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December 22, 2021

How Efficient is Rockshield Mesh in Protecting Pipelines?




Rockshield Mesh


Rock shield Mesh is considered to be a thick polyethylene mesh that is made for protecting the pipeline coatings originating from rocky backfills. It also cushions the influence of hard backfill on rocks which might cause significant damage to the installed coating systems.

It protects abrasive objects after installing coated systems, restricting geological movements from causing damage to pipelines. Rock shield Mesh is used for a wide range of offshore purposes for protecting against damage caused by fishing (trawl) activities, lay barge rollers, infill, anchors as well as rock placement.

The Singhal Industries Pvt Ltd is one of the well-known industries in the competitive market since it manufactures the finest quality rock shield mesh. The other name of rock shield is Rockshield Construction Net, Rockshield Pipe Protection Net, rock shield mesh as well as pipeline net.

What is the main use of Rockshield mesh?

The primary usage of rock shield mesh is protecting the coating of the pipeline. The manufacturing process takes place from HDPE. Pipeline protection mesh is regarded as a three-dimensional bi-planar.

It possesses higher strength, the manufacturing of extrusion plastic mesh is done primarily to protect pipelines coating from corrosion in rock backfills as well as rocky terrain. The extrusion is further done into a structure of a diamond mesh.

The rock shield mesh manufacturers make sure that the mesh offers steady thickness to the overall width of each roll to safely keep pipeline coating away from corrosion.

It’s highly flexible mechanical protected padding which functions similar to rock guard padding throughout all the pipes during as well as after the backfill operations. After the installation process, the pipe is protected against any damage caused by geologic movement.

How does rock shield benefit different industries?

Rock shield serves the best usage at the sites where the construction of pipelines takes place near a rocky shore since it provides protection to the pipelines and it offers full flexibility even if the temperature is at sub-zero.

It is used in a wide range of industries and as water industries, gas and oil pipelines as well as chemical industries. Its additional features such as its light in weight, cost-effective, easy installation along higher corrosion resistance provide extra benefits.

The professionals of industries make sure that the production of pipeline protection mesh is done by following all the different measures of quality control by going with international standards for maintenance of the premium quality of the product as well as service to every customer.

What are the features of rock shield mesh?

Some of the different features are mentioned below:-

  • Wear resistance
  • No risk of any mechanical damage during the operations related to backfilling
  • Allowance of water flow by apertures
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Elongation
  • Highly resistant to destructive forces
  • Restriction to geological movement so that pipelines doesn’t get damaged
  • Chemically inert
  • Impact resistance
  • Higher tensile strength
  • Reduces impact as well as penetration damage
  • Absorption of any influence caused by uneven rock backfill
  • Offers full flexibility at sub-zero temperature
  • Tear strength
  • Eliminates the risk of mechanical damage during ongoing backfill operations
  • Lowers coating’s abrasion from the underground movement of the pipe
  • Protects the pipeline during excavations
  • Nil impact of wet weather of utmost temperature
  • Abundant weight, strength along with the thickness
  • Cuts with a utility knife

What are the common advantages of rock shield mesh?

The common benefits of it are enumerated below:-

  1. Light in weight: It provides convenient movement around the sites and makes it quite easy when it comes to wrapping around pipes. The weight of an entire roll is 80lbs.
  1. Availability: The production is done in rolls 4,5 and 6 feet whose width is 100 feet long. The length varies and is available according to the requirements of customers.
  1. Flexibility: The higher flexibility of this material makes it accessible to work within lower temperatures as well as wet weather conditions. It causes no loss in its outstanding cushioning characteristics.

What are some of its applications?

The list of the applications are as follows:-

  • Aquaculture
  • Oil and Gas pipeline industries
  • Water industries
  • Petroleum industries
  • Chemical industries

Mention the specifications of rock shield mesh

The specifications of rock shield mesh can be described in the following way:-

Material: High-Density Polyethylene sheets.

Width: The range of the width is around 1.22 meters to 1.83 meters.

Color: It is usually available in black color or any other color according to the client’s requirement.

Form: Easily available in both rolls as well as pad forms.

Size of aperture: The size of the aperture is around 4mm x 4mm nominal.

Thickness: The level of thickness is between 1.00 mm to 10mm.

Hence, rock shield mesh is highly demanded in numerous industries because of its beneficial features and advantages.



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