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February 13, 2023

Things You Should know more about FIBC Jumbo Sling Bags


Arpit Kushawaha


Fibc jumbo sling bags


Introduction –  FIBC Jumbo Sling Bags


Though there are various packaging materials to store your products, whether industrial or agricultural, not all can give you safety and security. Hence, the best option is to go to FIBC Jumbo Sling Bags. It is because they are the best packaging bags perfect for storing your agricultural or industrial goods. The primary benefit of using FIBC bags is that you can perfectly fit and store the materials safely. It ensures that your goods are not damaged, saving the company extra expenses.


Materials that you can store in FIBC sling bags


The FIBC Jumbo Sling Bags are incredibly versatile as you can ensure various types of materials safely and securely. It is widely used in various industries as the Jumbo bags can store materials in large quantities. Moreover, the material of the jumbo bags ensures that there are no leakages, and it is durable and, at the same time, reliable. Following are the various kinds of materials that you can safely store in the FIBC Jumbo bags.


Fine powders


The FIBC Jumbo Sling bag is handy for storing dry and powdery goods such as flour, sugar, salt, coffee, sand, cement, and similar items. It is because the sling bags are solid and durable. Hence, it is best suited for various industries dealing with fine powder substances. Moreover, since the packing material is non-porous, it is best used for fine molecular substances.

Once you pack the materials inside the sling bags, you can rest assured of their safety. You can now transfer the sling bags for shipment without any hassles. One of the best features of the sling bags is that since they are tightly woven, it offers excellent storage benefits. Thus, the sling bags eliminate wastage and help to save unnecessary expenses.


FIBC PP Sling Jumbo Bags


Food products


The Jumbo Sling Bags offers excellent packing materials for dry fruits. You can store nuts, fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, cereals, pet foods, or other products. Moreover, since the sling bags’ structure is made so that it does not allow air to enter inside, it does not damage the dry food products. It is better than regular storage bags as it can withstand extremes of temperature and are not prone to environmental hazards. For these reasons, most food production industries rely on jumbo bags.

It is because the bags do not allow the food to become contaminated. It also protects dry food from bacteria and other insects. Thus, you can safely use the jumbo bags to store and transport dry food products without further worries. Moreover, since the sling bags are produced according to the standards, it is advisable to use them for your food production industry.


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PP Jumbo Sling Bag – The Best Bags for Packaging Purposes



Agricultural goods


FIBC Bags are highly suitable for storing and transporting crops, fertilisers, animal feeds, and other agricultural goods. Since agricultural goods are produced in bulk, they need safe and secure storage facilities. Hence, the Jumbo Sling Bag acts as an ideal packaging material to store and transport agricultural goods to various parts of the country and across national borders. One of the most significant advantages of sling bags for packing agricultural goods is that since they are flexible and easy to carry, you can store them anywhere.




The Jumbo Sling Bags are used not only to store dry materials but also to use the sling bags to store liquid. Since the bags are strong, there are zero possibilities of leakage. You can safely store the chemicals in the sling bags and transport them without hassles.


Construction materials


If you are in the construction industry and looking for the best packaging material, then you must choose the Jumbo Sling Bags. The sling bags are highly favourable for storing and transporting soil, cement, sand, gravel, and other building materials. Usually, every construction industry has to bear a certain proportion of loss on building materials due to rain, snow, and other environmental hazards. However, if you are using the jumbo sling bags, you have earned a jackpot. The sling bags are highly durable and safe to store any building material. Moreover, it can resist any weather conditions. The sling bags are also sturdy; hence, they maintain their shape even if they are bulky.


Petroleum products


FIBC PP Sling Jumbo Bags


Petroleum products are highly flammable, and if proper care is not taken can lead to high risk. Therefore, they need particular types of packing bags for storage. The Jumbo Sling Bags are structured according to the set standards; hence, they are ideal for storing petroleum products safely and securely. The sling bags are manufactured with special anti-static additives, thus making them ideal for controlling electrical discharge. Hence, the jumbo bags are perfect for transporting hazardous chemicals and other flammable products as the risk minimises.


Plastic products


Plastics play a critical role in the present era. It is because numerous industries rely on plastic products. Hence, the demand for plastics is constantly rising for various industries. Therefore, there must be safe storage and transportation of plastic materials. It is only possible if you use jumbo bags because they are ideal for safe transportation. Moreover, since the wastage is almost nil during transit, you can meet the demands of the industries and, at the same time, prevent abnormal losses.


Benefits of using the Jumbo Sling Bangs in various industries


Every industry wants to minimise unnecessary losses so that it can maximise the profit of the company. However, they cannot curtail the losses due to some specific circumstances, especially during the storage and transportation of goods. Hence, a certain proportion of the goods are always considered a loss. However, with the advent of the FIBC sling bags, you can now enhance the profit of your business by minimising abnormal losses. For these reasons, jumbo bags are becoming popular among various industries. Following are some of the benefits of using sling bags.


Food industries


With the introduction of FIBC bulk bags, there has been a relief for the food processing industries. It is because the bulk bags are produced with food-grade quality, hence a boon to the industries. The reason is that the FIBC bulk bags ensure that the food materials are safe and secure; hence, it helps in easy transportation without any losses. One of the prime reasons to choose bulk bags for the food processing industries is that the food remains safe and, at the same time, fresh and tasty. It does not allow the food to contaminate. Therefore, you can deliver any food materials with the help of the FIBC sling bags.


Chemical Industries


The sling bags are handy for storing and transporting chemicals safely. Since the packaging bags are made according to the standards, it is widely used in the chemical industries. Moreover, the bags also offer strict regulations on how to store and transport pharmaceutical products.


Construction Industries


You require high-quality and durable packaging bags for storing and transporting heavy-duty cargo such as chemicals, paint products, construction products, and metals and minerals from mining. Therefore, using FIBC sling bags in construction industries is of utmost importance. It will evade unnecessary losses and wastage’s, thus enhancing the business’s profit. Moreover, since plastic packaging cannot offer the security of construction materials, it is advisable to use only FIBC sling bags.

The sling bags can withstand environmental hazards and are not prone to wear and tear and leakages. The sling bags are certified and highly safe to transport any construction materials smoothly.


Agricultural industries


The bulk bags are made from polypropylene, a thermoplastic material. It becomes soft at high temperatures but becomes solid and rigid as it cools. Hence, bulk bags are an obstacle to the outer environment as they protect the material from moisture and other environmental hazards. It also protects the goods from the invasion of insects and pests. Therefore, bulk bags are ideal for storing and transporting agricultural products. The sling bags act as a barrier to mold growth and bacteria, thus protecting the agricultural materials from contamination. You can safely transfer any agricultural produce in the bull bags.


Why should you use the FIBC bulk bags?


One of the prime reasons to use the FIBC bulk bags is that they are eco-friendly, and you can reuse them multiple times. Hence, it follows the principle of Re-cycle and reuse. Therefore, it is a safe bet to use the FIBC sling bags as you can store and transport any agricultural and industrial products. It is an excellent investment for the company as it will minimise unnecessary losses and help it grow.




In the present era, FIBC Jumbo Sling Bags are fast gaining popularity. It is because they are flexible, versatile, and at the same time, durable. It is an asset to the company as it minimises losses during storage and transportation. Moreover, being environment friendly, you can use the sling bags at your convenience. The sling bags are also safe for the company workers as they can quickly move them without causing any injuries. Therefore, you can now safely and securely transport any material with the help of FIBC jumbo bags.


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