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March 29, 2024

PE Bags: Versatile Packaging for Various Industries




PE Bags


These days PE bags are quite useful for holding several different items and have become quite popular in our day-to-day lives. In today’s article we will focus on what are PE bags and why they are very popular?


Know about PE bags and their Usages

PE bags which are also recognized as plastic bag are manufactured from main or biodegradable PE plastic which is the impervious white polyethylene plastic.

Polyethylene PE bag are piercing, light, firm, and hard to tear, proficient of resist quite heavy weight, excellent hostility to water and chemicals. They are machined into many types, come in several different shapes, lengths, and are extremely suitable. With many limitless advantages, PE bags are utilized extremely extensively in life.

Also, they are also used in chemical manufacturing units. The PE bag does not rejoinder comfortably to chemicals, grease, so chemicals cannot hurt them and cannot be dripped outside. Consequently, PE bags are commonly found in chemical plants, manufacturing parks, where chemicals `must be used on regular basis

In these places, people use polyethylene PE bags to wrap and reserve chemicals to deter them from upsetting the nearby environments and people for shipping, construction, or used to keep garbage. Moreover, PE bags are also utilized to keep medical waste in hospitals or laboratories. Many of the Plastic Bag Manufacturers in Kolkata are creating PE bags of high-quality


Categories of Common PE bags used by Various Industries

Plain PE bag

A plain PE bag is a bag with a flat, smooth exterior without any type of grip. This type of bag must uses a lanyard or mouth sealer to keep the fillings from trickling out.

Personalized PE bag are created in small sizes and normally used to keep food (nuts, green tea, jam), retail items at shops, used in supermarkets, or in the medical enterprises which also contains medicine, mask, etc. The larger lengths are created for agriculture, manufacturing, shopper goods, and hefty packaging.


PE Roll Bags

PE roll bag which comes in Roll Bag which are considered as a handle-free bag, available in various colors and sizes. This type of bag is usually manufactured from recycled PE or biodegradable plastic and is usually used in supermarkets or markets for the main motive of keeping food with small or medium sized bags.

In the interim, the larger PE roll bags are regularly used to keep garbage in households, companies, factories.


PE T-shirt Bags comes with 2 handles

These categories of Polyethylene PE Bags available in two handles, accessible in a different choice of shades from transparent, red, blue to black, with increased power, exactness, and competence to resist heavy objects.

This type of bag is very widespread and most principally used because its knobs that help users easily shift items. It is very easy to determine them in most supermarkets, stores, grocery stores.


Glued PE bags

The bonded PE bag features a advanced one-sided design and has a comparable adhesive covering. When using, users just need eliminating the plastic shielding the glue and closure the bag. Thus, the safety of items becomes stress-free.

This type of personalized PE bag is mainly used to reserve electronic constituents, stationery, toys and is also used to keep items in import and export.


Antistatic PE bags

Antistatic PE bag have an exterior coating created of PE plastic and the inner primary is paper or plastic, capable of liberating electrostatic well, while also obstructive bright.

Because of its antistatic properties, these bags are used for packaging electronic products, electronic parts, telecommunications yields, unified circuit boards, chips or allocating items.


Vacuum PE bags

Vacuum PE bags are manufactured of dense PE plastic with the lid slot and the vacuum valve is created of silicon, cumulative springiness and airtight. This type of bag is mainly used in the food industries, or for packaging items for travel.

When keeping food in the bag and captivating the air out, the internal weather is free of microbes, allocating the food inside to not be frantic, moldy, and keep fresh for a lengthy time.


Die-cut PE bags

This is a plain bag impaled to construct a grip so that items can be readily repositioned, with a nice design that can be mainly manufactured for brand advertising. This type of bag is frequently used to hold take-away water cup, or to store dresses, properties in shops, supermarkets.


PE Zipper Bag

A PE bag with a zipper which are available top of the bag. This type of bag has the advantages of being steady, airtight, and safety when keeping the items inside. In addition, Personalised PE Bags also have 2-layer coatings or 2-zipper bags, used to keep items more resolutely, not being exhausted during shipping.

Because of the above advantages, this bag is used to keep components, medical supplies, household items, and mainly food for cold storage.


Know Why PE Bags are so popular?

It is not usual that PE bag are used so much and mostly in day-to-day life. This is mostly requirements to its excellent categories such as:


Reasonable Cost

Because PE bag are manufactured from virgin PE or reprocessed PE plastic, they are low cost, abundant in supply, comfortable to process to the preferred shape, easy to use, suitable for enterprises, factory formed and used on great scale.



All types of PE bag are flexible, non-wearing, easy to heat, strong to acid and alkali, entice less grime and other biological basics, resist convinced temperatures and that elucidates why they are most usually used today. In addition, PE bag are also printed with symbols and logos used to stimulate the product.

With many extraordinary advantages mentioned above, it is comfy to appreciate when PE bag are frequently becoming extensive and tremendously applicable in nearly all industries today.



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What are the benefits of polyethylene bags?

Poly bags propose several advantages for businesses and consumers alike. They are sturdy, light in weight, cost-effective, biodegradable, and incredibly adaptable. For these reasons, poly bags are a abundant choice for any packaging or shipping requirements.


What are PE plastic bags?

Polyethylene or polythene is the most usually formed plastic. It is a polymer, mostly utilized for packaging .


What are the 10 uses of plastic bags?

Plastic bags are utilized for comprising and moving items such as foods, produce, powders, ice, magazines, chemicals, and garbage.



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