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December 23, 2022

How to use FIBC bulk bags for your business?


Arpit Kushawaha


FIBC Bulk Bags


The FIBC bulk container bags refer to the Flexible Intermediate Bulk containers. These container bags are gaining huge popularity in the shipping and packaging industry. These are mostly known as big bags, which are ideal for storing and transporting loose materials. The bags are manufactured by keeping many things in mind based on the specific requirements. When running a shipping & packaging business, you can understand how important a role the FIBC bulk bags play.


To turn the shipping task easier & cost-effective, most business prefers this solution. These bags are made of woven fabrics that make this durable and strong. This bag is considered the superior product packaging material because it can hold 2,000 and 4,000 pounds of bulk materials. If you didn’t use these FIBC Bags now, we would share how you can use this bag. We will also share the reasons that prove it’s a perfect option for packaging and what precautions you should take.

1 ton bags


How Flexible Bulk container bags are the perfect option?


Are you looking to incorporate these FIBC bulk bags into your business? If you want to make your shipping operation smooth & easy, then this is the perfect example! However, you must pick the right FIBC bag that meets high demands to grab the best results. It is recommended to select bags that have durability and strength. If you are relying upon the shipping business, you must know how to handle and store these bags perfectly.


The FIBC bags are a proven & durable option that prevents your products from significant damage. These bags should be used per the manufacturer’s recommendations & industry best practices. To make you aware of these rules and regulations, we have put together the things that say how to safely handle FIBC bags. If you want to get the maximum benefits in your business through this, keep reading this article.


What should you do while handling flexible bulk containers?


So, you have decided to use these FIBC Bags for packaging in your business? Wait a minute and look at the below-discussed factors before using this.


  • When you pack any item in this bag, make sure it has no sharp edges on edges. The lifting straps can be torn out easily through crane hooks and sharp edges that can lead to dangerous situations. For extreme safety, you should look out for these small things.
  • The lifting straps of the bags should always use vertically. Before lifting the bags, you should look for the manufacturer’s instructions. By following the instructions/manuals, you can minimize the load & spread it evenly.
  • When moving a bulk bag, you shouldn’t block the view. The goal of moving the loaded bags is to prevent obstacles.




What should you don’t do while handling FIBC bags?


Here, we mention things you shouldn’t do while handling or accessing the FIBC containers.

  • Don’t stand under the bulk FIBC bag hanging on the top.
  • Don’t push, drag, or pull the full lift bag; otherwise, it will wear out and break.
  • Don’t put things in the bulk bag; otherwise, it might be unsafe while loading. In addition, the products can also lose their integrity when you stick them with one another.
  • Don’t use a single strap to hang the FIBC bag. It is recommended to use all the straps of the FIBC bag; otherwise, things could go wrong.

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What is FIBC Bulk Bags


The best practices to follow the safe storage of flexible bulk containers.


Follow the below-discussed instruction for safe handling & storing flexible bulk containers.


  • You should keep these bags away from sunlight. The bag’s material might break when you leave the bags outside or directly on the UV light for a long time. These bags are manufactured to handle only a certain amount of exposure. The ideal way to store them is under the roof.
  • The bags filled with the products should be kept on the floors. You can also store them in pallets and racks to prevent any accidents.
  • Keep the sharp things away from the bag. While packing products, ensure they shouldn’t have sharp edges; otherwise, they could tear, cut, and rip the bags.
  • Not every FIBC bulk container bag is made to be stacked. You should only stack the ones which are meant to be. Make sure they should be stacked in a pyramid shape.

Bulk Bags

Crucial practices to be followed while transporting the bulk container bags:


  • Transporting the bulk container, FIBC Bag, would be safe when you follow every instruction shared in the manuals by the manufacturers. The manual has written instructions on safely handling the products through video links.
  • While transporting the Bulk Bag, use tools that are safe and secure. Using the right tool is important no matter what type of tools you are using. You can talk with the team about other safe transport methods if you don’t have much equipment.
  • When you are moving these bags, don’t make any sudden movements. When a forklift stops quickly, a bag can fly off the tines. Don’t take any sharp turns at high speeds. To prevent any disaster, you should take into consideration these points.
  • Make a pyramid out of the Bulk Bag and put it on a pallet. As we cleared earlier, not every FIBC bag is made to be stacked right on each other. Using the Pyramid method, you can ensure that the loads are evenly distributed.


So, these are the major steps that should be considered when using FIBC bags for transporting your products. If you want to ensure the maximum benefits, you should follow all the above-discussed instructions in each stage of Bulk Bags. But wait a minute! To handle the safe transportation of FIBC bags, you need certain tools. In the below sections, we have mentioned some best equipment that helps to make safe and efficient transportation.

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Things to measure while filling the Bulk container bags:


So, are you all set to fill up the bulk bag? You need to choose the right method with the operation workflow to get the best outcomes.


  • Fill the bags evenly: Whether filling or eliminating the bag, ensure you do it evenly. You should fill the bags from the centre; otherwise, it could injure your employees.
  • Secure the bottom: Do the FIBCs have discharge spouts on the bottom side? Make sure those spouts should be securely closed before you fill up the bags. Closing the spouts helps you to move the process securely. None of your products will be lost when you follow this.
  • Use every loop: Most of the FIBC comes with 4 loops to provide maximum security and ease of use. Some bags have 2 loops only, and it makes lifting and transporting easier. No matter how many loops your container bag has, you should use each one. When you don’t use all the loops evenly, it can increase the chances of improper weight distribution and chances of falling down the bag and product damage.
  • Lift vertically: The manufacturers of FIBC container bags are recommended for vertical lifting. Whenever you are lifting the bag, make sure you are holding it vertically rather than horizontally. When you hold it horizontally, you put extra stress on it, which can weaken the loops of the bags and tear them down.

FIBC Bulk Bags


What equipment should be used to carry out efficient transportation?


  • Stand-alone fillers: This is one of the most appropriate and frequently used tools for mechanical FIBC filling equipment. This is the ideal tool for accessing many applications. The tool is used in multiple applications because of its top-class features like intuitive design, ease of operation, and many more. This is the perfect option for use with spout-top bags. This machine works based on the rules of gravity. To use this machine in the most suitable condition, you must set the filler over an open bulk bag. The materials will then be deposited into the bag through the fillers via a discharge hose. You can customise the flow rate based on speed & precision.


  • Conveyor loaders: This is a complex machine that allows the users to move the products horizontally. These tools are especially custom designed for the specific facility, with the design taking the facility’s exact layout to account. These tools are designed to minimise employee lobar. This tool works as the conveyor belt that moves the products into the position for filling. When the business uses these loaders, the employees won’t need to spend extra time loading the filler and prevent any injuries through Bulk Bags.


  • Pneumatic systems: These are the more complex systems and are ideal for extensive workplaces. This tool requires comprehensive FIBC-loading solutions and industrial-scale vacuum systems. It has a pressurised blower setup that helps move the bulk bags without damage.




After going through all the above-discussed instructions, you can easily use these flexible bulk container bags for your business. The protocols mentioned above also adhere to the best safety practices to keep your employees safe.

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