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November 12, 2021

Jumbo Sling Bag & Jumbo Bag – Specifications – Choose As Per Requirement




Jumbo Sling Bag


For Transportation Purposes, Heavy-Duty Performance

Do you need to ship hefty bags and search for PP sling bags that are well for their excellent load capacity? Singhal Industries Private Limited provides a high-quality PP Jumbo bag. These heavy-duty performance Sling bags aid in the prevention of hazardous conditions during transit. Furthermore, the overall cost of carrying goods is reduced.

How Do FIBC Sling Bags Get Made?

Polypropylene (PP) or Multifilament (MF) Webbing with or without a PP Foundation fabric is commonly utilized in production. The general concept is a PP sling bag with no partitions and merely webbing, with or without a foundation PP material. Singhal Industries Private Limited, a PP Jumbo Sling bag Manufacturer in India, precisely designs every sling bag based on the weight-bearing capacity desired by the consumer.

How Should It Be Used?

Begin by unfolding the sling on the floor or platform. When attaching the massive cargo bags to the rope, optimise the placement by arranging the bags snugly and evenly over the bottom of the installed sling. Remember to flip the layering structure by 90 degrees every time a level is produced to continue the work. Finally, connect the attaching straps crosswise across the department’s horizontal and vertical. You can use multiple lashing loops for the finest packing. Your item is now prepared to be hung and withstand the pressure during delivery.

Sling Bag Specifications

Transfer enormous amounts of cargo several times, package commodities in freight including cement, plastic beads, tapioca, and many other items.

  • Transportable: through railway wagons and ocean freight.
  • Capacity: 500 kgs – 2000 kgs

Benefits include cost reductions, reduced damage and losses, resistance to water, reusable materials, and the elimination of the need for additional pallets.

  • 5:1, 6:1 safety ratio
  • Types include sacks, caps, and belts.
  • Logo printing and customizing are possible.

It has the benefits of being humidity, gravel, radioactive material, hard, secure, and having appropriate tensile stability. As a result, the jumbo bags are simple to carry.

They feature a great quantity weight ratio and are simple to drop off and pick up.

Among the most prevalent packing materials is the jumbo bag.

Bags on Slings

PP Sling Bags are pliable concrete transport carriers, often known as Cement Big Bags or Sling old concrete with overlay. Its primary materials are PP and PE. It pertains to cement shipped in bags for long-distance or maritime transit. The cost of sling bags is fairly solid, and the durability of cement bags is excellent.

PP Sling bags are formed of woven PP (Polypropylene), a specialised product for holding, carrying, and discharging several small 25kg – 50kg bags at a time, with a typical load of 1 – 2 tonnes using cranes or forklifts.

Belt lifting: this is the major supporting part for weights weighing between one and two tonnes. The belt is normally 5cm – 7cm broad, sewed on the base cloth, and the length is determined by the quantity and dimension of the little bags within. When raising, the belt’s position should be checked to ensure that the little bags within do not fall out. Auxiliary belts and straps are located on the top of the belt to hold the belts that protect the product within.


  • For lifting 20 – 40 small bags at once, with a load capacity of 1-2 tonnes.
  • Ships are frequently used to deliver commodities.
  • They were then used to organise and tidy storage products to make extra capacity.
  • The packing framework enables easy and secure loading/unloading of items.

Eliminating labour costs money

PP Sling Bags are among the most cost and fit wrapping products for non-perishables cargo space and carry. It creates high bags. Grains, fertilisers, cement, foamed goods, stone chipping, and building trash are all stored in these bags. It can be stacked on crates or hoisted using ordinary lift hooks attached to the bags themselves. The long-lasting Jumbo Sling Bags are well-known for their fine standards and solid construction.

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For more details, visit our YouTube channel, Singhal Industries.



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