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December 11, 2021

Seven Reasons to Choose Polypropylene for Your Next Food Packaging Project






The packaging of the product should be done in such a way that it would not only highlight but also maintain the integrity of the product. Singhal Industries Pvt Ltd manufactures excellent polypropylene sheets in the market. It is Choosing the appropriate packaging materials requires optimum consideration as well as planning.

Polypropylene sheets are one of the essential materials for protecting your food products. Some of the reasons for choosing these sheets are as follows:-

#1. Light-weighted 

Polypropylene sheets are incredibly light weighted. It constitutes a relatively lower density than other packaging materials, saving manufacturers costs. The cost of shipping and manufacturing heavy packaging materials can serve as an addition. Still, manufacturers can lower your shipping costs by using light packaging materials like polypropylene.

#2. Flexibility 

One of the best reasons to use PP sheets for packaging is its excessively flexible and malleable. Few plastics might break or crack when bent or put under pressure, but polypropylene is free of such things. The flexibility of polypropylene is used in the creation of living hinges.

A living hinge is very flexible, and the hinge and its creation take place from one continuous piece of polypropylene. It can be bent multiple times without breaking or cracking. These living hinges in the PP cartons are utilized to create convenient fold creases, which allow simple and quick manuals.

#3. Durability

Polypropylene is suitable for packing products since it’s highly durable. It is not reactive to most acids or conducts electricity properly. It has high corrosion resistance. For such reasons, PP is used for packaging a wide range of products without any kind of risk which is associated with your product.

Moreover, it constitutes higher tensile strength along with higher impermeability. The excessive durability of the material makes the manufacturers opt for it when it comes to packing their products since many manufacturers doubt if the packaging is capable enough to protect their product inside.

#4. Customizable

Just like different plastics, PP promotes manufacturers of highly customizable materials that can further be utilized in a wide range of product packaging styles. The production of PP can be done in different transparent tints or solid colors so that it suits the design of your product as well as the overall image of your company.

The designing capabilities, such as embossing, offset printing, silkscreen printing, and foil stamping, can be further customized for packaging polypropylene. It is also regarded as ideal for creating a semi-opaque or frosted effect.

#5. Trendy & recyclable

These materials are very trendy, which is one of the reasons behind their high demand in many industries. The manufacturers prefer using these materials because of their functionality, clear packaging system, durability, and resealability. These are not only environmentally friendly but also can be recycled completely.

#6. Cost-effective 

Polypropylene is available at a very reasonable cost. It is very sustainable by lowering the consumption of fuel. It constitutes low emissions and is highly resistant to severe heat. That’s why it appeals to many customers while increasing the product’s value.

#7. Lower Density and Temperature change 

By comparing other polymers with it, polypropylene is regarded as having the lowest density, and it’s thinner, lighter, and stronger. It can be easily put inside your microwave freezer without the risk of losing its integrity.


Polypropylene falls in the finest thermoplastic category, serving the best application in packaging a wide range of food products. It is excessively used for packaging and developing plastic parts and different types of machinery.

These also deserve the best mention in the automotive industry for bumpers, cladding, and interior components. The top three primary industries that excessively use polypropylene are food packaging, clothing, and tobacco.

This material is also resistant to fire compared to wool, which is why its application is also in both fashions and sports industries. It resists several environmental factors, such as bacteria, mold, sun, and water. These are used in both accessories and undergarments.

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