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August 25, 2023

The advantages of PP non-woven fabric


Arpit Kushawaha


PP non-woven fabric


To put it very simply, the downsides of plastic bags are the upsides of pp non-woven bags. However, that is certainly not a comprehensive answer.

There are many benefits of using the pp non-woven fabric bags, including reducing solid wastes in the waste sites and landfills, low or no release of pollutants in the air and soil, and no clogging of drains and sewers.

The benefits offered by non-woven polypropylene (PP) bags seem endless. They are recyclable, reusable, economical, biodegradable, harmless, and durable. Moreover, these bags are light in weight and are often washable and air permeable.

All these features and benefits make these non-woven bags more environmentally friendly and economical, which is why these are extensively used in a wide range of businesses, such as:

  • Gift shops
  • Grocers
  • Department stores
  • Promotional purposes
  • Off licenses and lots more.

In short, the non-woven fabric bags are more practical and versatile than the other bags.

Here are some advantages of using non-woven bags over plastic or pp woven bags explained in detail that you should know.

Superior material

The most significant advantage of using non-woven bags is the material comprising a sheet or web of polypropylene fibers. This sheet is prepared by binding the fibers using different machines, chemistry, and heat.

These sheets are usually porous and flat and therefore are much more practical than the fabric used by the pp woven fabric manufacturer.


You can carry non-woven bags almost anywhere. These bags are lightweight and, therefore, will not strain your hands or shoulders while carrying them for a long time.


From the point of view of business owners, non-woven bags are more cost-effective because it reduces the cost of shipment. Ideally, these costs are calculated on the basis of the weight, and these non-woven bags being light in weight, do not add to the weight of the item by a significant extent.


The non-woven bags are eco-friendly because the material is recyclable. This means that these bags do not pollute the land.

The material is also washable, which makes it reusable. Being environmentally friendly and washable, it can also be used to make new bags. All these make it very cost-effective for manufacturers and business owners.

Energy saving

The non-woven bags do not need high energy to produce as the woven bags. This is because making these bags do not need weaving and knitting the material.

Therefore, from the energy consumption perspective, it saves more energy. The more of these bags used, the more energy is saved.

The cost and energy required to produce each batch of non-woven bags is also low. It also takes very little time to produce them. This makes them much more inexpensive.

Medium for advertising

The non-woven bags are an excellent tool for business promotion. Simply print an ad along with the logo of the company on them, and it will circulate far and wide when the users carry it along.

These bags, along with the ad on it, can be designed to be colorful. You can also add another level to its utility in advertising by making a reversible non-woven bag and printing the ad on both sides. It will also add to the look of the bag and be an effective and low-cost advertising medium.


The non-woven bags are soft, lightweight, and durable, making them suitable for daily use. You can take it along with you while shopping daily. These bags are also foldable adding another level of convenience to their use.

Style statement

The non-woven bags are in vogue now, and carrying them will enable users to make a style statement. As for businesses, it is a stylish way to convey their message, business, and product and also send a message about their social and environmental responsibility.


The non-woven bags are pretty durable because the long or short fibers are fused using specific treatments and chemical formulations. This makes it very hard for anyone to tear a non-woven bag,

Also, the heat treatment and the chemicals used in these pp non-woven bags make them strong and more durable. This makes them perfect for long-term use.


You can choose these non-woven bags from a wide and diverse variety. Usually, these bags come in different colors and sizes to meet one’s preference and carrying needs.

Water resistance

Usually, the non-woven bags are waterproof. This means that these bags will not be damaged easily due to liquid or water. Therefore, you can use these bags even during the rainy season.


The non-woven bags are much better and preferred over plastic bags due to their wide range of benefits.

In addition to durability and strength, these bags look beautiful, recyclable, washable, and affordable.



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