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May 31, 2023

The Different Types of PP Jumbo Bags and Their Unique Properties


Arpit Kushawaha


PP Jumbo bags


PP Jumbo Bags, or bulk bags, are enormous polypropylene bags that stock and/or convey dry or hazardous products. FIBC is a bulk bag, giant sack, massive bag, or tone bag, and is a stretchy cloth commercial receptacle planned for transporting and storing dry, thermoplastic items such as sand, manure, and plastic granules.

FIBCs are normally created from hefty woven yarns of aligned polypropylene, both covered and uncovered, and commonly criterion 45–48 inches in height and 100–200 cm tall. Its normal length is around 1,000 kg or 2,200 lb. However, bigger ones can carry greatly more. An FIBC way to hold one metric ton of cargo will hold only 2.3–3.2 kg.

Transportation and attempting to burden are held out on boxes or by putting them up from the loops. Bags are available, including one, two, or four lifting spirals. The single spiral bag is excellent for a one-man procedure because the looping does not have to be connected to the loading buckle by a second man. Having to unload is stimulated by one unique void in the underside, including a discharge faucet, from which multiple opportunities are available, or by slicing it open.

PP Jumbo Bags


FIBC diameters are proposed relying on customer needs. PP Jumbo bags usually adapt 2000 – 4000 lbs (1000 – 2000 Kg) of commodities and are frequently put on pallets by overhead cranes using the corresponding side lift spirals. These bags are largely created of woven polypropylene (PP) material and take the shape of cubic sacks. The fabric utilized could be a single sheet with an extra loose liner, or it could be covered. It also can create a comprehensive, customized FIBC to match your specific technology or business conditions.

The fabric of these bags can be laminated or unlaminated, even without a liner (PE Film), and the abundance differs depending on the demands of the Safe Working Load (SWL) or Safety Factor (SF).

Putting up options to vary and it can be built on order. FIBCs can be consumed in various paths, but perhaps the most knowledgeable is through a parting faucet fastened to the bottom of the bag. The closure is intended to safeguard the outflow and maintain the derivative from dribbling or sieving out of the platform before it has been required. Releasing spigots come in different styles, and they can be created to order.

These bags are powerful and long-lasting, even under the harshest climate and environmental characteristics, and they are also inexpensive to utilize. PP Jumbo Bags Manufacturers make woven polypropylene fabric that is neat and suitable and may be reclaimed multiple times. FIBC bags are categorized into various categories, each with its objective.


PP Jumbo bag


Jumbo bags are favorably respected in drug and food enterprises. If there is a surplus of electrostatic attraction within particular fabrics, fixed electricity occurs. The activity of finely ground particles can induce stagnant electricity proliferation when FIBC bags are loaded or fast emptied. When it comes to packing and shipping flammable derivatives, it is crucial to eradicate or evade an electrostatic current.


The Different Types of FIBC Bags and Related Applications


The major kinds of PP Jumbo Bags are built, and each type of sack performs various jumbo bag procedures.


Bags for Standard FIBCs:

This kind of FIBC bag contains the most familiar PP Jumbo Bags. It has a sack power ranging from 500 kgs – to 2000 kgs. These factors alter based on the customer’s preferences and requirements. It’s being utilized to keep up powdered, non-flammable dry material.


FIBC Bags with Conductivity:


They are made of non-conductive polypropylene materials, known as Type C FIBC bags.


FIBC Bags with Dissipative Properties:


They are created of antistatic material with stagnant viscous excess strands.


Liners for FIBC Bags:-

These FIBC bags have polyethylene multi-layer laminated liners for transporting and accumulating positively absorbent items. The liners are rimmed or fastened to the PP Jumbo Bags for counted conservation, ailment deterrence, and protection restrictions.


Type C – FIBC Bags

Conductive FIBC is created from electrically conductive material, developed to regulate electrostatic charges by grounding. A standard material used contains conductive yarns or tape. These are anti-static Jumbo bags and are simulated with a particular procedure.



For transporting and handling dry explosive powders

When nonflammable substances are present around the sack


Not recommended:

These should not be utilized when there are volatile items present around the sack.


Type D – FIBC Bags

Type D FIBCs are created from antistatic and stagnant dissipative materials designed to safely stave off the circumstance of volatile sparks, brush combustions, and reproducing brush combustions without the requirement for an association from the bulk bag to the floor. Type D FIBCs can be utilized to safely package flammable products and to deal with products in incendiary and explosive climates.



Utilized to safely carrier volatile powders

Utilized safely when volatile solvents or gasses are present around the bag.


Not Recommended:

DO NOT USE when the bag surface is polluted or covered with conductive materials, such as water or grease.


Pharma Grade FIBC Bags


Pharma Grade FIBC Bags are only created for pharmaceutical derivatives purposes so that the medicines and other medical items remain in very practical condition and are always free from undesirable contamination. Pertinent administrations authorize the raw fabrics and materials utilized in the production of Pharma Grade Bags. We assure that the metal detection and cleaning procedure is applied, to stave off the bags from dust, germs, and contaminants. Respective inspection of the sacks on the light table is constantly conducted. We make certain that open threads and tapes are staved off.


These bags and many other sacks which need unique properties are fabricated and supplied by Singhal Industries. The bags are tailor-made for the prerequisites of the buyers and the products at Singhal Industries.




Singhal Industries is one of the leading Woven Bag manufacturers in the country. We always trust in manufacturing quality products for our customers.  These bags are very useful in the matter of holding and transporting various types of materials. Also, these bags have a very extended life in comparison to other bags. Whenever you want to purchase any kind of Woven Bag just contact Singhal Industries.


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