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July 7, 2023

PP Woven Bags vs. Non-Woven Bags: Which is Better?


Arpit Kushawaha


PP Woven Bags


With the worldwide challenge in contradiction of the usage of PP Woven bags, usually recognized as paper bags, people are starting to search for plastic bag alternatives. As an outcome, recycle bag printing has become a worthwhile business around the world. An instance of this industry’s item is woven and non-woven bags. These are very useful whenever you are going grocery shopping particularly when they are even stronger than other kinds of plastic bags.

For inspired concentrations, deliberately create your bag adjustable. If one side of your bag is a flashy design, the opposite side could be a simple one. It is tried and confirmed that people love to have choices. If you can’t relax with one proposal, give your customers two and they will surely recall you.

Recyclable bags are more famous now than ever before, with extraordinary options of bags available manufactured from eco fabrics including paper, natural fibers such as cotton, and even polypropylene. Polypropylene is an extensively versatile type of plastic, utilized for creating a diversity of items from lunch boxes to bags! Here at Singhal Industries, we have two choices available for polypropylene bags, non-woven PP and woven PP, and at the same time as these bags are justly alike we’ve defined the difference for you in this blog.

However, many people may not understand the variances between these two kinds of bags. In the world of advertising favors, they are the main product that companies use to promote their brand. In this article, we break down the whole thing to give you a clear picture of the woven and non-woven bags.

PP woven Bags

Woven and Non-Woven Bags- What is the Difference?


Both woven and non-woven bags are prodigious and can both be modified. Each bag has its exclusive advantages and features. But what is the dissimilarity between the two?

Woven bags are normally created from material that has been intertwined together. This gives the material strength. Usually, separate filaments are combined to make one piece of substantial. The procedure is typically repetitive to come up with a robust piece of material. The material is then utilized to manufacture the woven bags.

Non-woven bags, on the other hand, are generally created. Although they are also created from materials, the materials are typically tangled and composed somewhat than woven. This can be done automatically, chemically, or thermally dependent on the creation that is being utilized.

It is vital to note that both woven and non-woven bags are a fragment of the recycle bag printing industry. This is because they are both prepared from recycled ingredients. The solitary dissimilarity comes in the way they are manufactured.

Non-woven and woven polypropylenes are manufactured from a comparable kind of plastic resin, but they do diverge in the way that they are intended.

Woven polypropylene contains polypropylene plastic filaments that are intertwined together, making a tough fabric with an excellent deal of rigidity and strength. In distinction, non-woven polypropylene bags are attached instead of woven by combining the threads utilizing heat and pressure.

PP woven Bags

Both kinds of PP bags are 100% recyclable, being just one step far from the bio-based plastics at the best end of the Greenpeace pyramid of plastics. Plus, there is the additional advantage of this material being waterproof when over with a coated film, helping to shield contents from dampness.

Singhal Industries’s printed non-woven PP and woven PP bags are offered in a variety of lively colors and can be tinted to match your layout and your brand. Your logo can be printed over the whole of the bag exterior as we reverse print onto a matt or gloss lamination.


Woven Bags


Woven bags can be prepared in a diversity of intertwining flairs. However, three normal weave styles are utilized. Individually fitting the procedure is distinctive and the style to be utilized will be reliant on the type of bag being prepared.

Woven bags are typical and have been around for moderately some time. Woven bags can also be operated as tote bags, clutch bags, and even satchel bags.



  • They are stretchy and able to uphold their silhouette
  • They are recyclable
  • They are appropriate for machine wash



  • They are not appropriate for meat and vegetables as these foods items will come into straight contact with the bacteria
  • They are not water resilient


Non-Woven Bags


Non-woven bags are more versatile while compared with woven bags. Because they are also created of material, they propose nearly parallel benefits. However, non-woven bag printing is more common because they are much more reasonable. It is for this cause that they are mostly utilized in Arts and Crafts.

PP woven Bags


A modified non-woven bag is a major tendency when it derives to these bags. This is mostly true for companies and establishments that employ them as advertising gifts that endorse brand acknowledgment. Non-woven bags are available with various modifications and printing choices as compared to woven bags.


  • They can be used again
  • They have water absorption features
  • They are less costly than woven bags


  • They are not as sturdy as woven bags and are henceforth less tough
  • They cannot be washed away
  • They dock germs and other harmful bacteria
Which Polypropylene Fabric Is Better, Woven or Non-Woven?


Both woven and nonwoven polypropylene has exceptional water-resistant properties. If you must choose between the two, it could be sensible to differentiate and relate the selections in light of your necessities.

Ponder about toughness first. Non-woven polypropylene FIBC bags have the drawback of not having the stretchable power of the woven material. Numerous points of strengthening that do not exist in the heat-pressed polypropylene material are formed when filaments are woven and composed.

PP woven Bags


Second, inspect the comparative status of breathability and waterproofing. You have a lot more compliance if you can get by lacking perfect water conflict than if you unquestionably must have a waterproof creation.

Finally, think about how important signs and color are. With symbols or colors put over the project, woven polypropylene cloth is characteristically available in white or lighter types and may not last as long. Conversely, non-woven material is comfortable to work with when it comes to accomplishing colors and logos, and you can stain them before any actions or shrouds.

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