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January 18, 2024

PP Jumbo Bags in Agriculture: Revolutionizing Crop Packaging


Arpit Kushawaha


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PP jumbo bags also recognized as FIBCs (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers), have ended up being an important component of rural industries. These sacks are stretchy and can be utilized to keep and transport a variety of farming merchandise inclusive of grains, seeds, fertilizers, and animal fodder.

As food production rises globally, the agriculture industry is working to enhance its eco-friendly effect, cost-effectiveness, and operational competence. For many industries, finding better storage and transportation methods is a dangerous step toward accomplishing this purpose. 

Polypropylene bulk bags are a beneficial tool for a wide span of applications in the farming industry, from crop storage to transport. This post will discuss the many benefits of using polypropylene bags for your agricultural business. We’ll also clarify why you should deliberate purchasing bulk bags. 


What Is Polypropylene?

Polypropylene also understood as PP, is an adaptable thermoplastic fabric manufactured through the polymerization of propylene. The polymerization procedure happens when small individual molecules called monomers chemically combine to create larger molecules or polymers. 

Experts consider polypropylene greater than other plastic packaging fabrics due to its protection. Because it does not comprise bisphenol A, polypropylene has a lower poisonousness rating than several other plastics, making it appropriate for keeping food and drink items. 


Some normal usages of polypropylene include:

  • Medication bottles
  • Sipping straws
  • Yogurt cups
  • Reusable grocery shopping bags
  • Athletic attire
  • Car batteries
  • Needles

One of the supreme features of all these applications is endurance. PP is a perfect fabric for long-lasting items for many reasons, containing its high-temperature confrontation, flexibility, and tensile strength.

Polypropylene Bulk Bags for Agriculture

Polypropylene bulk bags, sometimes called super sacks, are a type of woven FIBCs that are beneficial for different industries.

These bags’ unique aspects make them useful for usage in the agricultural industry.



One of the main blessings of PP jumbo bag is that they are price-effective. These bags are manufactured of polypropylene, which is a sturdy and lightweight fabric. Through this process, they could domain a large quantity of goods without including more weight and making it easier to move them.

Polypropylene can carry more weight and endure longer than other packaging items, which suggests you require less of them than you would with conventional fabrics like paper or another plastic. You can also use FIBC bags again until they break down, saving you money for a longer period. Additionally, due to their high capability and low weight, you can place and stack these bags more competently than smaller bags, and get the most out of your transport weight and storage area while concurrently cutting down on related expenses.


Easy to Modify

PP jumbo bags are intended to be smooth to grip. They are functional in different lengths and might carry up to 2000 kg of goods, making them perfect for hauling huge portions of agricultural items. Furthermore, they can be loaded and unloaded with the use of forklifts, making the process brief and well-organized.

You can easily modify and laminate your bags to publish anything from item information to your company symbol directly on the bag. Relying on your application, you can also add ergonomic aspects like handles to make carriage and supervision even easier.


Shields the Products

PP jumbo bags are considered to shield agricultural stock at some stage in transport and storage. They are manufactured from a woven polypropylene material, which is robust and protects the goods from moisture, dust, and different pollutants.

Additionally, PP jumbo bags have a UV coating that safeguards them from the sun’s hazardous rays, assuring that the item’s interiors are not harmed using disclosure to sunlight.


Environmentally Pleasant

In general, polypropylene is more recyclable than other packaging plastics. In other words, it breakdowns down much more quickly than other fabrics and causes less harm to the atmosphere. Its low toxicity means it issues fewer hazardous substances, thus averting water table and food chain pollution. 



PP jumbo bags are multipurpose and may be utilized to keep and ship more than a few agricultural items. They are suitable for keeping and transporting grains, seeds, fertilizers, and animal fodder. Furthermore, PP jumbo baggage is available in different sizes, making them suitable for different diversities of merchandise.


PP jumbo bags are climate-friendly. They are built of polypropylene which is a recyclable fabric. This way they can be used multiple times or recycled at the end of their lifestyles, dropping waste and helping to safeguard the atmosphere. Furthermore, the utilization of PP jumbo bags decreases the want for different forms of packaging fabrics, which contain plastic bags, that are unsafe for the atmosphere.

Bulk Bags for Agriculture are used for Following Items

Bulk bags help farmers collect, consolidate, allocate, and transport their fabrics and crops, containing everything from fresh vegetables to grains to fertilizers. 

Here are some other distinctive reasons to utilize bulk bags in the farming industry.

  • Seed: Seed is conceivably the most crucial fabric for farmers. After all, you can’t plant crops or grow food for your livestock without them. Though seeds are comparatively robust, they still require a shield from dampness, heat, and pests. Polypropylene FIBC bags retain pests and environmental harm while conserving your seed within.

  • Crops: You can replenish a polypropylene bag with your crop and retain it in the same container for storage, transporting, and even sale objectives. PP bags’ tough nature averts crops from damage during shipping. Even delicate items like fruits and vegetables are safe and secure in these bags.

  • Feed: Thanks to their hard exterior and low toxicity, woven polypropylene feed bags are an outstanding choice for safeguarding livestock feed from insect infestation and spoilage.

  • Fertilizer: Because bulk bags are well-suited to different farming machines, you can make your unloading procedure easier and secure for field workers. Additionally, they stave off fertilizer from leaking out of the container and harming the environment.

  • Environmental initiatives: Agricultural processes naturally affect the atmosphere in numerous ways. By replacing smaller, single-use boxes in storage with heavy-duty bags you can recycle throughout each season, you can cut down on the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills. 



PP jumbo bags have transformed the farming industry, making it more cost-powerful, effective, and climate-friendly. These bags are easy to handle, protect the goods, and are versatile, making them ideal for keeping and transporting several agricultural products. If you’re looking for a cost-effective and green manner to shop and deliver your agricultural goods, then PP jumbo bags are a great choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a jumbo bag made of?
Jumbo bags are normally made of polyester fibers such as polypropylene. Jumbo bags can be largely utilized as packaging in the chemical industry, building materials, plastics, minerals, and other powders. They are also the perfect products for keeping, transportation, and other industries.

What are jumbo bags used for?
Jumbo Bags, also recognized as FIBC Jumbo Bags or Bulk Bags, are the ideal option for nearly every industry today that requires keeping, packing, and transporting solid dry bulk materials.

Is a jumbo bag a tonne?
Jumbo bags a safe and secure bags that will hold 1-ton to 3-ton products in them, so they must be the best quality.



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