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July 28, 2023

How Ventilated bulk Bags Improve Productivity in the Chemical Industry


Arpit Kushawaha


How Ventilated FIBC Bags Improve Productivity in the Chemical Industry


Before going into deep information about Ventilated Bulk Bags we should know what these types of bags are. A flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) is a big-size bulk storage bag that’s mostly utilized to contain, store, carriage, and transport a wide range of various dry and loose products. FIBC bags are utilized around the globe as an economical alternative to the customary carriage and storing solutions, such as lumber pallets, plastic ampoules, or metallic holders.

FIBC bags are mainly utilized because of their expediency, toughness, reusability, and additional useful assets that make them perfect for delivery, composing, and loading solutions. Contingent on what they’re utilized for, FIBC bags can be prepared of dissimilar fabrics or deliberate in diverse forms and sizes. Ventilated FIBC Bags are considered to endure huge ductile forte, with some kinds being evaluated to transport up to 5,000 pounds per bag.

Ventilated Bulk Bags

Other Names for FIBC Bags


FIBC bags are also identified globally by dissimilar names, including:

● Bulk bags
● Bulk sacks
● Super sacks
● Bulk totes
● Jumbo bags
● Big bags
● Super bags
● One-ton bags

The titles for diverse kinds of FIBC bags hinge on the manufacturing, the sorts of goods and chattels being, kept, and the applications of the bag themselves.

Ventilated Bulk Bags

What Are Ventilated FIBC Bags Made Of?


The manufacturer of FIBC bags can use a variety of materials to produce bulk bags. However, the most common material used to yield FIBC bags is polypropylene — a petroleum-based product. Polypropylene is a soft, intertwined, elastic, and lightweight thermoplastic that’s completely recyclable.

Polypropylene is a sluggish material, meaning it won’t undergo erosion and degradation due to chemical procedures. This property is what gives FIBC bulk bags the sturdiness and reusability that make them so needed in shipment and storing clarifications. The tight cord of polypropylene fibers makes FIBC bags and skillful farm bulks exponentially heftier than the material itself. These belongings and more are what make FIBC bags valuable and gradually widespread in the supply chain.


Benefits of Using Ventilated FIBC Bags


FIBC bags are attractive for more and more extensive storing answers related to conventional solutions like Gaylord bins, boxes, and other vessels. Contributing frequent aids for better-quality workflow and output, FIBC bags are the perfect solution for the storage of items.
FIBC bags are cost-effective, lightweight, space-saving, and globally welcoming, creating them the faultless answer to storing loose goods. Below is the top assistance you get from consuming FIBC bags.


Worker Safety


In-Store and source chain work, caring for worker safety is dangerous. Monotonous draining injuries (RSIs) are one of the foremost reasons for damage in the place of work, chiefly in granaries where workers are endlessly excited and touching hefty and unpackaged supplies.

Products are stowed in containers, barrels and conservative vessels run the risk of producing worker injury when workers effort to boost and change them by hand. With bulk bags, efforts are not made to grip the properties physically, hopefully trusting they trust in the usage of harmless solid treatment tools, like forklifts, pallet jacks, and winches.

Using Ventilated FIBC Bags can safeguard workers while refining output and workflow capability.

Product Protection

Ventilated Bulk Bag
When it comes to care, it’s not just workforces that are endangered but the products themselves, as well. Shielding expendable and medical-grade flowable harvests is dangerous in preservative health and safety and preventing pollution. Preserving a hygienic storing and carriage setting is vigorous to the achievement of business operations and stopping product damage.

FIBC bags are sluggish, sanitary ampules that don’t rust damage, or undergo chemical reactions, which defend the honesty of the goods kept within. They’re also tough and robust; stopping pests, pathogens, and other outdoor threats from insightful the bags through holes or tears. Being impermeable, FIBC bags also dodge items from being undefended to dampness, which can otherwise type mildew, fungus, and bacteria.




With supply chain and warehousing budgets rising gradually, businesses need cost-effective ways of wrappistoring, rage and conveying supplies. Cost-effective storing solutions should be tough and strong enough to be refillable, and they should also help save time and recover competence.
FIBC bags decrease general functioning expenditures because they are a long-term asset that can last to help your operation well into the future. Being frivolous, they can also reduce transport costs, which are initiated on total weight.

FIBC bags are also obtainable in broken disorders, an additional accumulation of the cost-effectiveness of this storing solution. Overhauled bulk bags decrease the price of materials, as buying new bulk bags is a classier alternative.




Progressively, more trades are observed for maintainable, recyclable, able, and refillable delivery storage ring solutions. Bulk bags have a widespread life cycle, being able to be recycled unceasingly and repeatedly. Reclaiming FIBC bags helps decrease the number of leftovers in landfills. It’s also a more environmentally friendly choice than other single-use or shorter-lasting explanations.

Since polypropylene is such a valued substantial, old FIBC bags can also be salvaged into supplementary plastic crops disbursing the raw factual.

Maximized Storage


Warehouse operations supervisors are continuously in quest of conducts to make the most of storing space and make more well-organized use of their quadrangular tape. Warehouse managers requirement to plan for storing the goods themselves, and are also vital to plan for how to stock the storing bins and containers. Pallets, bins, drums, and containers take up considerable space likened to FIBC bags.


Ventilated FIBC Bags for Chemical Storage


When operating with chemicals, there are so many factors you should keep in mind to ensure proper safety and efficient operation. For starting a new chemical unit, you have to make sure that you’re pursuing the appropriate safety procedures while storing, transporting, or disposing of the chemicals.
Whether it is organic reserves or hazardous chemicals, you have to apply dependable, sturdy wrapping to keep them safe and contamination-free. FIBC bags or polypropylene fabric bags are hypothetical to do that job better than any kind of ampule in the market today.


FIBCs: Store and Keep Your Chemicals in the Safest Way Possible


FIBC bulk bags are manufactured with the highest-quality polypropylene resin material, creating them resistant to pretty much anything you can assume of – chemicals, water, contamination, fire, and even detonation.

These bulk bags are exceptionally tough and can effortlessly haul a broad span of acids and bases, which also contains sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, ammonia water, and bleach. At Singhal Industries, our FIBC jumbo bags can even carry the weight of 4,000+ pounds of your preferred chemicals.

FIBC Bulk Bags

Another reason to go for Ventilated Bulk Bags to ferry chemicals is that these bags can resist static energy charges.
Our FIBC bags are, however, particularly crafted to carry and dispel any type of electrical charge produced throughout packaging and transporting the belongings. If you’re worried about inert vigor, go with the Type C or D FIBC bulk bags.

Type C bags are manufactured from woven and non-conductive polypropylene resin, while Type D is built from woven and anti-static material. You will require grinding the Type C bags but Type D bags set off discharges and sparks without you having to ground them.


UN-Certified FIBC Bags


We also deliver UN-certified FIBC bags to haul dangerous chemicals and dangerous garbage items in the safest way feasible. These extraordinary bulk bags are manufactured while succeeding the toughest protection procedures established by the UN for chemical industries.
No matter how unsafe or volatile your items are, our Ventilated Bulk Bags can stock and convey bulk, without negotiating the care of your workers or customers.
In addition to undergoing widespread testing processes, these bags are also exactly branded to easily recognize the bag contents. This is a serious part of the packaging procedure because the tags notify the supervisor of what’s inside the bag and how to grip it carefully.

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