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July 24, 2023

How to Maintain the Quality and Integrity of Products with PP Jumbo Bags?


Arpit Kushawaha


PP Jumbo Bags


If you’re on the search for PP Jumbo Bags to maintain the quality & integrity of products, finding the appropriate product can often be a challenging task.

It all depends on your requirements and purposes; there are different kinds of Jumbo bags you can select from. Here’s a brief summary as to how you can maintain the quality & integrity of products with FIBC Jumbo bags which are available at Singhal Industries. But before we plunge into the diverse Jumbo bag kinds, let us answer a few simple questions.

What are the Jumbo Bags?

Jumbo Bags, which are also known as FIBC Jumbo Bags or Bulk Bags, are the favorite option for approximately every manufacturing industry today that is required to stock, package and transport solid dry bulk products. Also, their space- and cost-saving abilities, these particularly manufactured bags are understood for their adaptability of usage, weight carrying capabilities, and capability to resist harsh circumstances.

PP Jumbo Bags


Why Do You Require the Right Jumbo Bag Category?

You require selecting the appropriate sack to assure safe and efficient management. During the replenishing and unloading of Jumbo bags, there is frequently a build-up of stagnant electricity due to the fine, powdered materials flowing in or out of the stacks. This can pose a hazard when conveying combustible or flammable properties. With the right kind of FIBC Jumbo bag, such existences can be prohibited.

Standard FIBC Bags:

This is the most common jumbo bag category that comes with a cargo size of 500- 2000 kgs. These jumbo bag sizes are perfect for carrying non-flammable dry items such as agro-products, chemicals, and structure goods like sand, stone, gravel, etc. and can be modified to your needs. depends on the layout, standard Jumbo bags can be further categorized into 1 & 2 LOOP FIBC Bags and 4 LOOP FIBC Bags.


Conductive FIBC Bags:

Also understood as Type C FIBC bags, these are created by utilizing non-conductive polypropylene materials that are intertwined with conductive yarns to be linked to a grounding point during loading or discharging. Not only are these sacks appropriate for keeping the products and hauling flammable yields, but also the nontoxic alternative for environments with dangerous gasses, dust, or solvents.


FIBC Baffle Bags/Q-Bags:

This group of FIBC Jumbo bags is built with polypropylene baffles stitched across the four angles to surge their filling capability to approximately 30% associated with standard FIBCs. Some of the advantages of these bags contain better load capability, shape retaining, space optimization, and shield from leakage.


UN Certified FIBC Bags:

UN Fibc Bags

While standard FIBCs fulfill a safety proportion of 5:1, our UN certified Jumbo bags deliver an excellent safety ratio of 6:1. As such, these bags are manufactured for heavy-duty objectives. The strong build and toughness of these sacks make them perfect for keeping and carrying volatile or hazardous materials.


Ventilated FIBC Bags:

Ventilated Bulk Bags
Robust, breathable, and protecting against dampness and mold, these bags have been particularly crafted to keep and ship grains, kernels, and fresh food items like onions, potatoes, etc.


The Length of Jumbo bags

The Jumbo bags are available with a wide selection of size options. You can get a modified size of a Jumbo bag according to your particular requirement. The entire weight of a Jumbo bag is nearly 3 to 6 pounds, and it can haul one to several tons of goods. Again, these differ depending to the objective through various customizations. There is no typical dimension of jumbo bags even..

It is hard to portray the size of the Jumbo bags without looking at them practically. A material-full bag upright on a normal size pallet is about middle to chest height of an average height human being.


The load-bearing capability of Jumbo bags

The capability of Jumbo bags specifies how much commodities they can store and carry. The Jumbo bags are greater in proposing the highest product to package weight than any other kind of packaging boxes. The capability is often suggested as cubic feet or cubic meters. You can assess the capacity of a bag by increasing the length, width, and height. Nevertheless, the knob also needs to ponder while computing the dimension of the bags. When you load the bags with goods, due to the weight of the materials, it expands. As a result, an increase in capability. That is why producers publicize a little more about the capability of the bag.

What about the loading capability of the Jumbo bags? The fabric type you want to haul with the bags is also an important aspect. A heavy-weight material must move the volumetric variety of the bags. If you store low-density materials, you can keep them over, and if you carry high-density stuff, you must load them low.

Materials Utilized for Manufacturing Jumbo bags

The Jumbo bags are manufactured from plastic woven material. The raw fabric of that woven fabric is a soft thermoplastic material named polypropylene. For enhanced safety and extra stability, PVC is used sometimes. A renovated Jumbo bag is an excellent selection nowadays to opt from convention one. They are cost-effective, tough, lightweight, and robust. Refurbished jumbo bags are climate friendly. These bags minimize the plastic landfill and help our earth to stay calm and luxuriant.


Style Available/ Models of Jumbo bags

Jumbo bags are available in various classes for a particular Usage. Jumbo bags can be characterized by rendering varied lifting options, filling options, and discharging options.

● Lifting option: The elating option of jumbo bags can be any one of the four which are mentioned below.
● Four corner loops; It has four loops at each corner of the bags to haul.
● Loop extenders; It is appropriate for long transport and has additional hold and support.
● Sleeve lifts; it has two protective cover. Transporting tools can be put in in these sleeves to transport more safely.
● Stevedore; This selection is also for comfort of transport
● Filling option: The filling choices are also various kinds.
● Whole open top; The top is completely open
● Fill Spout; A top spurt is attached so that powder and granular materials can be loaded readily.
● Dome top; this choice is appropriate for substantial complex materials.
● Duffel top; this option is the reformed form of the whole open form. It averts unwanted disclosure of products during transport.
● Discharge option: As the jumbo bags are hefty and it is also hard to release items from them. The jumbo bags are also available with appropriate release choices.
● Plain bottom: No release choice from the bottommost
● Spout discharge: A spout located at the bottom of the sacks can be closed or opened when needed.
● Dome bottom: Dome form release choice, appropriate for powder materials.


Where are the Jumbo bag Used?

Jumbo bags are using in various sectors involving but not restricted to the following;

● Farming: This is one of the major fields where these bags are utilized. PP Jumbo bags are known to be very appropriate for hauling grain, feed, kernels, and other farming items with the suitability of loading and preservation choices. Food-grade bags and woven bags are perfect for transporting human and animal consumable items.

● Construction: Cement, soil, bricks, timber, shingle, and a ton of other structure materials are frequently needing long-term loading or long-distance transportation, and here the jumbo bags holds their role with dependability and confidence.

● Food processing: The jumbo bags extremely used in the food processing enterprises for the food products and raw-materials hauling and keeping in store house as jumbo bags are available with amenities like chemical-free and food-grade.

● Mining: For carrying treasured goods from mine to the processing units, no other than jumbo bags accomplish the task flawlessly. It permits overloading, secure conveying without rupture, suitable supervision, and a lot more.


Trust the Best, Singhal Industries

At Singhal Industries, we manufacture a various span of FIBC Bulk Bags and modify them to customer provisions, fulfilling the storage and transportation needs across enterprises. We follow top manufacturing procedures complying with global morals and maintain severe quality control to make sure every FIBC creation is excellent in quality and proposes the best value for money.


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