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March 5, 2022

Importance of HDPE Root Barrier in The Construction Industry






There are so many trees and shrubs prevailing in our environment. All of the plants play a significant role in the healthy life of people like providing shade, removing the traces of CO2. And even are used to serve a lot of purposes of daily life. All of the plants even provide a fantastic appearance to the house in which you are living. But, the only restriction that comes with the planting of a tree is that you cannot randomly plant a tree in any location and most importantly you cannot plant trees in your yard without the use of a root barrier.

What is a root barrier and why is it in demand?

Root barrier work on the mechanism which prevents random growth of underground tree roots that can easily cause serious damages to the located nearby structure. It acts as a preventing system that comes in physical and chemical forms. This system prevents the growth of tree roots. And even reduces the chance of destruction that can be caused to your premises.

The root barrier is composed of heavy-duty plastic sheeting that makes it flexible and waterproof. This sheet is inserted in the place just to keep the roots away from accessing your infrastructure. And prevent the seepage of the moisture in the loosened soil.

Generally, these sheets are used in the bioswales, waterproof cut-off walls, new house construction to smoothen the reactive clay foundation, hardscape protection, and prevention of contamination migration. But amongst all types of root barriers, HDPE Root Barrier serves to be the excellent choice in the root barrier system. It is a waterproof sheet that is useful in preventing the seepage of moisture in the soil while executing any task related to the remodeling of the infrastructure.

How do root barriers protect your house and backyard?

Root barriers are used to keep away the tree roots that can grow in the pipeline and sewers. With the use of it, one can easily solve their problem that it can become a threat for your backyard and new construction or pavement, etc. This is a defensive mechanism that limits the growth of roots under the foundation. Amongst all, the HDPE root barrier is designed with the use of HDPE material which helps in embedding the tree root by putting halt to the new cell division that is important to stop the growth of the root. Howsoever, you do not need to keep away trees from your campus to keep the pipes in the house and campus intact. Installation of root barriers is found to be safer for the environment and even does not harm the animals nearby.

Feature of HDPE Root Barrier

Appearance – The root barrier is provided with a smooth finish that can be categorized into continuous, non-ribbed, and non-dimpled controlled solutions for root causing damages. The design fits the requirement for preventing the damages that are caused by roots. The HDPE root barrier sheet is found to be 1mm thick and usually comes in the form of a roll of 30 meters. With the use of light fabric which is resistive to wearing and tearing, this HDPE Root Barrier turns out to be the most durable and lightweight solution to stop the unwanted growth and moment of roots in your infrastructure foundation.

Application – The root protection screen is manufactured to solve the problem of a larger application similar to infrastructure and landscaping projects. Generally, it is deployed to control root growth imposed upon a major project for example housing development or industrial business park.

Functionality – The root barrier promotes the healthy growth of the tree without damaging the surrounding. The properties that are light in weight allow the root barrier to get shaped as per the requirement. Once the barrier is placed, it creates a long-lasting trap for the root and moisture.

Moreover, it is found to be impenetrable for the roots. It has the potential to resist the action of bacterial infection and chemicals. Besides, it is 100% waterproof and composed of polypropylene which molecules are thermally bonded with one another. The presence of polypropylene makes it completely recyclable, durable, and even eco-friendly.

Installation – HDPE root barrier is quick and easy to install in the trench after digging a hole of about 1 or 2 inches deep in the ground. Dirt particles are removed and then water is poured till the installation gets initiated. Installation is quite accomplished by joining sections of HDPE. HDPE aluminium joining clips via a vibratory plate and fixing the screw as the necessary points.

Final Verdict about HDPE Root Barrier

Thus, Singhal industries have brought to you the exclusive range of HDPE root barrier that is made of recycled plastic. With lots of confidence and expertise talent. We have provided you with a root barrier that is impenetrable for roots and comes with the warranties of more than 25 years against the root penetration. This product matches the market standard and even comes in significant saving deals and discounts.Know about the HDPE Sheets 4×8 product – Full Details



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