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October 5, 2023

PP Glass Lined Sheets in Action: Case Studies of Successful Use


Arpit Kushawaha


PP Glass Lined Sheets


The PP Glass Lined sheets are characterized by their high strength and longer lifespan due to the special treatment and process followed in their making. Despite being light in weight, these sheets are handy, especially for roofing projects, due to their higher endurance and durability.

In short, you can use the PPGL profile sheet and have complete peace of mind knowing it can withstand extreme climate conditions.


Preparation of the Sheets

The PPGL sheet manufacturers India follow a specific process and combination of materials to make these sheets.

Ideally, these steel sheets have specific properties, making them corrosion-resistant. The manufacturers coat the sheets with an additional layer of metal, usually zinc or aluminum.

This enhances the endurance of the sheets, making them highly resistant to harsh elements of extreme weather. Simply put, such specialized construction makes them highly resistant to environmental degradation.


Properties and Specifications

The physical and chemical properties allow the manufacturers to customize sheets according to the users’ needs. Depending on the property and the PPGL sheet specification, it can be punched, pressed, or rolled and used in several ways. Ideally, the different production specs of these sheets allow them to be used for diverse applications.

The lightweight properties of the PP Glass Lined sheets, along with their greater strength and higher durability, also add to their usage for different purposes. These sheets are ideally created by highly proficient engineers with sophisticated techniques and the most advanced machinery. The finest quality of material used in making these sheets does not allow them to crack even under pressure.


Though the specifications may vary from one manufacturer to another, usually you will get the PPGL sheets in the following specs:

  • A standard thickness that ranges between 2 mm and 5 mm
  • The width varies between 1 meter and 1.5 meters, and
  • The length of each sheet is 20 meters maximum.


You will also get a wide variety of colors of PPGL sheets to use for other purposes and to suit all your needs.

Quality and Features

  • When you compare the PPGL sheets with other materials, they will beat them in terms of quality. This is mainly due to the fine finish of the sheets made from superior steel. It is galvanized precisely to meet the set standards of the industry.
  • The drainage cells are one of the most significant aspects of the PP Glass Lined sheets. The manufacturers emphasize this aspect and follow specific techniques to ensure compliance with international standards.
  • They follow stringent quality control measures to preserve the sheets’ premium quality and high functionality. This, in turn, offers high value and satisfaction to the users.


These PPGL sheets come complete with good features and properties that make them helpful and favored for diverse applications. Some of the most significant features include:


  • It’s lightweight
  • Its resistance to chemical corrosion
  • It’s fewer joints that enhance its strength and functionality
  • Its consistent structure
  • Its peel and sheer strength and
  • It has high abrasion resistance.


All these features and aluminum or zinc coating give the PPGL sheets extreme tolerance for extreme weather conditions and greater strength.


Different Use Cases

The features and valuable properties of the PPGL sheets make them a popular choice for different use cases.

Here are some of the most notable applications, most of them related to roofing:


  • Polycarbonate roofing – Ideally, polypropylene resin is used to make polycarbonate resin. Sheets made from this particular resin are incredibly light in weight but do not compromise its strength. These sturdy sheets are unbreakable and come in both transparent and opaque variants. Best suited for conservatories and greenhouses, these sheets usually have a wide range of applications.
  • Color roofing – You can use these steel sheets of different colors for roofing and other applications. These color-coated steel sheets come with varying hardness levels, making it easier to choose one specific type according to your requirements. Apart from a diverse range of colors, these sheets also come with various types of coating. For example, you will get a primer layer, premium paint coating, corrosion barriers, and chemical pretreatment coating.
  • Asphalt roofing – One of the most common and popular roofing types is asphalt roofing. It is affordable for everyone since the material is cheap. You will also get this versatile material in different colors and textures. Ideally, asphalt refers to the tar in its liquid form, typically used in flat roofs. It resembles a wood or slate roof and can be used efficiently before it hardens and sets.
  • Cement roofing – Also called fiber cement roof sheets, cement roofing is most commonly found in domestic and commercial structures. Known for its strength and outstanding durability, it is widely known for its commendable fiber reinforcement feature.


It is all due to the galvanized nature of the steel sheet, which is given to it by dipping it into a container full of hot zinc or aluminum. This additional layer makes it resistant to environmental corrosion as well as rust. Therefore, these sheets are ideal for use in roofing and as sheds in exposed areas.



Commercial or industrial buildings have different kinds of roofs with different roofing needs. A lot of technological progress has been made to meet these needs, and one such is the PPGL sheets. These sheets give users a broader and more diverse range of options without restrictions depending on their specific requirements.




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