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November 13, 2021

Pipeline Weight Bag Applications And Purposes




Geotextile pipeline weight Bags


Pipeline weight bags are also referred to as Bag Weights, Pipeline Bags, Saddle Weights, and other terms. Singhal Industries Private Limited produces Pipeline weight bags using the highest quality textiles. Bags are by far the most cost-effective pipeline balancing technique due to their low product price, low operating expenses, and use of local gravel as a base. It is used to regulate the flotation of the tube as it travels across a stream, lake, wetland, or marsh.


Pipeline Weight bag can create negative stability of pipes more efficiently while also outlay by lowering the high expenses based on standardized weighting methods. Moreover, the flexible and surface roughness nature of Pipeline Weights serves as protection and damage to the outside surface layer of the pipeline throughout setup also during pipeline moving owing to pressure and other bad circumstances.


Pipeline weight bags are made of Woven Non-Coated Polypropylene Fabric, which has a unique set of mechanical, chemically, physical, thermodynamic, and electrical qualities not seen in any other thermoplastic, making it ideal for weighting pipelines:

  • Non and Extremely Tough Suitable for Hidden away Application
  • Excellent Superior Properties and Low Moisture Solubility
  • High Penetrability of Fabric Helps guarantee Cathodic Safeguards
  • UV Treatment of Fabric Guarantees UV Tension
  • Most stable and reliable polymer having a pH range of 2-13
  • Brilliant Di-electric qualities making it resistant from electrolytic invasion


  • These Weights are constructed of polypropylene material, which has properties such as resistance to corrosion, anti-acidity, and non-pollutant to water cleanliness, and is a type of fibre reinforcement with longer life.
  • Since these Weights are composed of non-biodegradable polypropylene material loaded with local pebbles, they are as transparent as the sediment used to fill them, providing underground and cathodic safeguards with an easy route.
  • These Weights do not necessitate additional trench depth. In addition, they necessitate less trench dewatering.
  • These weights do not need people to set them in excavations, eliminating a possible security hazard.
  • Weight tilting is avoided due to an “actual weight” of Such Weights.

Saddle bag weights

It’s a polypropylene container that’s flexible. Saddle bag weights are made up of cells loaded with substances such as dirt, pebbles, soil, etc., and it’s being used as a pipeline modelling method to stabilize the pipeline for buoyancy management.

The mass of the pipe rider and its structure keep the pipeline (which transports oil, gasoline, and other fluids) stable in the face of environmental forces.

The saddle bag weights come in a multitude of sizes. The main type is appropriate for pipelines with a dimension of up to 60 inches (152 cm) and a moving ability of up to 15.000 lbs (6.800 Kg).

Benefits over concrete weight plates include:

  • A substantially greater performance/cost ratio owing to the cost-effective construction.
  • They may be loaded on-site, making them much simpler to transfer to the worksite.
  • As it is a flexible box, it is considerably safer to overcome on-site.
  • The saddle bag’s contrasting chambers are linked together by straps. This allows the load to be placed on the lower teams of the pipe rather than on top of it. As a result, there is a reduced centre point, which means more steadiness, good traction, and high productivity.


Bags seem to be the most cost-effective pipeline weighting technique due to their low product price, low handling expenses, and the use of local stones as a base. As less water is released, enabling for fewer weights, “actual weight” underwater frequently surpasses similar solid weights. Bags are also less classy to fit because they need no extra furrow deepness, want less channel aeration, and stick to the bulk of trough bottoms. Bags are non-biodegradable or may be readily replaced if needed.


The setup is risk-free and straightforward. Load the bag weights with pebbles from a nearby location, spread along the right-of-way, descend well over the pipeline, and try to fill. Bags can be inserted with a simple lift hook and removed without employees in the trench.

Pipeline weights are designed to withstand the rigours of pipeline installation. They are made of heavy-duty woven materials that are intended for underground use. UV inhibitors of high grade ensure that the weight’s integrity is preserved even after prolonged Ultraviolet rays on the right of way. The innovative multi-compartment design, high tensile strapping, and thick seam construction provide a minimum of 4 times the safety factor.



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