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June 21, 2024

PE Bags for Cold Storage: Maintaining Freshness


Arpit Kushawaha


polyethylene pe bags


PE bags used in cold storage are an efficient method to keep the freshness of different goods, precisely food products such as fruits, vegetables, and meats. PE clear bag for cold storage are designed with special fabric to resist low temperatures. Their density, made from PP and PE, avoids the development of dangerous bacteria and microorganisms. This helps in keeping the quality, and freshness, and maintaining the highest nutritional value of the food over an extended duration.


Understand PE bags and It’s Uses

PE bags which we also know as plastic bags are manufactured from main or recycled PE plastic the impermeable white polyethylene plastic.

Polyethylene PE bags is strident, light, stable, easy to rip, completed of resisting quite heavy weight, and good conflict with water and chemicals. They are machined into many categories, available in numerous different forms, and lengths, and are extremely suitable. With many unrestricted advantages, PE bags are used extremely extensively in life.

Besides, they are also used in chemical plants. The PE bag does not response effortlessly to chemicals, or grease, so chemicals cannot damage them and cannot be dripped outside. Hence, PE bags are usually found in chemical plants, and industrial parks, where chemicals `must be using on regular basis

In these places, people use PE bags to wrap and keep chemicals to avoid them from moving the nearby surroundings and people for shipping, construction, or utilize to keep garbage. Moreover, PE bags are also utilized to keep medical trash in hospitals or laboratories.

Polyethylene PE bags are established to be a fast, lucrative, and stable packaging and storing solution. But when there are several categories of poly bags to choose from, all with distinct aspects and capacities, it can be interesting to know which option will work excellent for your application — particularly when it comes to something as relevant as secured food storage.  

When it comes to poly bags for food storing, there are some particular deliberations you required to take into account. Below, we’ll summary some key aspects to look for before buying PE bags for cold storage uses. 


PE Bags for Food Storage: What to Look For

If you’re in the food enterprises, you must understand that food protection and freshness are top responsibilities in gaining and retaining loyal shoppers. Henceforth, it’s critical to discover a packaging and storage option that guarantees those things. Here are four aspects to look for in PE liner bags for Cold storage. 

Made with Food Grade Plastic

As its name advices, food grade plastic is any plastic fabric deemed protected for usage with foods. In order to be deliberated a food grade plastic, a material must fulfill different safety regulations established by the Food and Drug Administration and other regulatory organizations. These standards guarantee that the material fulfill the following three criteria:

  • Protecting – Avoids moisture or contagion
  • Strong – Safeguards food products during manufacturing, packaging, storage, and transportation procedure
  • Chemically safe – has no possible for “leeching”, which is when chemicals leak into the food

These criteria also look for less dangerous, but still critical features like whether or not a plastic material shakes the taste, odor, or color of the food. 

Food Storage Poly Bags That Are Thin, but Strong

With food storage, you usually require a bag that’s stretchy, light in weight, moisture-resistant, and translucent so buyers can see what’s inside. Fortunately, different PE liner bags offer these advantages. 

Though, relying on the type of food, size of food, shape of food, and/or amount of food you’re going to store, you may require investing in something a little more heavy-duty. This is where the HDPE and LDPE poly bags come in. 

  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE) poly bags are thicker, causing them to be more strong and resistant to tears — but they can be less flexible and transparent than other options. Therefore, they’re most ideal for heavy, sharp, or bulk food items. 
  • Low density polyethylene (LDPE) poly bags are less dense, causing them to be lithe, transparent, and effortless to open. They’re the best choice for lightweight, low-quantity food products. 

Able to Resist Severe Temperatures

Maybe you require freezing your food in cold storage, or maybe you’re planning to sell your food at an outdoor market in the summer. Either way, you require making sure that the category of poly bag you choose can survive the severe temperatures you may keep it in. 

These temperature-proofed poly bags normally have additives within them to help avoid the plastic from becoming stiff, breaking down, or tender — all in a sweat to protect your food from harm and spoiling.

Supportable Poly Bags

As your industry has grown, you may have observed the number of plastic bags you go through on a routine basis. As particular food product is sold, another single-use plastic bag leaves the store, perhaps leading you to think about your store’s effect on the atmosphere. 

But food requires adequate storage, and many of the maintainable packaging and storage choices available aren’t within your budget — so, what are you to do?

Why are PE Bags so Widespread?

It is not usual that PE clear bag are used so much and heavily in day-to-day life. This is largely obligations to its excellent kinds such as:

Reasonable Price

Because PE bag produces PE bags which are manufactured from virgin PE or recycled PE plastic, so they are low in cost, abundant in supply, easy to procedure to the preferred shape, easy to use, suitable for enterprises, factory formed, and used on a great scale.


All types of PE bags are flexible, non-wearing, effortless to heat, strong to acid and alkali, entice less grime and other biological rudiments, and resist persuaded temperatures and that clarifies why they are most normally used today. PE bags are used in food industries because they can keep products away from mud and mold from outside the climate avoids humidity, and keep items quality for a longer duration.

PE bags are used a lot in the conveyance and safety of food or the industry – farming, and electronics because of their strength, durability, tear confrontation, and toughness. In addition, PE bags are also printed with emblem and logos used to indorse the item.

With many excellent advantages mentioned above, it is easier to comprehend when PE bags are usually becoming widespread and tremendously applicable in nearly all industries today.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are PE plastic bags used for?
PE Plastic bags are very useful when it comes to packaging heavy-duty products.

What is the use of PE liner?
A Polyethylene (PE) Liner is a strong packaging fabric to build a barrier (protected coating or wall) between FIBC Bags and their items, making them safe to carry & ship fine powers, minerals, seeds, and food items.

Is PE lining safe?
Polyethylene is noxious if its parts leak into beverages and goods that could cause health hazards.



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