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March 22, 2023

Everything you Need to know About Silt Fence Installation






What is Silt Fence Installation and its Installing Process?

Did you find any water source present nearby the construction site of yours which might be in danger of consuming all the runoff sediments? Then thinking about installing erosion control Silt fence before you start the construction project could be your best choice. When you are a worker at a construction site, you would be interested in something other than damaging the nearby land or water source as they could be really useful to you at certain times. Hence, taking the necessary steps to protect those land and water from eroding could be the right step towards sustainability.

That is why here in this article, we have covered all the steps you need to follow to install a Silt fence all around your construction site that produces all the sediments harmful to the water body.

  • Step 1: Purchasing a Silt fence

One of the first things you need to do to start installing erosion control silt fences is to purchase the right according to your project requirements. When you are in the market for acquiring a Silt fence, you might come across various types of them, which may or may not be ideal for your construction site and the location in which it is present.

Remember, the weather condition of your construction would play a big part in Silt fencing your site as frequent weather fluctuation might damage the Silt fences. Hence, purchasing something that could last long enough amidst all the forces of nature bestowed on it.

  • Step 2: Determining the path

Before installing the erosion control Silt fences, you need to remember the purpose for which you are choosing to lay down the Silt fences. One of the primary reasons behind the Silt fence installation is to protect the nearby land or water resources present from getting damaged by the Silt created at your work site. Hence, try to study your whole construction site to know which might be the best place to install the Silt fences depending upon the Silt which will be coming downhill from your work site.

  • Step 3: Digging a trench

When you have successfully carved out the path for your Silt fencing, the next step is to dig a trench that can store all the sediments running off your work site. You can either dig the trench by hand or use machines that are adequately suitable for it. However, it would help if you kept in check the depth in which you are digging that trench as it would play a huge role towards stopping the sediments from getting run off into the land and water sources present nearby such location. Moreover, you must also remember to fill the trench with fabric, as it would be crucial to the overall maintenance of the trench.

  • Step 4: Pushing the stakes

After completing all the above steps, the next part of your installation process in Silt fencing would include pushing the stakes into the ground appropriately. Most of the Silt fences cover up to 14 inches from the ground, which is different depending upon the area of your construction site. Additionally, you can even staple the fences with stakes if you find it more appropriate after looking at your situation.

  • Step 5: Refill the trough

Once you have completed nailing the stakes into the ground, try and refill the trough you had previously made to solidify the stakes needed in Silt fencing. You need to ensure they have been appropriately dug while also checking the quantity of fabric used to fill up the upper side of this trough. Not checking this step adequately could be a massive loss for you as there might be a chance for the whole Silt fencing to collapse under heavy pressure.

  • Step 6: Maintenance of the fence

The last part in this six-step model, which will be required for Silt fencing, would be maintaining the fence properly by following a set of criteria. The Silt fencing is an extra cost bared by the construction site to help safeguard the environment present in their area. Moreover, you cannot just leave the Silt fencing in that place, as your construction project wouldn’t be going on for eternity. Therefore, taking proper steps towards the maintenance of such erosion control Silt fence could have a massive role in the success of your construction project.


You must follow these steps to install a Silt fence in the most appropriate manner possible. If you were unaware of this whole installation process of Silt fencing before reading this article, hopefully, you have gathered all the knowledge required to do this installation properly.

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