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January 25, 2023

Need to Know About Barricade Tapes For Caution, Danger, and Warning






What is Barricade Tape?

Barricade tapes are bright-colored tapes. You might have seen yellow and red colored tape on the road, mainly used in construction sites and dangerous areas. They mostly come with a two-colored pattern, red and white or yellow and black, with the words “Danger” or “Caution” written prominently. You might have wondered why these tapes are in bright colors, and it’s simple most of you also know the answer. They use bright colors because they are meant to catch the attention of passers-by so that they can get more attention to nearby areas. These tapes are minor impediments for preventing entrance to specific areas to avoid any safety. These are a barrier, construction, hazard, danger, warning, or caution. When the police use it, it is also known as police tape.

Barrication tape is mostly affixed and wrapped as a display of demarcation or warning sigh, for example, preventing entering accident-prone areas such as commercial or industrial sites or any crime sites. Let’s not count down the places of usage; you might have understood that these are used primarily in sensitive areas. Let’s understand the types of barricade tape and their usage.

Brief on Barricade Tape

Most people confuse the barricade tapes with the yellow-black tapes which contain the warning sign. Let’s clear your confusion; the barricades are not only yellow warning tapes. All those tapes, regardless of any message the barricade, refer to polyethylene tape.

Types of Barricade Tape

There are several types of barricade tape, and they are mainly used for various purposes. These labeled tapes offer additional information for the worksites, such as the public. They are primarily used in color codes to add additional references to the printed information.

Let’s take an example of yellow tape with black subjects like caution; warnings are examples of the barrication tape we have all understood. There are also glossy red tapes written “Danger” written on it. Tapes are primarily available with glossy and reflective coatings to be visible long distances. The Barricade tapes are the best because they are portable and should be part of any organization’s response tools.

Construction Warning Tape

The construction warning tape is used in the construction zones to notify people about the construction sites and the possible hazards within demarcated areas. The construction tapes are primarily employed in yellow-black combination with an incorporated message such as Work Zone, Caution, and Under Construction. This barrier is primarily found in demolition sites, renovations, and minor repairs.

  • Hazard tape

Hazard tape utilized in areas where there is a significant risk. Examples include places that pose a danger of exposure to hazardous substances or electrocution threats. In some areas, the sort of threat is indicated by a particular color combination. For instance, magenta-yellow tapes may be employed to indicate a radiation danger, whereas yellow-black tapes may be used to indicate the existence of a hazardous substance. Labs, production facilities, and industrial parks frequently use this barrier tape.

  • Police tape

The barricade tapes are used according to the color specifications and safety precautions for several police procedures, which helps to prevent movement at the crime scene. The barrier tapes are used here to preserve, isolate and protect the crime scene. It is to notify the general public that an investigation is happening in the place, mainly seen with blue-white and yellow-black colors.

  • Firefighter tape

This accomplishes the same task as danger tape and police tape. To protect the general public against fire-related hazards, firefighters’ tape is employed to seal off a specific area during or following a fire.

  • Traffic control tape

You can understand its usage only by its name. These tapes are used to control the traffic. Please don’t confuse it with only vehicle traffic; it can be any traffic. The traffic control tapes are mainly used to quickly redirect traffic during a busy day such as a parade or festive season. Bright colors such as orange-white or orange-black color tapes are used in this scenario.

  • Underground Warning Tape

Underground warning tape is used to identify which type of pipeline or underground cable. It provides awareness regarding underground assets.

Wrapping up

The barricade tapes can only be used where there is a threat to a person’s health and life. You can use barrier tape if you identify any hazardous situations requiring a barrier. Barrication tape only tells the general public and workers about the situation and is used to control and prevent movement in that place. They are used for temporary measures as first responders.

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