from each other?

The printing of PP woven bags is not done as BOPP packaging bags. Also, the material of woven bags lacks higher durability since they don’t possess the capability of holding up in laminating as well as the printing process.

Moreover, they come with suitable and convenient handles. They are quite ideal for either hot or cold products. BOPP bags can be easily transported and recyclable. The material of BOPP lasts for longer since it’s quite strong.

The water resistance feature of PP provides an obstacle to various forms of liquids. This actively saves the product and keeps the customers happy.

What are the advantages of BOPP bags?

The great thing about such bags is that they can be customised. The placing of the brand can be chosen by businesses on the bag to enhance their range of marketing. The superior quality material gives opportunities to companies to increase the revenue by attractive designs as well as branding.

There are a lot of ways to use such bags in any kind of business. These bags are widely used by both the food and beverage industries.

Some of the different things for which these bags are used are as follows:-

  • Construction materials
  • Fertilizers as well as Pesticides
  • Chemical and resins
  • Pet and animal feed
  • Any packaging of edible products of any weight
  • Seeds and grasses

The material of a daily use plastic bag is combined with such bags along with another superior quality material. This procedure facilitates a unique combination of an uncommon product.

Meanwhile, it also eliminates the risk of the bag getting dirty. The high shine in the bag never dims.

What is the significance of these bags?

These bags are made with supreme quality materials so the customers are attracted to buy them. With the help of such materials, it becomes very easy to include eye-catching graphics as well as a wide range of colours.

The manufacturing procedure is cost-effective which is the most important for both businesses as well as the customers. This is undeniable that those products which are packed attractively capture the greater attention of the customers.

BOPP bags possess fantastic tensile strength and the inside items can be easily protected through them from getting damaged. The BOPP bags are available in multiple layers which start from a single to five layers with peculiar qualities.


The bags are protected from their different layers which helps in maintaining humidity by eliminating the risk of leakage. That’s why it is used to pack fragile items. These bags top the preference for heavy shipments because of it’s biaxial orientation.

BOPP bags with higher quality printing helps different retailers for printing the names of brands, logos or any other significant information on it. The bags are quite aesthetic because of their smooth texture.

The bags can be purchased at a reasonable cost. One of the most appreciated points is that it’s eco-friendly and can be easily recycled.



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