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June 11, 2024

The Role of Biodegradable Plastic Bags in Reducing Microplastic Pollution


Arpit Kushawaha


biodegradable plastic bags


Biodegradable plastic bags are manufactured up of natural items and they can be broken down by microorganisms under organized situations, unlike conventional plastic. This is the major aspect which makes them decomposable, that they can decay naturally when presented in the atmosphere. This outcome makes the recyclable plastic bags eco-friendly. Singhal Industries Pvt Ltd is a leading biodegradable plastic bags manufacturer in the country.

Every year lots of tones of plastic dump into the landfills and sea which is dangerous to all the living beings. Plastic bags, garbage bags, cups, spoons, plates, and many more are the products which we utilized in daily life and damaging our atmosphere in the most awful possible ways. 

Singhal Industries Pvt Ltd compostable bags are biodegradable bags which can be converted into compost and make the soil abundant. These items are not manufactured up of artificial chemicals so their deterioration enhances the soil quality and improving the soil fertility. 

They propose different items which include compostable shopping bags, carry bags, grocery bags, and many more. These goods are manufactured from cornstarch and are 100% degradable. These items are a government sanctioned biodegradable bag which benefits in the managing of the garbage.

The biodegradable plastic bags can be created from renewable items and not from the products for which the whole of mankind have to pay a huge cost in terms of eco-friendly concerns. 

Numerable natural and plant-based items are utilized in the creation of eco-friendly items. A large number of products have made their way into this category enables people to relax in the lifestyle of healthy, premium, and waste-free. The decomposable plastic bags don’t generate dangerous items upon their decay. 

The conventional plastic manufactures contaminants during decay and takes years to manure. Plastic makes our lives stress-free in numerous ways and it is an vital part of our daily lives. We utilize plastic items in various shapes such as grocery bags, garbage bags, bottles, stationery products, and many more.

Every year we utilize 5 trillion disposable plastic sacks and almost 80 per cent of the plastic cannot be salvaged which is being disposed of in the landfill or in the sea. Now scientists have revealed micro plastic entrenched in the Arctic ice so just visualize the effect of non-biodegradable plastic and plastic garbage on the world. That’s why we require moving towards alternative options.


Biodegradable Plastics:

The biodegradable bag items are nontoxic elements which are innocuous and manufacture only 32 per cent of the greenhouse gases while compared to conventional plastic items. Biodegradable plastic needs only 35 per cent of the energy required to create as compared to non-biodegradable items. 

The biodegradable item decreases the dependency on fossil fuels and on non-renewable assets. They are manufactured with organic matter that can importantly decrease the garbage which is a major reason for the land, water, and air pollution. 

These kinds of items can be reused and recyclable which helps in reducing the garbage. Biodegradable plastic can become a complete new industry on its own. These kinds of items are a new way to decrease carbon and waste footprints. Swapping to this item helps in eradicating the impact of contamination on the atmosphere. They are items which upkeep sustainable business. 

There are some of the progressive of biodegradeable plastic bags which will help you to comprehend why we should select biodegradable items in daily life.


Advantages of Biodegradable Bags:

One of the major benefits of biodegradable Plastic is that it assists in the important decrease in carbon emissions during their manufacturing procedure as equated to the regular plastic. The raw fabrics utilized to create the biodegradable plastics are plant-based which created minimal carbon during the composting procedure.

A biodegradable plastic needs a lesser amount of energy to produce. The less energy needed and the lesser pollution generated by the biodegradable plastic bags. 

Biodegradable items are eco-friendly and they needed a proper procedure for disposal. The biodegradable plastic item automatically decreases the quantity of waste that would otherwise be sent to landfills.

The biodegradable items take expressively less time to breakdown as likened to conventional plastic. They can further be reprocessed and put less impact on the atmosphere as they are manufactured up of plant-based oils which contain no chemicals or pollutants.

In the creation of decomposable plastics, the fewer amount of greenhouse gases emissions escape into the atmosphere. Changing to biodegradable plastics would help in decreasing the environmental contamination. 


Sustainable Shopping Tips: Discovering the Appropriate Biodegradable Plastic Bags 

Search the “biodegradable” label: When Purchasing the biodegradable plastic bags, always check for the “biodegradable” symbol. It suggests that the bag is manufactured from fabrics that can naturally break down over time, leaving minimal trash.

Select a trustworthy brand: Study and go for a trustworthy brand those experts in eco-friendly goods. This way, you can rely that the bags you’re buying are decomposable and not just branded as such for marketing objectives.

Deliberate the size and breadth: Make sure to select a bag that’s the appropriate length for your requirements. Also, contemplate the density of the bag; thinner bags may breakdown down faster, but thicker bags may be more sturdy and able to hold heavier goods.

Purchase in bulk: Purchasing decomposable plastic bags in large quantity not only saves you money but also decreases packaging garbage. Plus, you’ll always have a supply on hand when you require them.

Dispose of them adequately: Once you’ve utilized your decomposable plastic bag, dispose of it appropriately. Some bags may be compostable, while others may require to be thrown away in the garbage. Check the symbol or manufacturer’s instructions for guidance.



At, Singhal Industries Pvt Ltd which is a leading Biodegradable plastic bags manufacturer we have commenced a mission of going waste-free by manufacturing products which are environment-friendly and helps in decreasing the plastic garbage which is affecting the atmosphere and every living being in the worst ways. We have a superfluity of organic and biodegradable items which you will love. Together with endorsing items which are free from garbage, these items are well-designed which are not negotiated in any way. The nature-friendly similar bags which will not be contributing to the dangerous garbage are available with us.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are biodegradable plastic bags safe?
Biodegradable plastic bags are identical to degradable sacks with added microorganisms that speed up the breakdown procedure. Compostable sacks have natural modules.

Which plastic bags are biodegradable?
Bioplastics are biopolymers that vitiate quicker than bio based plastics. Biodegradable garbage bags are known to be eco-friendly because of their faster breakdown of the plastic.

What role do plastic bags play in pollution?
|They break down into tiny poisonous elements that pollute the soil and waterways and enter the food chain when animals unintentionally swallow them.



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