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December 8, 2023

Leading Polythene Carry Bag Manufacturers & Suppliers in Ahmedabad


Arpit Kushawaha


Polythene carry bag


These days Polythene Carry Bags are quite useful and famous for storing many various items and have become quite familiar in our day-to-day lives. To know more about as what are PE bags and how popular are they in life? Let’s check it in today’s article below.

What are PE bags and where are they used?

Polythene Carry Bags which are also known as HDPE Plastic Bag are created from main or recycled PE plastic which is the impervious white polyethylene plastic material.

Polythene Carry Bag is shrill, light in weight, stable, hard to rip, proficient in enduring quite heavyweight, and has a good conflict with water and chemicals. They are machined into many types, available in many different shapes, and sizes, and are extremely suitable. With many limitless advantages, PE bags are used for extremely long life.

Besides, they are also used in chemical plants. The PE bag does not retort easily to chemicals, or grease, so chemicals cannot damage them and cannot be dripped outside. Therefore, PE bags are often found in chemical plants, and industrial parks, where chemicals `must be used regularly

In these places, people utilize Polythene Carry Bags to shawl and preserve chemicals to avert them from affecting the nearby surroundings and people for transportation, construction, or use to keep trash.

Types of Common PE bags which are Used

Plain PE bag

A plain PE bag is a bag that has a flat, smooth exterior without any type of grip. This type of bag must use a lanyard or mouth sealer to keep the products from dropping out.

Plain Polythene Carry bags are created in small sizes and are normally used to store food (nuts, green tea, jam), retail items at shops, utilized in supermarkets, or in the medical industries (containing medicine, masks). The bigger sizes of these bags are built for agriculture, manufacturing, shopper goods, and hefty packaging.

PE Roll Bags

PE roll bag is a handle-free sack, which are easily available in various shades and sizes.

This type of Polythene Carry Bag is normally created from recycled PE or biodegradable plastic and is frequently used in supermarkets or markets for the main purpose of storing food in small or medium-sized bags.

In the interim, the larger PE roll bags are usually used to maintain trash in households, companies, and factories.

PE T-shirt Bags (PE bag with 2 handles):

This type of polythene bag is available in two handles, available in different choice of colors from transparent, red, and blue to black, with high power, exactness, and ability to resist heavy goods.

This type of Polythene Carry Bag is very dominant and most mainly used because of its knobs that assist users to easily move items. It is very easy to notice them in most supermarkets, stores, and grocery stores.

Glued PE bags

The glued PE bags feature an advanced one-sided layout and have an equal adhesive coating. When using, users are just required to eliminate the plastic shielding the glue and sealing the bag. Thus, the safety of goods becomes easier.

This type of HDPE Plastic Bag is largely used to preserve electronic constituents, stationery, and toys and is also used to keep goods for import and export.

Antistatic PE bags

Antistatic PE bags have an outside coating created of PE plastic and the inner primary is paper or plastic, capable of emancipating electrostatic well, while also blocking bright.

Because of its antistatic properties, these bags are used for packaging electronic items, electronic components, telecommunications yields, unified circuit boards, chips, or dispensing goods.

PE Zipper Bag

These kinds of Polythene bags have a zipper on the top of them. These bags have the advantage of being stable, airtight, and secure when putting the products inside. In addition, zipper bags also have 2-layer or 2-zipper bags, used to keep items more firmly, not being wrecked during Shipping.

Why are PE Bags so Popular?

It is not natural that PE bags are used so much mainly in day-to-day life. This is largely compulsion to its excellent sorts such as:

Reasonable Price

Because PE Bean bag manufacturers manufacture PE bags that are built from virgin PE or recycled PE plastic, they are very low in cost, abundant in supply, easy to process to the preferred design, easy to use, suitable for industries, factory formed, and used on a great scale.


All types of PE bags are flexible, non-wearing, easy to heat, strong to acid and alkali, entice less grime and other biological rudiments, and resist convinced temperatures and that explains why they are most usually used today. PE bags are used in food industries because they can keep goods away from dirt and mold from outside the weather, avert dampness, and keep product quality for an extended time.

PE bags are used a lot in the conveyance and safety of food or the industry – farming, and electronics because of their athleticism, durability, tear confrontation, and sturdiness. In addition, PE bags are also available with symbols and logos used to promote the product.


Singhal Industries has a team of industry specialists who comprehend the customer’s necessity better than anyone. If you are eyeing to buy high-quality PE bags then just contact Singhal Industries as we are one of the best Leading Polythene carry bag Manufacturers and suppliers in Ahmedabad who are the very best in developing these kinds of bags.


What should be the minimum thickness of a plastic carry bag in 2023?

In addition, with effect from December 31, 2022, the width of plastic carry bags must be enlarged from 75 microns to 120 microns to let their re-use. MoEFCC had previously banned polythene bags under 75 microns in September 2021, flaring the limit from the earlier 50 microns.

Which plastic is normally used to make carry bags?

Polythene is the most collected plastic. Its main use is in the packaging, making carry bags, plastic films, containers including bottles, etc.

What process is used to manufacture polythene bags?

Plastic film extrusion is the procedure of creating raw pellets. It includes superheating and pressurizing raw LDPE, HDPE, or LLDPE plastic pellets to build a consistent molten liquid. Once the fluid is created, the resin is forced into a circular die.



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