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August 9, 2021

TPU Film – Increase The Durability Of Your Product






TPU Film is one of the best substrates that you can use in various substances, which is highly versatile as its uses in the commercial industry is vast. It can resist water, oil, and grease, so TPU Film is the industry’s most wanted substrate. You may use many applications, but if it is damaged within a couple of days, you begin to question the product’s usefulness. Hence if you want to increase the durability of your product so that it is not vulnerable to chemicals, water, oil, and grease, you have to use TPU coating. It is safe and not toxic and hence can be used in many applications of daily use. One of the critical factors of using a TPU is that it is an unusual type of plastic with both plastic and rubber qualities. The look and feels of TPU are fantastic as they can be transparent as well as coloured.

A Versatile Product:-

It would be best if you gave credit to the TPU Film Manufacturer for creating a powerful, rigid, and elastic substrate. There are two basic types of Thermoplastic Polyurethane Film.  

  • Polyester TPU – You can use it for materials exposed to chemicals and oils, thus increasing durability.
  • Polyether TPU – This type of TPU is highly flexible and is not prone to wear and tear. Hence it is used in materials that require rough handling.

Because of its versatile features, TPU film is used in practically all industries with a high level of performance. Moreover, since it is a complex and flexible substance, its demand in the market is unmatchable.


The unique characteristics of a Thermoplastic Polyurethane Film make it ideal for a variety of uses. Since it is high-performance, it is used in various applications, including Medical Fabrics, Smart Clothing, Automotive Protection Films, Tape Backing films; the list is endless. It is because it is elastic and has high tensile strength and water and Microbial resistance. Wherever you apply it, it will enhance the performance of that particular material, making it valuable and durable.

TPU Film manufacturer closely monitors the production of a TPU as it is used in most essential industries. It is produced with the help of three basic raw materials:

  • A Polyol
  • A Chain Extender
  • A diisocyanate

It is beneficial to many industries due to its potent properties as it makes the material durable and usable for a long time. Moreover, since it is abrasive and scratch-resistant, it is extensively used in sports materials and the interior parts of an automobile. Hence the materials easily fight over the normal wear and tear and come out as a winner. This is why TPU is preferred over other materials like PVC and rubber.


One of the main advantages of using TPU is that it has a high resistance power. So do not get worried if you decorate your vehicle or any of your favourite assets with the most distinctive colour. It is because, with the help of TPU, you can be assured that the durability of colour will remain for some time as it has high UV-resistant power. Furthermore, it protects from colourfastness and hence gives you the choice of using any variety of colours of your choice.

Highly Beneficial:-

TPU is highly beneficial for medical devices as it is safe. It does not use rubber or plasticizers as they are harmful to us and cause skin irritation. If you compare TPU with PVC, the former will emerge as a winner. It is abrasive resistant and does not crack easily apart from being lighter and more elastic than PVC. The TPU Film Manufacturer checks with utter care the production of TPU as we use it daily. It is also a part of our daily wear. For example, the shoes that you wear are coated with TPU. It ensures that the products, including the shoes, are highly breathable; else, they will become uncomfortable. It is also used in building and other products used in construction. It is because it is durable and free from resistance. It helps the engineers as they can use it productively without worrying about its longevity.


TPU is there in our everyday life, but most of us are unaware of its presence. It is like an unsung hero that protects you and makes your life comfortable.  Thermoplastic Polyurethane Film helps to maintain all your mechanical properties and thus increases the life-line of the product. You can use it in extreme weather conditions as it has good flexibility over a wide range of temperatures. The key factor of using TPU in our daily life is biodegradable and can be recycled. Hence it is environment friendly and a must for most of the products that we use. Therefore, it is highly recommended that if you want to make your product long-lasting and comfortable, you should make the best use of TPU.



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