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September 11, 2023

PP Jumbo Bags: A Comprehensive Guide to Heavy-Duty Packaging Solutions


Arpit Kushawaha


PP Jumbo Bags


Are you looking for an appropriate Heavy-Duty Packaging Solution you then you should be aware the Jumbo Bags are perfect for usage. If you want to know more about it than today’s article is all about this..

PP Jumbo bags which we also know as 1 Ton bag, FIBC bag, Big Jumbo, Bulk bag, and so many more. The characteristics of this kind of bags are also differing as per the user requirements. It is very difficult to opt for the particular type and quality ton bags you require for your firm & its requirement. These PP Jumbo bags are considered as very best bags to carry heavy duty packaging Items.

While opting for a perfect PP Jumbo Bags you should ponder the size, load-bearing capability, utilized raw materials, categories, available models, and their specific usage areas before finalizing the bags.

Length of  PP Jumbo Bags


If we speak about the the average-sized Jumbo bag then they are usually 90 to 200 cm in height and 90 to 120 cm in width. Also, if you required Jumbo Bags for your particular needs then it is also possible as you can get a custom size Jumbo bag according to your specified requirement. As far the total weight is concern these bags are about 3 to 6 pounds, and they can easily carry one to several tons of various products.

Again, these can be varying depending on to the purpose through various alternations. There is no usual size of jumbo bags even. The most famous & useful size of the Jumbo bag is the 1-ton capacity variant which has a length size 90X90X90 cm. You can discover all feasible sizes and volumes of Jumbo bags with Singhal Industries.

It is very difficult for anyone to picture the exact size of the Jumbo bags without peeking at them practically. A material-full bag lying on a standard size pallet is about waist to chest height of a normal height person.


Categories of PP Jumbo bags


There are four types of Jumbo Bags are available in the market which are known as circular, U-panel, four-panel, baffle, and more. 

Circular bag; Tubular woven material are utilized to manufacture these kinds of bag. Tubular fabric is created as a tube and does not require any side stitching. This kind of bag cannot forms its shape while carrying or loading products in it. When products are stored in these PP Jumbo Bags, relying on the variety of the product, it changes its presence. You can compare it to a big tomato kind of bag when fully loaded with product.


U-panel bag; this is quite better than circular-shaped bags. Two U-shaped woven panels combined organized to manufacture this category of PP Jumbo bag. It can embrace its cube shape much enhanced than the circular bags while loaded with product.


Four-Panel bag; The four-panel bag is the standard choice for achieving a square shape when stored with various products. Four portion of woven PP fabric combined together to make the flanks of the container. A separate square-shaped panel practice for making the bottommost of the bags.


Baffle bag; If cube-shaped packaging is needed then, then you must count on this category of Jumbo bags as this is the most appropriate option. Here four additional perplexes are stitched at the four sides of the stacks. So, it can uphold the cubic shape irrespective of the material type stored in it.

The load-bearing capability of Jumbo bags


The capability of Jumbo bags specifies how much products they can store and carry. The PP Jumbo bags are excellent in proposing the highest product to package weight than any other packaging boxes. The capability often defines as cubic feet or cubic meters. You can analyze the volume of a bag by growing the length, width, and elevation. However, the knot also needs to deliberate while computing the dimension of the bags. When you load the Jumbo Bags with products, due to the weight of the commodities, it expands. As an outcome, a surge in capability. That is why companies promote a little extra as the capability of the bag.

What about the load bearing capability of the PP Jumbo bags? The products type you want to transport with the PP Jumbo Bags is also a critical feature. A heavy-weight material must affect the volumetric range of the sacks. If you carry low-density materials, you can store them over, and if you transport high-density product, you must loaded them low.


Materials Utilized for Manufacturing Jumbo Bags


The raw fabric of that woven material is a soft thermoplastic material which is known as polypropylene. For enhanced shield and extra sturdiness, PVC use occasionally. A restored Jumbo bag is a respectable choice nowadays to select from convention one. They are cost-effective, sturdy, light in weight, and as well as robust. Refurbished jumbo bags are biologically friendly. These bags minimalize the plastic landfill and support our earth to stay cool and fecund.


Style Available/ Models of Jumbo Bags


PP Jumbo bags are easily available in several styles for a distinct usage. Jumbo bags can be considered according to varied lifting selections, filling options, and unloading options.

  • Lifting option: The elating option of jumbo sacks can be any one of the following four.
  • Four corner loops; It has four coils at each side of the stacks to transport
  • Loop extenders; It is appropriate for extended transportation and has additional grip and support.
  • Sleeve lifts; It comprises two sheaths. Transport tools can be implanted in these sleeves to transportation more steadily.
  • Stevedore; This choice is also for easiness of transport
  • Filling option: The filling choices are also numerous categories.
  • Complete open top; The top is fully open
  • Fill Spout; A top spurt is attached so that powder and granular ingredients can be stored effortlessly.


  • Discharge option: As the jumbo bags are heavy in weight and it is also hard to unload materials from them. The jumbo bags are also comes with appropriate discharge choices.
  • Plain bottom: No release option from the bottommost
  • Spout release: A spout positioned at the lowest of the bags can be closed or opened when needed.
  • Dome bottom: Dome shape release option, appropriate for powder ingredients.

Where the Jumbo bag Utilize


PP Jumbo bags are very useful in various sectors which contain but not limited to the following;

Farming: PP Jumbo bags utilize for shipping grain, feed, seeds, and other farming yields with the appropriateness of loading and conservation choices. Food-grade bags woven bags are flawless for conveying human and animal usable products.


Construction: Cement, sand, bricks, lumber, gravel, and a ton of other construction products which are frequently needful long-term storage or long-distance transport, and here the jumbo bags play their part with dependability and assurance.


Food processing: The jumbo bags enormously utilize in the food handling enterprises for the food products and raw-materials shipping and storing as jumbo bags are available with features like chemical-free and food-grade.


Mining: For shipping the valuable materials which are from mine to the processing industry, there is no other bag is perfect than utilizing jumbo bags accomplish the task flawlessly. It permits overfilling, safe shipping without estrangement, suitable handling, and a lot more.


Medicinal: PP Jumbo bags are also an outstanding choice for Pharma product shipping and storing because these bags are available in chemical-free amenities.

Jumbo bags modify further for accomplishment the precise need of storage and conveying subtle products. That is why jumbo bags are also comes with amenities like outer or inner cover, extra inner coating, air-proof, dissipative, ventilated, conductive, and so forth.


Singhal Industries:- One Stop Shop For Jumbo Bags


Singhal Industries is having a rich experience in manufacturing the PP Jumbo Bags. If you are looking to purchase any kind of PP Jumbo bags then you should contact Singhal Industries as we always built high-quality products.



What is a PP Jumbo Bag?


PP Jumbo Bags are big bags utilized for loading and conveying free flowing dry products. Bulk bags are characteristically created from woven polypropylene. The bags normally hold about 2000-4000 lbs. of goods.


What are Jumbo bags Made from?


Our PP Jumbo bags are manufactured from high-quality, virgin polypropylene, which provides you the definitive in quality and value for your items. You can be certain your products are secure and protected, from storage to shipping to discharge at their final destination.


What is Woven Polypropylene Made from?


Woven polypropylene is manufactured from extruded polypropylene mastic pellets.


What sizes do Jumbo bags Available in?


PP Jumbo bags are available in any size that the customer needs. Jumbo bags can be built to any particular requirement that the customer may need and relying on the category of product.





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