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February 16, 2023

Options to Customize U panel bulk bags


Arpit Kushawaha


U Panel bulk bags


Due to the excellent customisation features, did you purchase a U-panel bulk bags from the market? But after trying it for yourself for quite some time, you might have yet to be able to customise your FIBC bags to your preferred choice.

Before choosing to customise your U panel bulk bag, you should have checked all its functionalities and safety standards required for it to be moulded as per your vision. If the quality of your U panel bulk bag is not up to its required level, then it would be hard to customise it to enhance its quality.


That is why here in this article, we have discussed options through which you can easily customise your U panel bags depending on your preference.


Style of the U panel Bulk bags


One of the first things you need to do before customising your U-panel bag is look at its outside shape. There are a lot of styles in which bulk bags are available to be bought from the market. Hence, let us look at those exquisite styles for starters.


UN Certified bags


  • Circular bulk bags

The first style of the bulk bag is the circular type, which is for the majority party and made up of a tubular fabric piece sewn along all sides. However, people often need clarification about the appearance of circular bags when they are filled up.


When they are filled up, they resemble a square bag, quite different from a circular one. Hence, if you want your U-panel bulk bag to look circular and square in short intervals of time, then circular bulk bags could be a good choice.


  • 4-panel bulk bags

You can imagine what the 4-panel bulk bag would look like from the name itself. The 4-panel bulk bag is made using four pieces of fabric sewn together. Compared to all styles of bulk bags, the 4-panel bag would hold its original shape when filled and would only sometimes change into a square-shaped bag.

But if you want to customise your U-panel bulk bags, you must ensure that the stitching stays together. However, when storing something, the 4-panel bags do it better than the other bulk bags.


  • Baffle bulk bags

The type of style that you choose to give after customisation of your U panel bulk bags is baffle bulk bags. The baffle bulk bags are made so that the springs to hold the bag are sewn inside, which helps it maintain its original shape.

Because without the baffles-like arrangement, the bag will lose its structure and attain a different shape other than the square one. The baffle bags are a quite popular customisation style due to its stability and overall ability to store more than others.


Type of fabric

Once you decide on the style, you want your U-panel bags in. It is now time to decide on the fabric material that might be used to formulate the change. There are four types of fabric that you can use for customising the U-panel bulk bag: –


 U-Panel bulk bag


  • Type A

Suppose the bulk bag you purchased from U Panel FIBC bags manufacturers could not withstand the UV rays from the sun or get easily eroded against the soil. Then, converting it into a type, A fabric bulk bag could be the ideal choice. It is the most common choice most buyers prefer due to its excellent trans-portability of non-flammable products.


  • Type B

The primary material used for making Type B fabric bulk bags is polypropylene. However, compared to Type A bags, the typical ones are entirely immune to sparks. It is because polypropylene doesn’t generate any sparks when it gets pulled along the surface for an extended period. Moreover, a spark could be damaging if it happens at a place prone to explosion.


  • Type C

When it comes to Type C of fabric, it is entirely different from the others mentioned in the article. Type C is a conductor-based fabric in which you always have to move along the ground to avoid any problematic issues.

If you want to move flammable materials using the U-panel FIBC bags manufacturers have handed to you, then type might be the best and only choice. In most instances, these bags are used in industries where there is a requirement to move flammable materials properly.


  • Type D

Now, the last category of fabric you can choose to customise your U panel bulk bag with is Type D. There is very little difference between Type C and Type D bulk bags as you can only transport the Type C if it makes contact with the ground throughout its journey.


While on the other hand, Type D can be moved even if it is not in contact with the ground, and you wouldn’t have to worry about generating any sparks. However, ensure that you don’t keep these bulk bags near any water source or grease as they might react with them chemically.

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Types Of U-Panel Bulk bags


Mode of filling

When discussing customising the U-panel bag, you must consider how you would fill the bag with the material you want to store. Four options are available to you, from which you can choose one depending upon the speed and type of material you are pouring inside the bag.


  • Tie-down flap top

Suppose the purpose for which you have purchased the U panel bulk bag is to help in the quick filling of the products. Then, choosing to convert the top of the bag into a tie-down flap top is ideal for you. The flap is crucial, ensuring the bag is filled instantly. Additionally, you can tie down the bag after the work is done to avoid spillage.


  • Duffle top

The duffle top option is similar to the tie-down flap top as it can also be used to rapidly fill up your U-panel bulk bag. The bag is completely opened from the top, allowing you to pour all the items simultaneously. After which, you can close the top to ensure the items put inside don’t go to waste.


  • Open top

The open-top filling option is the most popular among all the others mentioned in this list. This type of filling option is mainly preferred by people looking to store various gardening items and scrap products into it. These open tops usually have a spout-like bottom installed in them.


  • Spout top

If you are looking for a customised option that helps you have a controlled fill-up into the U panel bulk, then the spout top option can help you with it. After a while, you can close the lid and tie it off for later use when filling the bag.


  • Lift loop

Lastly, to complete your customisation of the U-panel bulk bag, you must decide which lift loop is perfect. The lift loops come in many different categories, which have unique applications of their own. Let us look at those types that will help you pick the best for your bag.


  • Corner seam loops

The corner seam loop option in U-panel bulk bags is the most commonly used lift loop type. This type of bulk bag has a lift loop attached at each corner of it for added convenience. However, when any worker or a forklift picks up the bag, they should use all four corners, or transportation of it could be challenging.


  • Cross corner loops

The cross-corner loops arrangement is quite similar to the corner seam loops option, with a little difference in its sewing technique. Here the lifting loops are sewed into the four corners and embedded into eight points made inside the bulk bag.

U Panel Bulk Bags

This lift loop arrangement is quite helpful during the lift-up of the bag when it gets filled up due to its rigid positioning. The chances of spillage are almost eliminated using this technique.

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Things one should know about U panel bags


  • Stevedore lift loops

The type of stevedore lift loop is different from the other options that are mentioned above. This arrangement could work best if you want to customise your U-panel bulk bag into a safe option while lifting it.

Moreover, there are three types of lift loop arrangements offered within this. One has a lift loop connecting each corner, another has a parallel arrangement along its corners, and lastly, a loop is attached to each corner.


  • Sleeve lift loops

This lift loop option might not be handy for those people who have bought the U panel bulk bag for personal usage because this arrangement is more beneficial for the lift operators working in the factories. They can easily use the handles of the operators and move the bags from one to another without facing any inconveniences.



These are all the options you can try and add to your U panel bulk bag that you purchase. However, before choosing to customise, ensure the bulk bag can handle all the chances and perform accordingly, just like you wanted. After reading the above article, you will find a good mixture of options to ensemble a perfect bulk.

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