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December 4, 2021

Key Facts About Garbage Bags




garbage bags


The Garbage bags that can be easily carried are highly durable in comparison to paper bags. The bags are available in a wide range of colours, some of the most common colours are clear, black, white as well as tan.

The colour of the bags can also be customized according to the specification of the customers. The Garbage bags manufacturer keeps in mind to manufacture bags in a variety of colours. These bags are also available in red, blue and green colours for different identification purposes.

The Singhal Industries Pvt. Ltd. supplies premium quality bags which can be easily disposed of. The bag is usually found inside a dustbin or a waste container so that it doesn’t get spoilt because of waste materials.

The bags are purely made of plastic and are light in weight as well as flexible in nature. The thick garbage bags are used for the collection of construction waste.

What are some of the features of trash bags?

Most of the customers use clear trash so that it helps them in identifying any kind of objects that are present in the bag which meets to be either retained or recycled rather than discarded.

Most of the time garbage bags are clear to spot any kind of potential materials or threat which is not advisable to be discarded. Some of the companies as well as customers opt for using opaque garbage bags since they don’t want the content inside their bags to be visible.

Opaque bags helps in devouring UV rays so that it doesn’t break down the contents of one’s bag. They are commonly used for both commercials as well as household purposes.

Some of the features of the bags are as follows:-

  • Leak as well as tear-resistant
  • Maintenance of higher level of hygiene and cleanliness
  • Cannot be compacted during the recycling procedure
  • Available in a wide range of sizes in rolls or packs.
  • Trusted ways of disposing of garbage for maintaining cleanliness.
  • Light in weight.
  • Reinforced bottom, top and middle.
  • Stretchable designing for prevention of rips.
  • Easy disposable
  • Printed according to the requirements of the customer
  • Leakproof

What are some of the benefits of trash bags?

Some of the advantages of trash bags are as follows:-

  • Made from premium raw materials
  • Consistent as well as reliable quality
  • Can be easily port and available at reasonable costs
  • Easily disposable
  • Safe for both organic and inorganic wastes hence termed as eco-friendly
  • Proper management of dry and wet waste
  • Prevention of bad odour from wide-spreading
  • Keeping the dustbin clean so that it can be reused
  • Reduces the consumption of time for cleaning

What are its specifications?

Some of its specifications are as follows:-

  • The material used is Polyethene or PE
  • The size is as per the requirement of the client
  • Available in red, green, white, black, blue and tan colours
  • The range of the thickness is between 30 to 150 microns
  • The bags are available in the form of a roll

The garbage bags can be produced according to the norms of biomedical waste. The bags are devoid of chlorination if the customer demands it. Garbage bags in different sizes are also available to meet the unique specification of the client.

How many types of garbage bags are there?

Different types of bags are as follows:-

  1. Recycling bags

Recycling bags are commonly used for plastic packaging or food scraps. Most of such bags are blue in colour or green. The waste which cannot be recycled, then standard trash bag can be used. The bags are also available in black or dark grey colour.

  1. Biodegradable bags

These bags are used for debris, food waste and scraps. The biodegradable bags aren’t made of traditional plastics. The manufacturing of such bags is done from eco-friendly as well as sustainable materials such as plant-based materials or cornstarch which are purely biodegradable. These bags can be decomposed within a few months.

  1. Trash bags

The average size of the trash bag is around 13 gallons. The other name of the trash bag is standard sized kitchen bags. Depending on the size as well as the shape of the trash can, you should opt for the particular size of a trash bag. Apart from the capacity, it is suggested to know the appropriate dimensions.


Most of the trash bags are made of polyethene plastic. Both lower density, as well as higher density polyethene bags, are used for manufacturing trash bags.

The only key difference is that lower density PE bags are more flexible, thicker as well as robust in comparison to higher density PE bags.

Polyethene plastic is recognized as a polymer and is regarded to be petroleum-based. The material is purely used for making trash bags due to its higher strength and tear resistance.



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