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February 4, 2022

Different Type of Protective System for Underground Cables






As per the continuing trend of construction sites, underground electric power cables are considered an important aspect that is needed for the proper function of the power system in every building or community. Damages and defaults lead to problems in the connection of power supply. This is the time when the importance of the Warning Tape Tile comes to light. The tape and cable protection tiles both contribute to providing a safe and highly connective underground cable.

When can the underground cable get damaged?

The underground cables are found to provide conveniences for connecting power wherever the overhead line cannot be used. It is because the wires are buried in the ground that is exposed to several types of risks that can turn into dangerous outcomes. Generally, it has been observed as maximum damages are caused while people are working out to dig a trench for many other utilisations. Damages can even be caused due to excavation, floods, and many other activities. In most scenarios, Warning Tape Tile plays a significant role that is unmatchable to other protective agents.

Different parts of underground protective section:

The underground cables have the potential to distribute the power conveniently in urban and other places where there is no possibility of integrated overhead cables. So to ensure safety and maintain service continuity, an underground power cable system needs to be protected from any sort of faulty conditions as well as physical damages. A proper protection system indicates the presence of perfect underground cable protection tiles and tapes which prevents physical damage from occurring. Fault in the cable system can lead to problems like minimized supply interruptions as well as reduced risk caused due to accidents and personal injury. A few of the important parts underground protective system are discussed below:

Cable marker tape: These are the tapes that are usually marked with “Caution Electric Cable Below” and are considered to be available in the form of a roll that is not only wider but even longer in appearance. These tapes are found to be quite similar to Warning Tape Tile that is even encrypted with the awareness message.

Heavy-duty warning tapes: These are the tapes that are preferred for higher hazardous levels and considered to be more potential in comparison to caution tapes. It is listed with the danger note which can be read even from distance in the similar way it is found in the Warning Tape Tile.

Underground cable covers: Next to warning tape tile comes the underground cable covers that are used to prevent further damages. These covers are laid over the cables to prevent them from getting physically damaged. These covers are found to be laminated along with the warning tapes that are mainly printed with standardized warning messages. This is functional even in the low, medium as well as higher voltage.

Cable protection tiles: This tile shares similarity with the warning tape tile and is differentiated in terms of its functionality and performance. This tape tile is assumed to be thinner in comparison to the covers and is generally sold in the shape of rolls which ranges from 40 meters to 365 meters in term of length and are categorized into heavy-duty tapes and standard tape. This tape can withstand the power of lower voltages.

The mesh:  mesh is the colored option in the range of heavy-duty plastic which is used to be buried at a specified distance from underground cables. This helps inform the excavators that the cables are laid below. The mesh is composed of stainless steel tracer wire which is laminated with the tape encrypted with the printed warning can run across the entire length.

The benefit of using cable protection products:

  • The tapes and markers are useful to gain a clear visual indication to the people working close by of the underground cables.
  • Covers, tiles, mesh, and heavy-duty tapes help in protecting the cable from causing any impact while excavation or attempt of digging.
  • The cable protection tapes are available in the market in the form of a roll that quite easy to install
  • These tapes and tiles can work efficiently in both low and high voltage.
  • The material used in the creation of tapes includes metal, plastic, and reinforced concrete that have their advantage and disadvantage. Whereas, tiles and sheets are composed of polyethylene which can withstand the damage caused by hand tools and other objects. And, the covers are composed of reinforced concrete or polyethylene that is imprinted with the warning word on the top side.


Thus, Singhal Industries being a reputed Warning Tape Tile Manufacturer has introduced cable protective parts that are considered to be important and in demand. Generally, it is accompanied by a heavy-duty utility protective system that is used to protect underground cables and pipes. Moreover, they even meet the requirement of printing preferences and specifications in all the range of warning tape tile and other accessories. More interesting post of Singhal Industries you can read our blog –



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